The 3 Mistakes Women Make At The End Of A Relationship

The REAL reason men fall OUT of love (you MUST know what it is…)

Do you know the moment a man falls in love with you?

Most women think it’s when he actually says the words, “I love you?”

Yet, even when he says those words, he could still lose interest unless he goes through a specific emotional pathway that makes him fall deeper in love with you than he’s ever imagined.

Haven’t you known a girlfriend who had the man she loved suddenly “fall out of love” (maybe that’s something you’ve experienced in your life.)

It’s easy to think he never loved her in the first place; but the truth is that his love wasn’t deep and strong enough to keep him dedicated to her…

This is why he’s head over heels in love one day… and then for no apparent reason the next day he acts cold and distant towards you.

Here’s what you need to know…

No matter what he tells you…

No matter how much you rack your brain trying to remember all the “mistakes” you made…

It’s not your fault.

Men have to go through 5 stages to fall in love with someone forever.

When a man pulls away it isn’t because you’ve done something wrong, it’s because he’s “stuck” at a certain emotional stage.

If that progression gets interrupted or if you skip even one stage, that will be the reason why he suddenly “falls out of love.”

Here’s the good news: My friend and licensed counselor, Bob Grant, has cracked the code.

Bob has helped thousands of women (and couples) to overcome just about any relationship issue you can think of.

And after all that experience – Bob found a pattern.

He calls it: The Bonding Code— and when you discover this secret passage way into a man’s heart, he won’t be able to stop himself from falling helplessly in love with you.

Before we go any further, I spoke with Bob and he told me about a pattern he sees with so many successful and attractive women:

He said that many times women want their relationship happen “naturally” and they end up ignoring his advice…

They assume that the more intense a man feels, the deeper he loves you.

You’ve been told a lie…

Assuming a man understands his emotions is just as dangerous a giving a 2 year old the keys to a car and assuming he knows how to drive.

But when you know how to use your emotions to reach deep into a man’s heart, all his resistance will simply melt as he feels waves and waves of love fill his heart every time you enter the room.

Because underneath his calm exterior there is a hunger for you that’s just waiting to be awakened.

When you are the only woman who knows how to unlock his emotional pathway, he’ll know that it’s pointless for him to look any longer.

You alone will can take his edge off when he comes home at night.

You are the one he can’t wait to talk with on the phone (and he won’t be satisfied with simply texting you).

And he’ll put his arms around you night after night knowing he’s the luckiest man alive.

That’s how powerful The Bonding Code is…

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

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Maybe he goes through the 5 stages with you, or maybe another woman knows how to guide him through the turbulent times. I’d rather it be you.

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