7 Sexy Valentines Day Ideas for Him.

7 Sexy Valentines Day Ideas for Him

Want to know a secret? Your boyfriend wants more sex! Hmm, not a big surprise huh? But here’s the thing. It’s not all about the act.

A lot of it, a great majority actually, is about the attitude.

Boyfriends want a sexy girlfriend who will turn them on physically, creatively, and emotionally. And it seems like we all tend to forget the other side of that. Sex happens in the mind first.


Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

That’s why for next Valentine’s Day, I’m going to give you 10 sexy Valentines Day ideas that you can use to spice up the most romantic day of the year.

Try some of these sexy Valentine ideas so you can remind him why you’re the best girlfriend he’s ever had!


1.  Get in touch with nature.

Instead of going out to just another restaurant, plan an outdoor excursion to somewhere you haven’t been before. Try a hike in a city a couple of hours away, or a camping trip out of town.

Some people really enjoy communing with nature and forgetting the obligations of the modern world. Even scientifically speaking, relaxing in a more natural setting is proven to reduce stress and reduce cortisol levels, and muscle tension.

Why not make your next outdoor getaway a romantic vacation? Bring along food for a picnic or even sexy foods like fruits, cheese, whip cream, or chocolate truffles?

Besides, you know all that lush scenery will make for some great social media photos.


2. Make Love…Somewhere Else!

In case you’re wondering “What should I do for my boyfriend that’s sexy on Valentine’s Day”, I have a wild idea for you.

This Sexy Valentines Day, surprise him by making a move on him in a SEMI public place.

It doesn’t have to be anywhere dangerous like a dressing room or a moving car. Instead, think deserted camping/hiking trail, or deserted movie theater, or even a lonely beach.

He’ll be amazed that you actually made the first move AND he’ll be blown away that you’re the aggressor this time. He’ll think of you as a wild cat from here on out.

Now that’s a Sexy Valentine’s Day he’ll never forget!


3. Go on a tasting adventure.

If your guy is charmingly traditional, take him to a place he really likes – a beer or wine tasting tour! It’s hard to imagine a stoic guy not excited at the prospect of sampling different beers or wines (probably not both on the same day!) and talking a little about the history of each one.

Wine and beer tours are all over the city and even the countryside, and they’re not as expensive as you might think. Here’s a site that can help you locate one.


4. Embrace your two most shocking taboo fantasies.

If you have both thought about mutual fantasy reenactment, but never really discussed the “when, where or how” then make next Valentine’s Day all about your taboo fantasies – both his and hers.

Organize a romantic getaway at a nice hotel. Go “in character” and with costumes, if applicable. Try to stay in character the whole time to make it memorable. It might seem sexy or even funny if you flub your lines. But what matters is that you’re trying new things and having fun.


5. Write a sexy survey for each other.

If you used to like the game Truth or Dare, what’s stopping you from trying it again this time with your man? You can both fill out a survey of “Truth” questions and ask them on your Valentine’s Date.

Try to think of exciting questions, funny questions, deep questions, and even embarrassing questions – as long as it’s not poking at anything too serious. These questions will allow for deeper conversations, more explanation, and more actual “date time” like you used to enjoy back in the day.


6. Book a massage for two – professional or DIY.

If your guy is iffy about getting a manicure, pedicure, massage, and all the spa-treatment then double dare him and bribe him to do it!

Every guy hesitates at the idea at first…until he actually experiences the spa treatment and then he’s going to become hooked. A really good massage releases so much pent-up tension and helps you let go of whatever is stressing your body. That’s exactly what a hard-working guy needs.

But even if you don’t have the budget for a sensual massage, you can always schedule a sensual massage at home. Decorate the room and set low lighting and treat each other to a long and sensual massage with his and her favorite lotions.

And while there’s nothing wrong with new age music by Enya, it might actually be a very cool idea to create a his and her’s Valentine’s Day Mixed CD. Choose your favorite songs that express how you feel about each other and then play them during the massage.


7. Have some fun with notes!

If you have family obligations and can’t travel, you may wonder: How can I make Valentine’s Day special for him at home?

Here’s an idea. Start having fun with notes.

Everyone loved passing around notes while in high school, right? Why not bring some of that magic back with sexy little notes left around the house, or in the car, or even by phone or email?

You don’t have to just use texting for work or business. Use texting to stir up feelings, romance, attraction, and shared jokes between the two of you.

If you want to make it even more fun, create secret codes and ciphers that you have to unscramble. Don’t worry, you don’t need any MI6 British Intelligence Alan Turning-esque skills to do this. Here’s an article on how to quickly scramble and unscramble messages.


8. Forget cards – mail each other a love letter!

Why not make up for all those other missed Valentine’s Day by surprising him with a love letter?

Better yet, make plans to send each other a love letter via snail mail.

You can write from the heart (or use some Sexy Valentine Day Quotes like I wrote here) or you can even turn the project into a creative exercise.

Pretend as if you’re not married yet and you’re writing a Jane Austen style letter, declaring your love for each other before it’s too late. What would you say? How romantic, how epic!


What Should I Gift My Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is not exactly a sacred holiday. The origin of the holiday has certainly changed over the centuries from the chocolates and roses cliches that we think about today. But what does that tell you?

Valentine’s Day is a gift. One day of the year when everyone is thinking about love, sex, passion, and new ways to express your feelings for each other. Why not make this your own sacred day as a couple?

Is there a special treat or toy that he’s been talking about off and on? Buy him that and let him know you listened.

Instead of just suggesting an idea for somewhere to go for dinner, ask yourself: “How do I turn him on for Valentines Day?”

What can you do to make sure he remembers this day even YEARS from now?

Something sexy? Something emotional? A once in a lifetime experience that is all about him having fun? Do that!

And if you want to learn more tips on how do I make him feel special on Valentine’s Day and all year round for that matter, be sure to check out my programs. We’ll discuss the best ways to make a man in love with you and keep him on cloud nine!

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