Make My Boyfriend Smile Over Text (9 Texts That Work)

Relationships should never get boring.

Sure, there are bound to be some boring days, uneventful weeks and even a few bad days due to circumstances beyond our control. What’s important to remember though is that we always have a choice whether to feel good and make it a good day, or to let negative emotions overtake us.

Speaking of which, texting! Have you reached that point in your relationship where you see your partner’s incoming text and sigh? Roll your eyes? Stare angrily figuring something is wrong or someone needs a favor?

Maybe it’s time to reinvent your texting relationship and change the way you text completely. Instead of using texts to convey dry information, use texting ONLY as a means of light and interesting conversation. Go back to dating, using the instant messenger app to send fun, interesting, sexy and romantic messages to each other.

Whether you have a husband or a boyfriend, make an effort to keep text messages positive only. Nothing passive and nothing negative. Within days you will start to see a difference. Your text messaging conversations will be exciting, fun, flirty and refreshing.

Here are nine example texts on how to make him smile and some reasons why they work.

1. I had such a fun time the other night, when we went out to eat and to the movies. We should have more nights like that, except next time I treat you. It was so nice. It felt like that first year when we were married.

You notice how this conversation is very low-key. Honest, caring and casual. You don’t have to make every text dramatic. Start slow and build on the conversation.

2. So I was reading about (HIS FAVORITE HOBBY). I came across an interesting point but I don’t know how you feel about it. (Quote an expert) I want your opinion so I can see how smart you are and swoon over your expertise.

Brilliant way to make him smile and feel confident. Men tend to like being experts or hobbyists. Reminding them that you love it when he shows his supreme intelligence is a great way to make him smile.

3. Just between you and I…and I will deny this if this ever leaves this chat…but I would like to go to a nude beach some day.

Confess something shocking, funny or interesting and start a great conversation from there. Confessing something that he doesn’t know (but hopefully something positive and non-threatening) is a good way to get him interested in the conversation.

4. One of my favorite all time fantasies is meeting someone in a hotel and just having sex without saying anything. So I had the idea of roleplaying with you…but with specific clothes. What do you think?

Share your fantasy and see if he likes the idea. Next, ask him about his fantasy. Get him to smile and remember what it used to be like to date, chat and have fun.

5. You know what I remember and still think about? The first movie we ever saw together. I still remember what I was thinking while watching it. I still remember some conversations I had with you. Like…

What a nice way to reminisce about the past. See what he remembers then add details about what you remember. Not only is it fun to talk about but it’s also great for bonding and intimacy. You help him to remember all the good times. You make him feel nostalgic and yet still loved after all these years.

6. I got a new one for you. What did the stamp say to the envelope? Stick with me and we’ll go places. Not funny? That killed in 1995 before email!

Share something funny with him and see his reaction. You know his sense of humor by now so search for a meme or a joke that matches his personality.

7. Do you remember that old band Oingo Boingo? I read some news recently I thought you might find interesting.

Does he have a favorite, movie, song or book? Ask him if he heard the latest news. It’s quite likely he hasn’t heard it yet and will appreciate you bringing it to his attention. Not every text has to be romantic or sexual. Sometimes just casual but fun chat works well enough.

8. No matter what happens I know I can always count on you. You’re my knight in shining armor. You’re my hero. You’re my rebel without a cause. You’re my king. You’re my happy ending in my fairy tale!

When you’re coming up with something romantic to say, try to keep it simple. Say something from the heart. With this line, you’re not really saying anything new or groundbreaking. But the repetition makes it work. You keep giving him compliments. You express your honest feelings and why you feel that way. A man can’t resist such a sincere and passionate compliment!

9. I am always powerless to resist you. When you chat with me and seduce me, I just want you so badly. I would do anything for you. When you give me all your attention…I feel like the center of the universe. I want to feel that way forever.

When in doubt, the direct approach works. Sometimes men really need to be reminded “to chase” in a sexy and creative way. Men are very good at chasing women in the beginning. But as time goes on, they need some reminders. Most importantly though, they need POSITIVE reinforcement, encouragement to keep chasing you and to keep the texting going strong.

Remember back when you first started dating? Your conversations were so lively and so fun. That’s because you didn’t use texting passively or just to send day to day information. You used it to flirt, to talk and to bond. That’s precisely what texting should be used for regardless of how long you’ve been together. If you need to tell him something about groceries or about an errand he has to run, call him on the phone. Try to treat the boyfriend-girlfriend text as something sacred, something very personal.

You will notice a difference and he will appreciate that the two of you still “date” and are still in love after all these years.

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