The Secret to Making the Best Choices in Your Relationship With a Man

The Secret to Making the Best Choices in Your Relationship With a Man

Imagine this situation and decide what you would do. Thirty men were chosen as potential lifelong partners for you. You now must choose one of them to marry. Which of the following two scenarios would you choose for yourself if you had only these two options?

1. To select your final choice based on five minutes of reading facts and history about each person, or…

2. To select your final choice based on five minutes of face-to-face interaction with each person.

Most people would choose option two. Why? Because no single page of information could possibly provide as much “information” as you would gather from five minutes of interacting with him in person.

Sure, if you were interviewed after five minutes of talking with a man, you would be able to provide far fewer facts than what you would gather from five minutes of reading information-packed material about him. But as you well know, it’s not the facts that inform our choices for something as deep and complex as romantic relationships.

When you interact with someone in person, your intuition sparks to life and crackles with energy as it processes thousands of variables that give us the “feel” for who this guy is. Our mind picks up on a lot of information that we are only vaguely aware of on a conscious level.

But what would you say if I cut your five minutes down to six seconds? Psychologists used to be highly skeptical of the notion that you could sense things about a person based on intuition alone. But that was before they began studying this extraordinary aspect of what it means to be human.

In a 1993 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Nalini Ambady videotaped 13 college teachers as they taught their classes. She asked students who knew nothing about the teachers to rate the teachers based on just thirty seconds of silent video footage.

The student judges rated the teachers on 13 variables, such as how effective they were as a teacher. Ambady then compared those ratings with the ratings of actual students who spent the whole semester learning from the teacher.

The results were shocking. The silent video ratings were highly correlated (76% overlap) with the actual student ratings of the teachers! The correlation was far higher than anyone could understand.

Out of curiosity, she then cut the video tape slices down to 15 seconds, then down to just 6 seconds in subsequent studies using the same research method. Each time, the students accurately predicted the most successful teachers.

Ambady said, “There was no significant difference between the results with 30-second clips and six-second clips.” The research didn’t stop there. Psychologists have found that college students can rate each other’s personalities very accurately from just sitting in groups for a few seconds.

Here’s the point. Without knowing how, our minds intuitively gather rich information about people. People are too complex for logic. Our logical mind is useful, but it simply cannot keep up with the sheer number of factors that are at play in human interaction.

Now let me tell you about James Bauer…

James Bauer is a dating coach who teaches women to tap into their intuition to guide them through the dating process. He has learned that his clients get far better results when they learn how to listen to their own intuition.

In fact, James has developed a process with simple instructions teaching anyone how to do. He has just released the final version of his materials along with a free video about the concept, which you can check out here.

If you realize that most of dating comes down to making good choices, and if you realize how powerful intuition can be as a source of information, doesn’t it make sense to refine the ability to tap into your intuition more often?

That’s what James is doing now. He is providing women with the insights he has gained that allow us to tap into our own intuition. What’s more, he is offering the knowledge you need to bypass relationship anxiety and know exactly what to do at each stage of the relationship.

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