The ONE Thing That 100% Of Men Find More Attractive Than Beauty (Do This And You're His Forever)

The ONE Thing That 100% Of Men Find More Attractive Than Beauty (Do This And You’re His Forever)

Hello my darling one,

Quick question:

Have you ever been walking down the street with your guy, feeling HAPPY and GIGGLY and CONNECTED and IN LOVE …

… only to see his head SNAP around when a beautiful woman walks by?

He might stop talking for a second.

Maybe his eyes linger just a little too long on her face, her breasts, her legs.

Heck, maybe he even turns around to stare hungrily at her retreating butt.

And all of a sudden, all those warm, happy, CONNECTED feelings between the two of you DISAPPEAR …

And you’re left feeling … disrespected.



If any of this strikes a pang of awful recognition in your heart, then you NEED to read this article and watch the special workshop I’ve made for you right now.


Because in it, I’m going to teach you EXACTLY how to hook any man’s wandering eye and drag it 100% back to YOU – no matter how old you are, how old you LOOK, or even how “skinny” you are (or aren’t.)

So how do I know this ONE simple thing really does work?

Because, as a woman who spent YEARS watching helplessly as my man ogled countless other women right in front of me …  

And most of all, as a woman who almost lost my fiancé because he “just didn’t find me ATTRACTIVE any more” …

… I can tell you one thing for sure:

When you spot your guy “subtly” checking out another woman, he’s NOT just “admiring her beauty” …


What he’s actually doing is storing up images of HER …

… secret, private, PASSIONATE images that he can “USE” in his head …

… the very next time he makes love to YOU.

In fact …


When your guy ‘checks out’ another woman, what it REALLY means is that suddenly, YOU aren’t on his mind at all …

… because NOW, all of a sudden, he’s BUSY.

Busy with images of your cute sister.

Or your gorgeous best friend.

Or his pretty next-door neighbor.

And he’s busy guiltily, passionately, PRIMALLY ENJOYING every sweaty second …

… instead of connecting with, appreciating, and loving the gorgeous, powerful woman he’s got by his side right now. 

… But it’s not ALL bad news.

To discover how to drag ANY man’s attention back to you like a fishhook in his mind, there are just XXX things you’ve got to know:

To a man, attraction is NOT a ‘choice’ – it’s a COMMAND.

In plain English, a man being attracted to another woman is NOT something he can control.

Instead, it’s something that just happens, like a sneeze, or a cough, or … well, an erection 😉

Which means you can’t try and ‘force’ him to stop.

  • Neither can you ‘ask’ him to stop …
  • Or issue ultimatums …
  • Or even ‘subtly’ (or not-so-subtly) go quiet and sulky and SAD, the way so many women do.


Instead of all THAT stuff, there’s ONE thing you can do that actually works …

And I’m going to give it to you right now.

To STOP your man from having amazing, imaginary SEX with every gorgeous woman who walks by …

You’ve got to BYPASS the ‘visual erotic wiring’ he was BORN with …

… and replace it with the ONE thing all men crave MORE than beauty.

So WHAT IS that ‘one thing’?

Your ability to irresistibly attract the eye and keep the heart of any man lies within your ability to TRULY feel and express your feminine energy.

Now that might sound a little “self-helpy”, and maybe it is.

Yet this is CRUCIAL to unlocking your secret feminine power, putting yourself head and shoulders above all other women in his eyes …

… and shining your radiant light so brightly that he’s dazzled, entranced, and doesn’t want to look away.

‘But Gloria … what IS feminine energy?

Feminine energy is playful, spontaneous, whimsical.

It’s the kind of energy you feel when you dance like a dervish in your living room (or like a slow, sultry, hip-swaying goddess) to the music that ‘flips that switch’ inside of your heart.

It’s the kind of energy you’re channeling when you walk barefoot in the grass …

Or braid a daisy-chain for your daughter’s hair …

…  or feel every cell in your body open wide with a primal MMMMM of sensuous delight at that first melting bite of rich chocolate cake.

And MOST of all, it’s what IRRESISTIBLY ATTRACTS men everywhere like a horde of starving flies to a sexy, sexy honeypot.

In fact, when you reconnect with your unique feminine radiance, what you will notice is THIS:

  • Men’s heads TURNING when you walk by … like a row of helplessly-attracted dominoes falling over one after another
  • Men – high-quality, smart, successful, ATTRACTIVE men – beating a bee-line to your door to flirt with you, charm you, and ask you out.
  • And most of all …
  • This one amazing ‘shift’ has the truly jaw-dropping power to INSTANTLY re-engage the man you want (or the man you’re with) on a truly primal level …
  • …  to DRAG his eyes onto you, look at you with utter adoration and desire, and have him completely unable to “settle” for any other woman but YOU.

So here’s what I want you to do now:

You know how at the start of this article, I mentioned a special secret workshop I’d put together for you?

Well, I want you to drop whatever else you’re doing and go watch that video right now.

And here’s why …

Because in this deeply private, DEEPLY personal workshop …

I’m going to reveal the humiliating story of my own heartbreak watching my own true love ogle woman after woman right in front of me …

… and the AGONY and SHAME and PANIC I felt when he told me he was LEAVING me, because I “just wasn’t attractive to him any more.”

PLUS,I’m going to teach you EXACTLY what I did (what any woman can do) to put the brakes on his ‘wandering eye’ …

To subtly position yourself head and shoulders above ANY other woman, no matter how ‘hot’ she might be …

And to have him falling so deeply, passionately in love with you (and only you) that it’s literally impossible for him to ever want anyone else.

With so much love,

Your friend and sister,

– Gloria Lee

PS: He will never care how old you are, how “thin” you are, or EVER compare you to another woman again – if you just learn the one INCREDIBLE secret method I teach you in this workshop.

Click here to make ANY man into an adoring ‘monogamy junkie’ who simply CANNOT and WILL NOT live without you (and will never even look at another woman again, because YOU are everything he’s ever wanted in a woman.)

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  1. To Matthew Coast,

    Your emails make alot of sence.I will be puuting your dating to practise.Am also emailing your emails onto a ccpl of female friends too
    I think what your basically saying is how to get your guy to fall inlove with your essence & stay this way!
    Kind Regards Fiona Dodd

  2. Stuck in a go nowhere relationship you’ve given me the motivation to look outside this situation and begin to widen my circle and explore other options . I leave behind a large piece of my heart but I can now hope to enter a positive relationship. And your advice gives me a good frame on which to build.

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