20 Sweet Goodnight Texts That He’ll Love From You

The goodnight conversation is an important time in your new relationship. Just before bed, right at that moment when you’re both about to fall asleep, but you also don’t want to hang up the phone. You want more and you want this moment to go on. You feel trust, warmth and safety in each other’s presence.

And yes, NOW is your chance to say something romantic and to change the dynamic of the relationship for the better.

Oh but the pressure is on, isn’t it? How can you come up with something sweet and romantic that’s (A) not corny, (B) not too needy or clingy, and (C) doesn’t give your crush any bad ideas about easy sex without commitment?

That’s the challenge. But once you consider intention, namely how you want your man to feel after reading the text, you’ll find that coming up with sweet texts or phone messages will be much easier than you think.

The best thing to do is to first determine what’s the best-case scenario. How do you want the guy to feel? If you want to leave him with a laugh, you say something funny, simple and easy to relate to. If you want to leave him with a romantic feeling, you say something that stimulates his emotions.

Now hold on…you don’t want to over-stimulate him by writing poetry worthy of Cyrano de Bergerac. No, you want him to FEEL it, not defend himself against a full out assault of need and worship. So that means subtle. And the best way to communicate low-key, sweet feelings is to confide in him. Say something honest and true. Something that puts you in a vulnerable light, one where he feels the need to PROTECT you and provide for you.

But in the spirit of “subtle”, remember that it’s all about control. Cry and he will feel sorry for you, but not attracted to you. Be sweet, emotional but controlled and he will be emotionally engaged in the conversation.

So let’s review 20 sweet goodnight texts that make him feel something and respond emotionally, without going too far.

1. Another night, another chat, and here we are. And all I can think right now is I sure hope you find what you’re looking for. I hope your dreams come true and you achieve many more great things. Goodnight, champ.
2. We chat so often…sometimes I imagine saying things to you, at work or at the library, even though I’m not even by my phone. Just shows what good friends we are. Goodnight for now.
3. No matter how dark it is outside or how stressful my day was, I can always count on you to cheer me up. I appreciate that and you being there. Goodnight.
4. Until tomorrow, I hope you have amazing dreams. Maybe I’ll see you around in dreamland. If you don’t mind the company.
5. Sleep good. Wake up early, bright and sunny, and with a disposition to match!
6. Have a good night. I’m always glad to have a friend in you and a buddy that gets me through those long work days.
7. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to fall asleep next to you. Your voice is very calming. But your conversations are always so interesting, they keep me up for hours. We’d have to talk a long time for sure. On that note…I should turn in.
8. Thank you for keeping me company via text all day long. Now it’s my turn to bid you a very heartfelt goodnight.
9. I just want to hug you like a pillow. That’s how much I love all our crazy nighttime chats! Gnight, hon.
10. Goodnight and I hope you have sweet dreams. Treat yourself to a nice dream, it’s on me! I’m buying. I’m ordering you an exotic vacation and harem of beautiful women. Is that good enough for you?
11. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. You would finally appreciate what a great guy you are. Goodnight.
12. Every chat with you is more like an adventure. Don’t stop being you, it’s your most attractive quality! Goodnight loverboy.
13. Any woman would be lucky to have you. I’m lucky just to have you as my friend. In fact, sometimes I have to pry myself away from the phone just to get some sleep. Sooo…goodnight.
14. I think you’re the type of guy who needs to be reminded that you’re amazing at what you do. Believe in yourself and soon the rest of the world will follow. Goodnight.
15. You changed everything about me. My view of the world, the view I had of myself and other people. I love that you challenge me in the best ways. Sleep well, you deserve it.
16. Sometimes I wish I could pay a visit inside your mind. But then I wonder if it’s really safe in there…or is it a little scary? Hmmm but the kind of roller coaster I like. I just love listening to where your mind goes. Goodnight, my dear.
17. You are the most interesting man I’ve ever met. Does that make you feel good? I hope so because I’m met a lot of interesting people and you’re number one! Let that thought soothe you for a while. I’m going to bed.
18. Sometimes I look into your eyes and I wonder what you’re really thinking. Is it all in my head or…do we really know what each other is thinking? I don’t know, I’m tired. Goodnight, (NAME).
19. This conversation was the end of a perfect day, a perfect dinner, a perfect night. I had a great time and I hope you did too. Goodnight and get your rest! You need to be energized tomorrow morning!
20. It won’t be easy you’ll think it’s strange when I try to explain how I feel. OK, I’m just ripping off Evita now. But seriously, you should text me back soon, this year, or else I’m going to start leaving you singing voice mails! Lol See what I do for you? Gnight!
As we reviewed, it’s all about leaving him with a positive but powerful thought. You want him to see your vulnerable side, just a peek, but also with a strong sense of confidence and good humor. Keep this banter up and he will fall head over heels as he gets to know you!

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