The Successful, Single, Professional Woman's Guide to Attracting Love.

The Successful, Single, Professional Woman’s Guide to Attracting Love

I know you’re ambitious. You crush it at work. You have big dreams and handle a busy calendar like a boss. I applaud you, I really do. But there’s more to life than acing your career, right? Don’t you crave someone amazing to share it all with?

Listen, I get it. Dating as a successful woman is…complicated. You don’t have time to waste on guys who can’t keep up. You need someone confident, supportive and driven too. But your standards can make finding real relationship magic an uphill battle.

The romantic in me believes there’s someone equally amazing out there waiting to adore you. But the clock’s ticking while you focus solely on building your empire. If love keeps slipping through your fingers, something needs to change.

Maybe you’re wondering:

  • How do I attract smart, relationship-ready men when I’m always working?
  • What can I do differently in dating when my usual “executive realness” drives men away?
  • Is it possible to have both an incredible career AND a remarkable relationship at the same time?

Girl, I’ve coached hundreds of successful women just like you find life-changing love without losing momentum in their careers. And I want to share my best insider secrets with you today.

If you’re a smart, successful woman who desires real romantic fulfillment, everything you need to know is right here. Consider this your guide to attracting the love of your life, guaranteed.

Challenge #1: You’re Scaring Men Away with Your Intensity

Here’s the thing. What makes you ultra effective in business can torpedo your love life. Being assertive, analytical, and results-driven are positive traits in work. But applied to relationships, these qualities backfire.

Sure, you just want to be clear about your standards and needs upfront. You like to take charge and set goals. But this overly assertive approach can intimidate and stress men out. They see you as intense, combative, or complicated. This makes them run the other way instead of feeling the spark.

The Solution: I’m not telling you to dim your shine for a man. You just need balance. Make a conscious choice to show more of your feminine energy and vulnerable side too. Open up slowly, laugh often, and lighten your vibe. Create space for him to show up as your rock. With the right man, you’ll feel taken care of without losing your independence.

Challenge #2: You’re Living in Your Masculine Energy Too Much

Ambition and drive come from your masculine energy. But for an incredible romantic relationship, you must make equal space for the feminine: receptive, emotionally open, nurturing. If you spend too much time hustling in work mode, you can’t access this.

It’s true, you need your masculine energy to smash the glass ceiling and handle business with confidence. But once you’re off the clock, switch gears. Soften your gaze, relax your body, become present. This creates an inviting environment for dating and relationships.

The Solution: Consciously balance your energy. Incorporate feminine rituals into your life, like baths, meditation, and journaling. Prioritize connections by putting your phone away on dates. Compliment your man versus critiquing. Respond to his attempts at chivalry with gratitude, not resistance. As you embrace your feminine power, you become magnetic.

Challenge #3: You’re Not Being Your True, Whole Self with Men

To climb the ladder at work, you’ve learned to showcase only your most polished, professional self. But wearing this persona in dating like it’s your “interview outfit” leaves men confused by who you really are.

Don’t get me wrong, you obviously want to put your best foot forward. But when you edit yourself down to a businesslike caricature, that prevents emotional intimacy. And without vulnerability and humanity, relationships can’t thrive.

The Solution: Show up authentically after work hours. Let your hair down, literally and metaphorically. Reveal your quirky interests and silly side. Be real about fears and dreams, passions and pet peeves. Don’t make a guy earn your warmth; lead with it. This builds trust, connection and true compatibility.

Challenge #4: Your Brutal List of Standards Excludes Quality Men

Over time to protect yourself, you’ve developed a sky-high checklist for men. 6’2″ with a 7-figure income and 8-pack abs? Umm okay. But how’s that rigorous filtering process working out for you, really?

Having super high standards isn’t inherently bad. But if your list whittles dating options down to almost zero, it’s time for some realness. Some criteria matter more than others for long-term satisfaction. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

The Solution: Figure out your ABSOLUTE must-haves versus nice-to-haves. Does he really need to be a CEO or just career-driven? Legacy school grad or simply intellectual? Identify the character traits, values and chemistry that are non-negotiable. Then give great guys who fall just shy of perfection a fair chance. You might just find everything you need.

Challenge #5: You Refuse to Make Dating a Priority

You’re crushing the career game. But like anything, success requires putting in the work. Are you willing to devote focused time and energy to your love life too? Dating without real effort is likeJOINING a gym without ever GOING — it won’t make you fit.

Finding true love takes dedication. But your calendar is bursting with business meetings and deadlines. You figure dating will just organically fall into place somehow. When it doesn’t, you get frustrated that your soulmate hasn’t magically appeared yet. Oof.

The Solution: Schedule a recurring weekly “date with yourself” to devote to your love life. Brainstorm strategies, revamp your online profiles, reach out to prospects you’re on the fence about. Make real dating plans instead of endless Netflix. Show up fully present and ready to connect when you do meet men. Treat dating like the priority that it is and watch it pay off.

Okay, so you’re a total go-getter with sky-high potential in love…if you could just get out of your own way. But with some strategic rebalancing, you can totally achieve relationship success without losing momentum in your purpose-driven career.

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Make the choice and commitment to your heart to stop settling for less than what you want and deserve in love. You attract what you believe you’re worth. So claim your power, remember your worth, and let your incredible man find YOU.

The clock is ticking – your destiny awaits! Talk soon.

Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

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