This Secret Test Men Use to Screen Women for Quality

This Secret Test Men Use to Screen Women for Quality

A woman recently asked, “How do high-quality men test women to see if we’re relationship material?”

This is an excellent question. The truth is, most of the “tests” men give are completely subconscious. They’re simply observing your behavior and determining if you’re someone they could build a meaningful relationship with.

However, there is one secret test men use to assess if a woman is worth pursuing for the long-term. I call it…

The Insecurity Test

How a woman handles herself in moments of stress or adversity reveals a lot about her level of emotional maturity and self-esteem. Quality men will watch for signs of insecurity such as:

1. Avoiding Eye Contact

Does she confidently look him in the eyes when they’re talking? Or does she seem shy and evasive? Lingering eye contact signals confidence and comfort being vulnerable. Dodging it suggests insecurity.

2. Jealousy

Does she get irrationally jealous or upset when he talks to other women? Quality men avoid wildly jealous women like the plague. Their jealousy stems from deep personal insecurities that destroy healthy relationships.

3. Reacting Poorly to Disappointment

When something doesn’t go her way, does she lose her cool and get visibly upset? Or does she gracefully accept disappointments and setbacks? Emotionally stable women don’t overreact to minor frustrations. They have perspective.

4. Constant Self-Criticism

Does she frequently lament about her looks, career, financial situation, etc? Confident women don’t incessantly criticize themselves. They focus their mental energy on growth rather than wallowing in self-pity.

5. Seeking Excessive Reassurance

Does she constantly question if he’ll stop liking her or say she’s afraid he’ll leave? Women with inner confidence and strength don’t need endless reassurance about a man’s feelings. They trust themselves as relationship-worthy.

Passing this test requires displaying true confidence, not just acting confident. Quality men see through superficial acts. True confidence comes from overcoming challenges, building your self-esteem, and developing emotional maturity.

The High Self-Esteem Test

Along with confidence, men scrutinize a woman’s self-esteem and personal standards. Signs he’s assessing this:

1. Strong Personal Boundaries

Does she have clear boundaries and standards for how she allows men to treat her? Or does she let guys walk all over her? Women with high self-esteem demand respect and never tolerate abuse or infidelity from men.

2. Ambitious Goals

Does she have clear goals, dreams, and a personal mission? Or is she wandering aimlessly through life? Purpose-driven women exude high self-esteem. Their life has direction and meaning beyond just being a girlfriend or wife.

3. Genuine Self-Love

How does she talk about herself and her body? Does she insult or nitpick her looks? Or does she fully appreciate and embrace who she is? Women who unconditionally love themselves send a powerful signal of high self-worth.

4. Takes Care of Herself

What steps does she take to care for her mind and body? Does she eat nutritiously, exercise, and manage stress? Or does she neglect her health and well-being? Women who invest in themselves exude confidence and self-love.

5. Pursues Personal Growth

Is she actively educating herself, building skills, and striving after self-improvement? Or is she stagnant and complacent? Growth-oriented women never stop bettering themselves. This demonstrates admirable self-esteem.

Developing true self-esteem requires looking inward. It means identifying your core values, honoring your worth, setting boundaries, and fully embracing yourself. Do this work and any quality man will recognize your relationship value instantaneously.

Now, some women get frustrated when they learn men “test” them this way. They dislike feeling judged. But the right perspective is critically important.

These tests are necessary because failed relationships are enormously costly for quality men. Thus, they’re prudent and discerning when selecting a long-term partner. They can’t afford to choose poorly.

Rather than being irritated, embrace men’s high standards. Step up and be the confident, high-value woman men actively seek out for meaningful relationships.

When you become obsessed with self-improvement, you’ll effortlessly pass the tests high-caliber men give. And you’ll stand out as an amazing girlfriend or wife any man would be fortunate to have.

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