How To Make Him Miss You

Don’t you hate it when your partner is slow on the “I love you too” comeback? Or when they roll their eyes at you after you share something important, or when they seem much more interested in another woman rather than you?

Sure, it burns.

When a man doesn’t appreciate you and doesn’t give you the attention you crave, it makes you feel unwanted. No one wants to feel like a charity case. No one wants to feel like second best! And if you’re already self-conscious about your looks, your age, or your body shape, this is an awful feeling.

This may happen frequently in relationships and sometimes at varying degrees. For example, a boyfriend who never calls you back and seems bored during conversation is obviously disrespecting you. On the other hand, think of a man that seems temporarily “distracted” by another pretty woman other than his wife. Or, the scenario of a man complaining about married sex because it’s so routine.

The problem is not necessarily that the man is cold-hearted or unfaithful. The problem could simply be that the “spark” is gone. The initial stage of courtship started with a big spark, but now over time you’ve lost that moment—that intense feeling!

Your end goal is that you want that spark back, right? Then start thinking practically rather than emotionally. Spend some time thinking about what drew him to you in the first place. Now it’s time to RE-ATTRACT him with these clever “make him miss you” strategies.

1. Stop communicating in the same way.

Common sense: he’s taking you for granted…so the solution would be to stop giving him more of the same kind of attention. In fact, you should stop calling or texting him altogether, especially if you’re the one taking the initiative. Give him the gift of missing you. Stop calling at the same time you always do. Stop sending cheery texts. Stop doing what he predicts you’re going to do. This will make him wonder why you’ve changed the habit. Now you have his attention back!

You could even limit your social media postings (or filter him out from seeing your posts), which will make him curious as to what big change is going on in your life.

2. Stop responding so quickly.

If your first instinct is to respond quickly, to show him your interest, then try going in reverse. Stop responding as soon as he writes you or leaves a voice message and then make him wait longer for a reply. In this a game? Not really. This actually mirrors his own behavior, which is not very enthusiastic and far more controlled. By showing him that you’re only as interested as he is, you let him know that you’re not going to speed up the relationship or pressure him into commitment. In fact, he should be the one moving the relationship forward—not you. You have to be convinced! That’s the way he likes it.

3. Always leave him wanting more and end the conversation first!

Your instinct may be to keep him talking as much as possible. More talk, the more he falls in love with you, right? Actually it’s not the quantity but the quality at this point. Your goal should be to leave him wanting more. To make him crave the rest of that conversation but then to STOP abruptly and explain why you have to go. This gives him incentive to continue the conversation at a later date. Privately create a specific time for ending the conversation and then choose a topic that you know he’ll like. End the conversation first, always giving the impression you’re busy and don’t “need him” just to be happy. He will quickly learn to associate you with great conversation!

4. When you do speak, focus on sharing less but suggesting more!

The art of being mysterious and unpredictable is a wonderful skill. You can actually learn to entice a guy to want to learn more, while also saying very little. The key is to not share because YOU want to bond. But rather, share just enough information so that he feels the compatibility between the two of you. He feels the attraction instantly…but you’re also NOT telling him what he expects to hear. You surprise him. You anticipate what he thinks you’re going to do but then you throw him a curve ball. Now he associates you with a woman who “keeps him guessing”. That’s the spark.

5. Change the way you manage time and the way you look!

If familiarity breeds contempt, stop all traces of familiarity! Instead of date night, go out with some of your gal pals. Let him know how much fun you had (without him) and activate his jealousy. Make him desire your full attention. You can also give yourself a makeover and create a brand new look. He will be surprised…and think of your transformation as a new outlook on life. Where does he fit in? If only he knew!

As far as flirting goes, usually it’s OK to flirt with other guys (provided you’re not already an exclusive couple) to make him a little jealous. This works because he instantly sees that other men value you. You are wanted by many but only a select few hold your attention. Now he wants to chase you even more because of the competition—it’s time to give you more attention and fend off the threat of other men!

The problem is that if you get too carried away in jealousy games, you can actually start taunting him with someone else’s affections and send a clear but not very sexy message: I am sooo trying to make you jealous!

Guys see through this tactic. So rather than think “I want to make him jealous”, think more along the lines of “I find many men interesting and worth my attention.” This attitude adjustment will give you just the right edge.

6. Last but not least, pop into his life every once in a while but always with an excuse.

If he’s not biting but you’re just dying to see him again, approach this encounter with some finesse. Don’t ask to see him. Simply drop by where you know he is and say that you left something in his car, house or place of work. (You actually have to leave the item behind!)

This is a reminder to him about how it used to feel to have your attention…but you’ve risked nothing, since you have the guise of picking up a forgotten item. Now that he’s forced to think about you, but still doesn’t “have you”, he will want to keep the conversation going. Don’t be surprised if he asks you out for coffee!

Remember to project more mystery and more of the same qualities that he first fell for. Do away with the familiar routines and start over. You may be surprised at how quickly he comes back to you, eager to win your attention, now completely, totally and madly missing you!

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