10 Freaky Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend (He'll LOVE These)

10 Freaky Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend (He’ll LOVE These)

At some point, you and your boyfriend cross that threshold of intimacy. Either you’ve slept together or you’re just on the verge of sleeping together, because you sense he’s falling for you.

You may wonder though, “How can I turn him on like those girls he fantasizes about?” If you feel innocent, or feel as if you’re not freaky enough for him, have no fear!

Dirty talking, wild fantasies and shocking confessions will come easy to you. All you need is a refresher course on how to “think in the gutter” and communicate more like a lover rather than a wife.

Here are 10 freaky questions that go well beyond “romantic” territory. Ask him any of these and he will be (pleasantly) shocked that your imagination is even freakier and sexier than his.

1. Can you send me a sexy picture? (Followed by, “No limits just do it!”)

Men have been trained over the last two decades to stop sending unsolicited nudes. So when a woman actually wants to see something sexy, even shocking, then it’s a total turn on for a guy. He not only has “consent” but also has your enthusiasm. He will happily oblige, even though he’ll still be laughing in disbelief that you dared to ask!

2. Have you ever thought about making a sex tape?

It’s fairly common nowadays and if he worships your body, which most men do, then making a sex tape is at the top of his fantasy wish list. Let your guy know you’ve thought about it too and build his anticipation.

3. What’s your favorite porn?

Assume that he has one or at least a genre and playfully demand that he be honest and tell you the truth. A lot of men figure that their girlfriends hate porn and so they keep those fantasies to themselves. But by showing him you’re cool with him fantasizing, and challenging him to share his naughtiest thoughts, you can show yourself to be freaky and just as horny as he is. At last, he’s met his match!

4. Do you touch yourself? Ever thought of being watched while you do it?

Now this question is a real ball buster, so to speak. Most men are pretty bold when it comes to talking to women about sex and their bodies…but how about when the tables are turned? What if you’re asking to see him naked and see him stroking himself? This is going to make him speechless and really challenge him. But don’t worry…most men will rise to the challenge and let you peep. Knowing that it’s turning you on will give him a boost of confidence. He’ll feel sexy and will turn you on by fulfilling your fantasy.

5. If you had me all to yourself what would you do to me?

A great taunt line that provokes him to come up with something steamy, erotic and unfiltered. He will enjoy this one, since you’ve given him permission to do his worst. When he describes his fantasy, be sure to give him a coy, blushing and grinning reaction. You’re not intimidated but very turned on…eager to try it in real life!

6. Have you ever been jealous seeing me talk to another guy? OR, would it make you jealous to see me kiss another girl?

Toy with his fantasies and encourage him to express himself. It’s natural for guys to get a little jealous when discussing other men. Some guys do like the fantasy of their girlfriend kissing another (hot) woman. You’re not just toying with jealousy though…you’re actually encouraging him to talk about taboo fantasies like threesomes and cheating. This doesn’t necessarily mean it would ever happen in real life, but he will feel a new sense of intimacy with you, since he can confess these things to you without fear of judgment.

7. Have you ever read about BDSM? (Or Fifty Shades of Grey?) Do you like to dominate or be dominated in bed?

The BDSM world of Doms and subs is fairly alternative and just barely mainstream. But asking about it—which implies spankings, dominant or rough sex, and tying each other up for slow and agonizing foreplay—is a great way to capture his imagination. Imply that you like the really kinky stuff and he will definitely think you’re up to his level of freaky.

8. Do you like it when girls are shaved or all natural down there?

What a not-so-subtle way to tease him with the idea of sex or oral foreplay. Getting him to admit his sexual preferences, all the while looking into your eyes, will turn him on in a hurry. Of course, you can also use all of these confessions to turn yourself into his ultimate fantasy.

9. What acts or things turn you OFF in bed?

Maybe this isn’t the most erotic talk, but knowing what he doesn’t like will at least ensure that you don’t accidentally kill the mood during your upcoming night together. Don’t settle for just extremes. Get details on how he likes his lover to act—submissive or more aggressive? Does giggling turn him off? Does he like getting more clinical feedback or just moaning?

10. What’s your favorite sex toy?

Lastly, have the sex toy talk with your boyfriend just to show him that not only are you freaky and wild, but what’s even more important, is that you know how to make yourself orgasm. This will be a big relief to a guy who’s nervous about his performance and his “ability” to give you pleasure. Knowing that you’re a sex educated and self-loving partner (who understands your own body) will actually decrease some of his performance anxiety.

Talking freaky with your boyfriend is not just about swearing or trying to be someone else. It’s about the crazy thoughts and wild imaginations that we all have but are afraid to speak out loud.

Don’t be afraid…bond together even closer over your shared appetites. Show him that you can keep up with him and then some. Let him know that you’ll be worth giving up other women simply because other women can’t even compete with you when it comes to your wild imagination.

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Your friend and coach,

Matthew Coast

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    1. It’s completely normal to feel this way … However I have found (by simply asking, you’d be surprised how willing guys are to talk about these things) that they are usually fantasizing about whatever girl is on TV and you together.

  1. Sydney Sharons

    Hello Mathew coast,
    Am Sydney sharons
    As so glad to have learnt about this ,it is so woowly.
    Thanks mob

  2. This is a very nice piece indeed❣️ as one getting closer to that long awaited , it makes someone free and shows him that you are at the same level.

  3. He sometimes tend to love me but out of the blue he seems to be bored by me. Been in two years relationship but his hard to understand, his the one to call if i do he doesn’t pick up. When in moods he swears as he love so much and nothing can apart us. I have failed to understand him. I’m in Uganda

  4. Mandy Lynn Moody Dalton

    Ok my man is 10 yrs older I’m just now in my prime but even before I love sex 6 times aday and now I want it even more. They ain’t much we haven’t done infact we’ve done it all. Any ideas on something new. Sex just gets ammuned to us nothing is exciting anymore. Not sure how to get his attention anymore and he feels the same about me. I love him so much I need something real freaky and out there I can try..

  5. My man doesn’t like 2 girls at once. And he says he isn’t the man that sends pictures. So thats 2 down that won’t work.

  6. I’m okay with porn, in fact we watch it together. I draw the line when it comes to chat rooms, or the sites that pop up about local horny wives etc. Just wanting to f. Sometimes, I do feel like I’m not satisfying him enough when we have an amazing sex life. We go all night sometimes.

  7. I’ve watched a lot of porn with my significant other…be careful I got burned out with too much freaky stuff… sometimes a girl just wants to know that she’s enough to get him turned on…with out props… you know just make love.

  8. Tried these and he always answered it’s not that I don’t want to it’s just I’m tired he says. Or I gotta get up early for work. It’s time for me to say can you read between the lines and Step…

    1. Jennifer Bristol

      Have you ever said- “just lay back and let me do all the work”? Or have you tried earlier in the evening before bedtime? Or wait for his day off?
      Fix it before tossing away a good relationship.

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