How To Make Him Choose You.

How To Make Him Choose You Over Other Women (Even If They’re Prettier)

Have you ever wondered how some “pretty girl” winds up scoring a famous Hollywood actor and outperforms all the other trophy wives and young twenty-somethings?

Sure you have. We all have to wonder, what’s her secret? You know she’s got something going for her. He could have any woman he wants, but he doesn’t go for exotic, beautiful, or physically perfect. He wants HER.

She must understand the power of seduction, or know a magic spell, or something!

And my answer is simply…

No, she just understands men. She knows what a man wants. And she gives it to him better than 90% of every other beauty queen out there.”

So let’s unveil the secret. How does a smarter woman land the perfect guy – even if all the other women he likes are “prettier”, richer, or more successful, famous and whatever?

Let’s call our plan the “five keys” to unlocking a man’s heart. Patience, Emotional Intelligence, Projecting Confidence, Making a Connection, and Understanding His Desires.


Learning Patience

First, let’s consider the virtue of patience. Patience endures. Patience puts people to the test and reveals their true colors.

Impatience, on the other hand, usually causes stressful situations. Like one partner throwing themselves at the other – “I need you! Love me!”

Impatience causes impulsive decision-making. Not only does it lead to break-ups and withdrawing, but it could even forge doomed relationships that are just plain unhealthy.

So you will find that one quality all women have (who have that special wife quality) is patience. They know this isn’t a time-sensitive relationship. A woman with patience knows if she loves a man. If she’s in love she can wait for him.

That means if he wants distance, she has no problem giving him that distance. If he doesn’t want to be in the relationship, she has no resistance to breaking it off.

It’s not just a game to her. Deep down, she knows that it’s pointless to try and force a man into a commitment. She knows the harder she tries to KEEP HIM, the more he will resist and find opportunities to leave.

But patience is also an advantage. Because she knows that he will inevitably come back to her, when he goes off and discovers that no one understands him as well as she does.

She loves him enough to let him go and is also willing to take him back. This works to her advantage too, because most women do the opposite. They fight to keep the relationship but SHE (the successful woman) doesn’t fight. She waits it out.


Emotional Intelligence

The question is what makes him come back? It’s a combination of having emotional intelligence (knowing what he wants from you) as well as giving him the emotional buildup that makes him come back.

This means learning how to attract him, excite him, flirt with him, and keep a cool and fun feeling to the conversation.

This is the emotional foreplay, or if you will, the constant stream of attraction, that keeps him coming back. If you can keep up the “banter” that takes place between the two of you, and give him the intellectual and emotional stimulation that he desires, you can ALWAYS count on him coming back.

Be friendly. Be flirty. Bring out the best in him and give him your best.

He will start to think of you as a breath of fresh air in his life. Every time you give him that dynamic (minus any stress and hurt feelings) you feed his addiction to you. You keep his emotions constantly engaged and in wholesome and fun ways.

He not only wants you (because of all that flirting that just builds up) but he also learns to associate you with positive and happy feelings. Whenever he does get stressed, he comes back to you. He endures stress with all these other people but comes to you for fun, and conversation, and to “recharge”.


Projecting Confidence

This refers to not just confidence but the ability to project high value.

If you want to attract a man who’s successful, maybe even rich, you must show him that you’re high value and in his league. It’s not enough to say you’re “not like the other girls.”  No, you are far more valuable than just an ordinary relationship.

You provide something special, and something he cannot get anywhere else or from anyone else.

What shows him that you’re high value?

Being unique helps. Taking pride in your accomplishments, both professional and personal is great. Being happy with your own life and your independence is fantastic.

Don’t bother explaining to him why you’re special. SHOW him. Talk about the things that really matter. Show him what your life is like.

But there’s another part to this, and that’s the energy you project.

If you think of yourself as negatively – cheap, easy, or out of his league, then that’s the energy you project.

On the other hand, if you think of yourself as having high standards then that energy definitely shows. He feels it.

Once you decide that you have value, and that HE (yes he, the great guy) must EARN YOUR LOVE, that sends a strong message.

You’re not just faking confidence. You really do have high standards. And he doesn’t qualify just because he is a great guy. If he loves you, he must pursue you. He must show you that he’s worthy of you and back it up with actions.


Making a Connection

Making a connection is the next step and this is not just about general compatibility (which is good) but rather, how much you’re trying to connect emotionally with him.

It’s not just about liking the same things. Bonding with a man requires that you spend time getting to know him, and finding his vulnerable side. Getting him to talk, share, and think and feel aloud, without a filter, is one of the best ways to reach a man’s heart.

Most girls he’s been with (even talking celebrities now!) NEVER meet a woman who’s interested in getting to know his real feelings. They all want something from him, he knows that. But what about the woman who spends time getting to know him and what he wants?

Not the outward man, the one everyone loves, but the private man he is inside.


Understanding His Desires

Along those same lines, remember that researching “the enemy” – in other words, the other women who tempt him – is one of the smartest things you can do in outlasting the competition.

Find out what he sees in other women, particularly his exes and crushes. What do they offer him? Where do they fall short? What could you learn from them and do better?

Hey, this is not the most flattering part, I know…

But if we’re talking about how some women have found themselves rich and famous husbands, I guarantee you, it’s because they found the keys to his heart. They knew their own worth, they knew what he wanted (maybe even better than he did) and they were patient.

Understanding men is the best way to find a high-value husband that’s head and shoulders above the rest. It’s not about begging, or trying to be someone else. It really is about embracing the Real You, and becoming the Better You, and then having the confidence to go out and find the man you love most.

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  1. Hi,
    Your tips is quiet helpful.but I have other problems with my man.there is another girl comes between and he lefts me for her.she is actually needy.kind girl don’t have self-respect ready to fill his each and every demand.

  2. Please my man’s attitude changed all of a sudden. Each time I tell him he has changed he becomes angry. We are in a distance relationship. He will come online hardly chat with me unlike him. I really loves him. What can I do?

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