Make Him Miss You (5 Powerful Ways to Get Him Thinking of You)

Some of our past blogs focused on ways to attract your ex back. But what if you’re not that far into the process? Maybe you’re still in the early dating stage…or maybe you’re not dating at all! But you still miss him. In return, he gives you, well, next to nothing.

Is that because he doesn’t like you? Not necessarily. If men are socially active, or busy, or just confused about what they want, they do tend to avoid getting too close to a woman. He might even flirt with you heavily when he meets you, but then you never hear from him again!

Maybe the point is not, “Does he like me?” Maybe the point should be “How can I get him to think of me?” The more practical approach is to figure out why you’re not in his mind and determine a strategy to change that. The more he thinks about you, the more he misses you, the more he will push for further social interaction.

Let’s consider then five ways to make him miss you, regardless of where you are in the relationship, even in the very early dating stages or before.

1. Be a better woman – the type he would think about and miss!

Many women make the mistake of waiting for his call when they should be focusing on having fun and becoming more attractive. This makes you project a more exciting and alluring energy that he will miss whenever he sees it. You can do this by avoiding any negative behavior, and trying to make all of your dealings with him as positive as you can.

These positive associations are what actually make him miss you. He longs to feel happy, he longs to laugh, and he can’t wait to talk to you again, because you’re the one who makes him feel the most alive! Avoid anything too critical and keep teasing within reason – just enough to make him smile, but avoiding anything hurtful.

Be careful about framing things negatively too. Don’t say “Hey I haven’t heard from you in a while”, because that’s critical. Instead, focus on how much fun you’re having in the moment, just being with him in the now.

2. Don’t become lonely and obsessed – get out more!

Another common mistake a woman might make is becoming fixated with her crush and worrying about his feelings, when in fact you should give him more freedom and space. Not so much that you’re “letting him do as he pleases…” more like YOU are going to get out, do things, and live a more exciting life.

Go meet new people and stay busy in life. This unavailability (not to mention the confidence boost you get from doing more positive things) will be attractive to him. He may even spot you on social media and be impressed at your lifestyle and how you occupy your time. That’s how he truly misses you, by observing you in your natural state and seeing what a great life you have. You come across as “high value” when you stay busy and that’s what men respond to in women.

3. Stop trying to make him miss you.

This might seem confusing since the whole point of this blog is “how to make him miss you”, right? But what I mean is, stop trying so hard to get him to notice you.

Men usually notice right away the little subtle things women do to get noticed. If he’s not falling for it now, he won’t fall for it ever. So don’t “try” to get noticed. Don’t tag him on Facebook, don’t send him daily text messages (or multiple texts per day), don’t ask his friends how he’s doing, and don’t try to make him jealous by flirting with other guys.

The best way to get him to miss you is remarkably simple. Just vanish! Or more specifically don’t interact with him. Don’t pop up on his social media feed. Don’t send him a text message or call. Just stop trying to make him miss you and instead focus on making yourself desirable and attractive.

4. Slow things down – go in the opposite direction as you’re going.

If you sense he’s not perceiving that “high value” in you that he once had, it’s possible you’re moving too fast or your signals are too obvious. Men like a little mystery in the relationship. So if your plan thus far has been to confess your feelings, or share all this important information, or just vent to him everything on your mind – move away! Go in the opposite direction.

You must take control and step back, once you sense that he’s stepping back. That’s the whole principle of “missing somebody”, giving them the opportunity to appreciate you. The more you are IN his life, trying to get his attention, the less he misses you because you’re there, you’re in his life. Missing you is the result of not being in his life, but still continuing to be the attractive person you are, the one he remembers

5. Don’t grill him for what makes him special – just let him shine!

Finally, avoid the trap of over-grilling him for the first few dates or meetings. Many women make the mistake of interrogating a man and determining his value – rather than to simply enjoy the conversation and allow him to impress her. Don’t give him the impression that you’re qualifying him because that puts him on the defensive. Sure, you do want to know that eventually…but the longer you keep the mystery alive the better. It makes your next encounter exciting, something to look forward to!

Getting him to miss you is basically the old show business trick of “leaving your audience wanting more.” Make sure all associations are positive so that when he does think of you, he has pleasant memories and the desire to make more. You want his curiosity, not his approval. If you remember these lessons, you’re sure to make a lasting impression!

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