How to Seduce Your Man

Men may chase women…but it’s usually women who make the first move.

That may seem confusing at first glance because, in our culture, it’s usually the man who first approaches the woman, right?

True…and men usually believe they’re the ones who make the first move. And why not let them think that way? When a man believes he’s the one that pursues you, and you keep him chasing you, it helps him to be persistent.

Of course, what men don’t realize is that a woman’s “first move” is very subtle. It’s not a pickup line, it’s not an invitation or a kinky proposition.

Sometimes it’s just a look. A look that fires up his imagination! This is the art of seduction. That look is impacting and so he goes out of his way to come talk to you.

Or maybe, the woman simply creates a casual conversation with a man while they’re both waiting in life. She opens up a dialog and he gets positive signals from her, saying it’s okay to talk to her.

And just as with the “first move”, when it comes time for intimacy and romance, it’s usually the woman who initiates intimacy first.

How so? No, women don’t grope or force-kiss or make indecent proposals. That’s obviously not feminine behavior.

Here’s what happens though. She puts the idea into his head that she’s ready for intimacy. A very small, subtle change, a look, or even a conversation can fire up a man’s

passion. He gets that strong (but subtle) signal from her and now he’s going to work like a dog to “seduce” her and give her a great night of sex.

Only thing is…she seduced him, didn’t she? She put the idea into his head and he ran with it.

That’s what we’re going to talk about—seduction! How can you seduce your man if he’s shy and doesn’t feel confident enough to make a move?

Or what if he’s been trying and you’ve turned him down before? How do you give him the signal that you’re ready for romance?

Here are six ideas on how to be a subtle seductress and bring out his inner Romeo.

1. Make love to him…using your only eyes.

Sitting across from your date, gaze into his eyes with erotic and romantic thoughts. Don’t be afraid to get his attention and keep the eye contact going for a few wordless moments. Smile, because no one likes the creepy stare. But don’t feel the need to fill the silence with empty chatter.

He won’t really pick up on your erotic thoughts, but he WILL notice you’re giving him a very different look. One of confidence, mystery and maybe even a little danger.

Keep this “look” going throughout the entire conversation, even if he starts talking about trivial things. This is part of the seduction. You’re undressing him with your eyes. Your bedroom eyes are starting the sexual tension.

You don’t have to stare for minutes on end. You can look away normally, but make sure he gets the feeling. He will interpret this as a positive signal. He will step a few paces forward but still remain cautious. Good…keep encouraging him.

What started as just a look to get his attention is now boiling over into sexual tension.

2. Make sure your body language is open and inviting.

Avoid folded arms, or turning away from him, or crossing your legs. Openness is important to show that you trust him and feel safe in his presence. Be a good listener and lean forward, showing him that he has your full attention. Flip your hair or put your fingers through your hair to grab his attention. You could also caress your throat or face to give him an idea of where you want to be kissed. Finally, lick your lips every once in a while and keep your mouth slightly more open than normal, building anticipation for a kiss.

3. Let your voice and pace “soften”.

If your normal conversational voice is considered a 9 or a 10, then it’s time to take it back to a 4 or a 5. To show your man that you’re feeling vulnerable and attracted to him, speak slower and raise the pitch of your voice. When you speak, make sure your energy is slightly lower than his. If he’s fast, overly formal and polite, you need to change the tempo and make it more bedroom-friendly.

If you laugh, make it a little throatier and slower paced to show the change in mood. You’re not just laughing because it’s funny…but because HE’S funny and you feel strongly attracted to him.

4. Start touching him more often, letting him know you enjoy his presence.

Men definitely notice when a woman touches them, but they still want to know that it’s more than just platonic attention or mindless flirting. Increase your number of “light” touches. Then, slowly proceed to brush his arm or wrist, giving him a firmer sign of interest.

Lastly, reach over and touch his knee. If you’re feeling bold, you might even touch his inner thigh. This is definitely a move you make later on in the relationship when you sense he wants you but just needs that go ahead.

5. Mirror his movements to make him feel secure.

This means not only mimicking his way of speaking, but also carrying a similar posture. Even mirroring the way he eats, or his enthusiasm for a subject goes a long way. When he sees that you are unconsciously mirroring him, he feels a greater rapport with you—like you really understand him.

6. Don’t just make him feel good about himself. Make him feel special.

Now for the intellectual / emotional part of the seduction. In order for him to feel a surge in confidence that will prompt him to kiss you, he must feel not just good but special. One of the seducer’s best tactics is that of making his lover feel special and like his passions or hobbies in life are truly amazing. (and hopefully, you really do feel that way!) Get him to talk about himself and then give him a special compliment, letting him know that his character and heart really touches your heart. He will feel a very sudden and intense connection…and may kiss you right then.

So no, you never make the first aggressive move—like reaching out to kiss him first. Instead, stimulate his desire for you and put the idea into his head using suggestive body language, the tone of voice, eye contact and conversation. He will lead and even think he made the first move…so as long as you keep giving him those encouraging signals.

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