How to Write a Dating Profile That Attracts The Right Kind of Men.

How to Write a Dating Profile That Attracts The Right Kind of Men

How do you write a dating profile that attracts good men? Let’s get right to the point: it’s not so hard to get attention from men if you post a profile on a dating site and look good. The problem is the quality. Just because a lot of men want to chat with you, doesn’t mean it’s actually enjoyable for you—especially if you mostly get replies like “Wassup?”, “ASL?”, “ur hot” and “send boobs?” No woman is interested in entertaining men who are so one dimensional, crude and well, stupid!

The real question is, how can you find more intelligent and more successful men to chat with online? No, you don’t have to necessarily have to join a millionaire dating site (although dating a rich man certainly has its advantages!). What you can do is reach out to men online and start “qualifying” the highest-caliber bachelors. Once you make a special effort to send BETTER QUALITY guys a message, to target them, and to get their interest, they will start to message you and you will have more productive and interesting conversations. As for those dumb guys who just want sex? Well that’s why the Internet invented the Block option.

Let’s consider four tips on how to write a fantastic dating profile that appeals to successful, intelligent and confident men.


1. Have a creative headline!

As annoyed as you are by dumb guys who just want pictures, so too are confident and awesome guys annoyed by women who start off saying, “I am looking for a man, I am a great person, I am funny and I am hot!” First of all, do you notice how many “I’s” are in that sentence? Way too many. That’s not what men want to read. Men want a creative headline, something that feels EXCITING Something that “shows” what an interesting person you are, and not just something that promises you’re great.

Try to rewrite your profile without so many “I am” and “I want” statements. Instead of taking an “I am” narrative, instead concentrate on coming up with a funny headline, highlighting your unique hobbies or career, and discuss a subject or idea that’s interesting. “Jewelry-Maker Seeks Gemstone Man for Sparkling Romance!”

Another approach to take is writing a more incentive-based headline. As in, what are you capable of doing for the RIGHT man, for a man who meets your high standards? A headline like “Award-winning chef will cook a perfect meal for the perfect man.”

The headline doesn’t have to be brilliant or comedy gold—just something unique and something that shares something about you. If you have a public profile ID, try to make that unique as well.


2. Don’t make demands of men or brag about your greatness. Intelligent men INSTANTLY know when you’re a step above the competition.

Too much bragging or fake arrogance is only going to turn a smart man off. However, spending extra time spell checking, proofreading your texts, and rereading your sentences to make they don’t sound condescending will ensure that intelligent men immediately take notice of you. Most women make a lot of mistakes when writing profiles, including terrible decisions to discuss sex (don’t…it’s a bad start), bullying “lesser men” to stay away from them (while understandable, publicly shaming people doesn’t make you appear likeable) and “filtering out” the wrong type of men with insulting statements. Don’t tell men how much they should make, how you must be constantly entertained, and how he must be the most handsome man in the universe. (Except of course for He-Man)

Confident and successful men want to see confidence from you. The ability to impress by the way you speak (or write), as well as talking about interesting subjects—and something you might have in common with a man. All this posing and attitude that some women put on their profiles really doesn’t earn bonus points.


3. Give the guy an opening…he doesn’t want to be boring but needs something to work with.

Another problem I see in the dating world—a woman might have a pretty good profile in the beginning, but she never actually makes an attempt to COMMUNICATE with her new chat friend. There’s no ice breaker, no “ask me about…”, or even a list of interesting hobbies or interests. If you just have a bunch of sharp writing, great photos and deep text – but no opening ideas for the guy – then he might actually be intimidated by you. He doesn’t know what to say as an opening and so he assumes you’ll only be interested in a guy with a great pickup line. But pickup lines aren’t what you’re after. Real communication is what you want. This is why leaving guys a “lead in” to a text conversation is always the polite thing to do.


4. Sell yourself with either a great story or descriptive language.

If you really want to attract someone on the A-list (for awesome) then go beyond just listing information about yourself in a creative way. Instead, figure out a way to discuss yourself with a STORY. You can include details about your hobbies and personality but actually frame the profile as a story. For example, of instead of just telling people you like to dance, tell them about your ideal vacation that involves salsa dancing in Spain. Or if you like singing, describe to them an experience where you karaoked in public and the crowd erupted in applause. Make your audience FEEL the experience. You can also enhance the text with vivid language rather than matter of fact reporting. Vivid language uses strong visuals, summons evocative feelings, and includes more adjectives and adverbs describing something or someone.

Lastly, don’t forget the hook. After a great profile give them a call to action at the end. Such as, “if you like rock and roll and talking about crazy things at 3 am, send me a smiley face!” Now, you’re not only being friendly and intelligent but also encouraging them to take action and start a conversation. With a profile like this, you will be interviewing candidates for your love life that are far more qualified!


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  1. Im thinking of dating again im 66 and i live in the UK and i think your idea is brilliant thankyou im going to join a old fashion dating agency not one ogf these online dating apps actually i have retired but im writing a romantic fantasy novel this is my hobby but i want to turn this into a writing career writing stories and do tarot readings and crystal healing too

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