7 Biggest Turn Ons for Guys

Are you still drowning in platonic vibes with your guy crush? That’s a sad place to be. No matter how many hints you seem to drop, he just keeps becoming more polite and more congenial. Like a boss, like a waiter or worse yet, your big brother!

But you’ve studied the signs and it does seem like he really likes you. He makes strong eye contact with you. He seems unusually sweet and eager-to-please. But he isn’t exactly being suave and romantic yet. Maybe he needs a little bit of encouragement.

Relax…that doesn’t mean you have to plant a kiss on him or seduce him ala Mrs. Robinson. You can be much more subtle than that. The biggest turn on for a guy is not a passive or submissive woman. It’s a woman that responds to him in a sexual way and uses her charm and wit to challenge him to try harder.

Yes, to try harder—that is, by being more romantic, masculine and determined to chase. You act natural but you do little things to turn him on. Using sexy but subtle gestures you can awaken the “animal desire” in him.

If you need a few pointers on how to evoke hidden passions in that Romeo, look no further. Here are seven of the biggest turn ons that will always get a “rise” out of your man.

1. The Hug / Kiss

You can’t just plant a smooch on a guy…but who says you can’t give him a lingering hug followed by a platonic wet kiss on his cheek? Lingering body contact is always good, but the wet kiss will have him fantasizing about your lips all night.

2. The Sexy Whisper

No matter how friendly you are, there will always be something intimate and sexy about a woman whispering softly into a man’s ear. Make the excuse of sharing something secret. Use your hands to cup his ears and then make sure your lips just barely graze his ear as you speak. He will be aroused quickly—and will have no control over it!

3. The Flash of Skin

While it might feel a little desperate to dress “scantily” (aka trashy), a brief flash of skin will captivate a man’s imagination. Remind him that you are a sexual woman and that you enjoy attention from men. Wear heels to accentuate your legs, or a moderately short skirt. Highlight your curves by wearing form-fitting clothing. Tighter tops and looser bottoms will ensure the attention goes to your upper body. Keep a straight posture.

You can also wear an underwire bra while sporting an eye-catching neck piece. If you want to wear a low plunging dress wear a sweater or jacket to deemphasize the cleavage and look a little more hard-to-get. To show off your butt, wear a shorter top to expose the midriff / lower back. This works very well when you “accidentally” bend over and can show off right in front of him.

4. The Eye Duel

There’s something downright primitive about strong and consistent eye contact. It’s simply not becoming of friendship to STARE. (How many times did mom tell us not to stare anyway?) It’s especially non-platonic to think kinky thoughts while you stare and to give your crush the coy smile. As if saying silently, “I know what you’re thinking. You want me…and I feel the same way.”

Once you lock eyes, don’t break the contact even if he starts “dueling” you. Remain calm and smile, but give him a little mischievous feeling when you stare back at him. Just when he’s ready to look away, or when he’s starting to notice you’re staring at him, look away. Let him wonder what you were thinking. Let a few minutes pass and then, look at him again. Tease him with full on eye contact and don’t be afraid to flirt ONLY using your eyes. If you master the right look, you won’t ever have to tell him how you feel. He will sense it and return that energy back to you.

5. Innocent Talk About Sex

Whether you’re just friends, or even in a committed relationship, guys can’t resist it when a woman starts talking about sex. Discuss past erotic experiences, or fantasies, or even chitchat about everyday sex in relationships. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a man loses concentration and follows you into the bedroom so to speak. He might not kiss you right away but his mind will turn to more exciting topics and the sexual tension between the two of you will increase.

6. Innocent Talk About Life

Even if you must talk about other things besides sex, there is definitely a way to arouse passion. Intimacy between two friends, or even strangers, can be increased by asking personal questions. Mutual vulnerability helps bring people together romantically and the best way to reach this state is to share experiences, memories and viewpoints about life. Not only is asking for specific memories a good ploy, but asking hypothetical questions about the future works well in getting him to open his mind.

Simply put, the more vulnerable you become over time, the less platonic the relationship feels. Now all that’s left is to reintroduce sexual tension.

7. Friendly Competition

Another way to get a man interested in you and bring him to that state of vulnerability is to get his emotions riled up. Competition between the two of you is good for a spike in testosterone, which directly affects the sex drive. In addition to competition, enjoying thrill sports or horror movies together is a quicker way to feel a jolt of emotion.

Even teasing your man, and making him a little “flustered” is a good way to get him involved and animated in discussion. One naughty trick that some girls try is to manipulate their man, giving him extremely hot / cold responses. One minute she’s nice and loving, the next minute she’s cold and rude. This really doesn’t work because eventually the guy figures out the girl is playing him and steps back.

But it does go to show you how powerful emotion is and how it brings everyone closer to vulnerability, and in the end, sex and romance.

Remember that turning a man on is all about getting him to chase you. Use your charm, your feminine wiles, and your wit to evoke more from him. The harder he works to please you, the more he realizes he likes you!

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