Kissing Tips for a Passionate Kiss

It kind of sucks but it’s true…sometimes a man really evaluates your relationship potential on the kiss. Maybe he thinks it has something to do with chemistry or genetic compatibility, or whatever. The point is, he’s wrong. All it really means, when you have a really great kiss, is that (A) the guy knows how to kiss, (B) the woman knows how to kiss and (C) the moment is reasonably good. (You know, in that you’re not stuck in a sewage plant or a McDonald’s as a first date)

That means if you want a man to fairly evaluate your full relationship potential, don’t go into the first kiss improvising or thinking it’ll come natural. Give him what he wants: a really good kiss that shows him you are not just a good match—you’re also a sexy, feisty lover that will keep him happy!

Here are six tips on how to make a passionate kiss, even if it’s the first time.

1. Make sure the texture of your lips is perfect.

We often don’t think about texture but the guy does! He’s anticipating very soft lips, so if he kisses your lips and they’re cracked, rough or dry, he may be disappointed. Easy fix? Using a good lip balm. Keep your lips soft and smooth throughout the way. Remember also that wearing too much lipstick may be a mistake since it leaves little red kisses all over your man’s face. That’s kind of a gamble…some men don’t like that, others do. Aim to be soft, not ultra-red.

2. Make sure your breath is fresh and yummy…not like Taco Tuesday.

I know that it’s almost unromantic to suggest that fresh breath is a necessity and that romance is spontaneous. But believe me…if you want the kiss to be perfect and to be passionate, then it can’t be too distracting because of a strong and pungent taste. Carry around mints or breath-spray in anticipation of a possible kiss. Don’t just brush your teeth hours in advance, make sure you’re up-to-the-minute prepare.

He won’t really think about your minty-fresh breath…he’ll be thinking about the quality of a kiss! But if you just ate at Long John Silver’s, well, obviously he’ll be distracted.

In addition to mints, keeping well hydrated with water is another way to naturally get rid of that after-dinner taste.

3. Be a confident “follower” when you kiss.

The most important part of creating the passionate kiss is to let the man lead. Why? It’s more like a dance than it is a commentary on male and female roles. Only one person can lead and the other person follows. Even if the guy is shy, you should let him make the first move.
When a man kisses you first, he reemphasizes in his mind that he’s interested in you and that this kiss is what he wants. If you approach him too soon, you might challenge his ego.

However, just because you’re letting him lead doesn’t mean that he isn’t expecting something back. When a man kisses you he wants to see feminine confidence. As in, this is something you’ve been dying to do! This is something you want. This something you already know how to do, and you’ve been anticipating kissing him for a long time.

This does require confidence. No hesitation, or giggling or even a blank stare. Be “in the moment” and take pleasure in this intimate experience. Look him in the eye and express to him how you feel without words.

4. Slow it down and LINGER, no rushing.

Your intent is not to be fast and rough, or thirsty and psychosexual! Rather, keep things slow and romantic. Sometimes if you’re nervous your instinct might be to rush things forward but that’s not what a first romantic kiss feels like. No tongues, no grabbing him with your hands, and no aggressive face bobbing or anything like that.

Press your lips to his as he approaches you and kiss him – just once at first. Don’t let it go too soon. Linger there a few seconds and close your eyes. Next, you can slowly stop the kiss and return your face backward but NOT so far that you’re telling your partner to stop.

Stay close to him, almost touching but not quite, giving him the option to kiss you again. Lingering there lets him feel the sexual tension and may motivate him to go in for another one.

5. Open your lips (slightly) as you tilt your head (slightly).

The next stage to develop passion is to vary the position of your lips and face. Open your slips slightly at first then vary the openness as your partner does the same. Experiment with more or less open lips throughout the kiss. Tilt your head in the opposite direction he is tilting for a better angle. Remembering to keep your lips open will minimize over-drooling, which is another common complaint with men. Kisses should be only slightly wet. Leave just a small peck of moisture, enough so that it will dry up within a few minutes.

6. Use your tongue to explore, not to attack!

Finally, when it comes time to use the tongue or French Kiss, be careful not to invade your partner’s mouth too soon. Instead, be slow to bring the tongue out. Then, when you do, slowly linger and explore your partner’s mouth with your tongue. Let his tongue meet yours and enjoy the sensation of your tongues meeting. This isn’t a contest and there’s no need to tongue-wrestle! Once again, keep things slow and lingering, since this is what a man will associate as a beautiful romantic moment.

In another blog, we’ll discuss how to French Kiss like a pro, but for now take home this simple lesson: very few things great in life come by accident. If you want a perfect first kiss you do have to do a little work for it.

Fortunately, it’s always worth the wait because a good first kiss will be celebrated for years on end with a guy who really likes you.

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