How to Make a Pisces Man Miss You

How to Make a Pisces Man Miss You

You have to be careful when dealing with Pisces in relationships. Pisces is not so easily impressed, being how imaginative and empathetic he is by nature. He can make friends anywhere, because of his gracious and fun personality.

But he also has his own firm rules and high standards to consider. If you’re wondering how to make a Pisces man miss you (meaning a man born between February 19 to March 20) then it’s time to understand the true character of Pisces.

Meet Mr. Pisces

The origin of Pisces is interesting. According to Britannica, In Greek mythology, Aphrodite and Eros jumped into a river to escape a monster. Before they did, however, they changed into fish, which explains the Pisces symbol of two fish tied together.

By nature, Pisces is gracious, emotionally aware (basically an empath), and highly sensitive. Due to Pisces’ sensitivity, they are very dedicated to making people happy around them, particularly their partners and friends.

A Pisces can be very creative and expressive, which makes them a joyful sign to fall in love with. So no wonder, if you’re wondering how do you know if a Pisces man misses you, something is already wrong.

Pisces is not only highly sensitive and expressive, but male Pisces tend to be very persistent and loving. Figuring out the answer to this dilemma depends on whether you’re interested in a Pisces far from afar, or may have already dated him.

Pisces Man in Love Behavior

Remember, it can be hard to read men from a distance. He may be losing interest in you OR he may be trying to figure out a way to talk to you.

The best thing to do if you’re crushing on a Pisces guy you don’t know very well, is to go up to him and start a friendly and platonic conversation. Ask him how he’s doing and what he’s been up to lately.

Within minutes, you will know if the Pisces is happy and enjoys your company. Pisces men are very self-sacrificing and protective of the ones they love. If you don’t know him very well, but know his sign, just be aware that it takes time for Pisces to fall in love in the first place.

Once he does trust you, he will be loyal for a long time. He stands by you, he protects you, and he spoils you with attention.

One of the best things about being in a relationship with Pisces is that he always understands you. He can read your mind, he can make very good guesses about what you’re thinking, even if you don’t give him any clues. He has good empathy and good intuition.

Of course, the high empathy and sensitivity of Pisces make him vulnerable to the volatility of romance. When he’s happy you’ll know it. He flirts, he charms, he puts his heart into it.

Being a “water” sign, Pisces is very emotional. That means if he’s not being emotional with you, and he used to be, something has happened that changed the dynamic of your relationship.

How Do I Win the Heart of a Pisces Man?

Reading some helpful information from Kasamba about astrology and Pisces signs, you will notice right away that a Pisces man is not the stereotypical male. He isn’t emotionally stunted, he isn’t too rough, and he loves to talk.

A Pisces’ ability to love and connect, always wearing their heart on their sleeve, is one of his best qualities.

But as you might guess, such sensitivity can be exploited. It’s no wonder Pisces are so sensitive when it comes to rejection, or conflict, or even jealousy. Whenever Pisces encounters distressing information or situations, he will feel threatened.

If you’re caught in that whirlwind of negativity, he might even lose some trust in you. It might not even be your fault at all!

But if he has negative associations with some event or even some mutual friend of yours, Pisces might swim away to avoid toxic waters.

Pisces needs a lot of reassurance. He wants things to be fair and yes, even romantic, since he’s such an idealist.

What Is a Pisces man Attracted To?

Even though Pisces is an unusual male specimen that doesn’t mean he is without masculinity. Pisces men still have a lot to prove and so he will often be in a struggle to prove his manliness, while also still remaining true to his sympathetic spirit.

One of the things a lot of people misunderstand about Pisces is how their ego works. A male Pisces is not always as gregarious or as confident as other male signs. Some people even claim that women sometimes have to be more outgoing with a Pisces man.

He’s not going to corner you. He’s not going to persistently chase you, figuring he deserves you above everyone else. It’s not that he’s wishy-washy. He’s just independent and he’s a little “go with the flow”, which kind of works because he’s a fish, astrologically speaking. (OK one silly pun allowed, no more!)

So while you as a woman don’t have to pursue him aggressively, as if he’s a trophy husband, it may help to be a little more confident and persistent in keeping him active in the conversation.

He’s attracted to women who are very much emotionally in tune with him.

He loves the emotional connection. No wonder he’s very loyal to his friends, his job, and his family. He’s not the cheating type and why would he be? Being emotionally connected to a lover is a time-consuming project. Pisces doesn’t have time to waste on relationships that aren’t nakedly emotional and intense.

How Do You Chase a Pisces Man

If you’ve determined by now that Mr. Pisces needs a little more “attention” than the usual man does, you’re on the right track. Remember not only are Pisces self-absorbed at times, but they also have to be careful not to be overwhelmed with negative emotion. They are more prone to anxiety and depression, especially if he lives a solitary life.

Pisces are very self-sufficient but that does NOT mean they are fiercely independent in love. In fact, if you back away from a Pisces, thinking he needs time to figure out how he feels about you, you may be surprised to learn he doesn’t think about you much at all anymore.

Pisces needs the attention and the reassurance that the attraction is real and not just another friendly conversation – since he has no problem finding that kind of attention. He’s a fun-loving guy.

When we talk about chasing a Pisces man, we’re really talking about quality and patience over flash. Pisces is not necessarily impressed by drama or high emotion – more like quality bonding and the honesty of a long conversation, where you share feelings.

The silent treatment doesn’t work. The worst thing you can do therefore if you want to chase Pisces is to give up and hope that he comes to you. He’s a swimmer. He’ll go far into the ocean left to his own whims.

What a Pisces Man Needs in Bed

A Pisces man leaving a relationship over sexual problems is not very common. His heart is in the relationship. He gives lovemaking his all and he makes his best effort to give pleasure as much as he receives it.

Like most men, he wants a woman to take the initiative sometimes, but remember, he is not a naturally dominant personality – unless of course you want him to be and that’s his kink. But by nature, he is more of a follower and a romantic.

This doesn’t mean he’s boring in bed. He just needs a partner that pushes him to explore kinky new things, as part of the bonding experience. Emotion means everything during sex, so trying to forge a relationship based on physical lust alone might disappoint a Pisces. He needs emotion to be the fuel of your sex life.

So what a Pisces man needs from a lover is affection, friendship, and what you might call a welcoming environment. One where he is not afraid of rejection, judgment, or embarrassment.

If you think that Pisces needs a little more sex from you, don’t focus just on the fantasy part of it. Chances are, he wants more sensuality, more emotion, and more evidence that this really means something.

If there are negative conflicts in the relationship, sex is also compromised. So make sure your heart is in the right place and you’re singing your love to Mr. Pisces, in whatever way he likes.

Let a Pisces Man Chase You Again!

The most challenging question is how to make Pisces man miss you if you’ve already had a relationship and something went wrong. This is tough, because Pisces finds it hard to trust someone who has shown a dark side of his/her personality.This doesn’t mean he can’t ever forgive. Just that you have to earn his trust back over time.

Remember that a Pisces man tends to be shy, and or self-reliant. He won’t wait for you to call, especially if you’ve had a falling out.

Even if you just took a step back, don’t be surprised if he can out-wait you.

This is why, even though we do teach the “No Contact” rule after a breakup (or something like a breakup), we have to admit that at some point you may have to initiate first contact. If it’s very evident the guy is not going to text you first.

And with a Pisces, you can be 90% sure, he probably won’t. If he feels hurt, or even if he thinks he hurt your feelings, he might back away. It might be up to you to text him or call him one day, after a few months have passed, and let him know you’re just thinking about him – as a friend.

From there, you can start communicating again, taking it slow and rebuilding trust.

If you’re wondering how to make a Pisces man miss you like crazy, and want to recreate the ATTRACTION (not just the trust) then you might need a different approach.

For example, Pisces are highly susceptible to a good mystery. Be enigmatic. Revel in your secrets and don’t feel compelled to share too much – unless he really begs to know! It also helps to end a conversation first if you feel tired or if you run out of things to say.

Pisces himself likes to be enigmatic in the beginning so mirror his energy when you start the relationship over. Make him look forward to sharing some information, and then waiting for a second date.

Compliments also help a lot and prove to Pisces that you are sincere and speak from the heart. Don’t flatter him. Always keep it real.

Over time, he will appreciate that you are very much like him, like soul mates, and he will start to chase you again – because he already feels devoted to you. That’s how Pisces loves.

How to Make a Pisces Man Miss You Hard

There’s missing you and then there’s Pisces going crazy, missing you hard, and obsessing over you. Well, it might feel good to make him want you that much again. Just be ready to deliver, because once his emotions are involved, he wants intimacy. He wants attention. He wants all of you, not just a half-hearted fling.

One of the best ways to get him to miss you is by reminiscing. Not just about the past, but about how great it felt the first time you shared memories together. Stimulating his emotions, positive life experiences you remember, will get his heart involved.

Talking about the future, your future together, also impresses Pisces. Now, this is not necessarily the best strategy for the average guy. But a Pisces man has no problem committing to someone he really admires and trusts. Your adventures together, your long conversations hours into the night, all the feelings you share, is the best way to paint a romantic vision of the future.

When a Pisces man says he misses you, you know he means it. His heart is in it again. He feels alive and all the more so because you give him that joy and celebration that he needs to live a long happy life!

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