How to Know When a Guy Is Playing Games with You

Part of the reason we have this website is to “equal the playing field” for women, since the reality of it is, a LOT of men play mind games. They “seduce”, they manipulate and they use a lot of player techniques to their advantage. Well what we’re doing is giving you some of your own techniques to stand strong against their mind games and seduction strategy, and force them to “be real” if they want a chance with you.

Now obviously, there are a lot of guys out there who don’t play mind games and who just try earnestly to impress you and charm you, with no ulterior motives. And for those guys, naturally, you don’t want to “play them” or risk hurting their feelings. With men who are sincere, you give a little more sincerity. With men who like to play, you play them right back!

What might help is to determine immediately if you are being played and then figure out what to do about it. Here are a few ways to read your crush’s mind.

1. He always keeps you on the defensive trying to get the upper hand.

A player’s intention is to encourage competition from the woman he likes. He teases, he brags…it almost feels like he’s arguing with you in a “playful” way. He always makes you rise to the bait. A woman who doesn’t play games knows the best way to deal with him: Don’t try to get the upper hand. Just resist playing into his game and keep him working for your attention.

2. He makes you work hard for his approval.

A player basically reverses the process. He plays hard to get so that you’ll work harder to gain his attention and approval. He’s manipulating you to prove your worthiness to him. But this is the wrong approach. HE should be trying to prove his worthiness to you. If he tries to “qualify” you, just don’t play the game. A woman doesn’t chase.

3. He gives you back handed compliments.

Yes, this is a “thing” in the player community. They say nice things to women…and then send them a back handed compliment. This “neg hit” or “negging” technique plays on the insecurity of women and manipulates them into chasing the man, looking for his approval. But if you want to be a stronger and more attractive woman, just don’t play into this. Show him that “neg-hitting” is an insult and you won’t tolerate it.

4. He takes rejection too personally and lashes out.

You know a guy is a player if he insults you or says something nasty when you say “No”. Even if he pretends to do it in good fun, it’s very telling about his character. So whenever you say no, is he always going to make it seem like you’re at fault? Is he trying to guilt you into saying yes? You should remind him that lashing out just because you can’t afford to say at this very moment is not respectful of women. You deserve better.

5. He stands you up or keeps you waiting in text.

Really, any man who would stand you up is just messing with your head. He’s either testing your reaction or is just a disorganized mess in general. Showing up late or not showing up at all is a very disrespectful move. If you forgive him for this once, you’re just going to set a pattern of negative behavior from him that will keep you feeling frustrated.

6. He only seems to want to meet in certain parts of town or certain restaurants/clubs.

If he’s always comfortable in his own element, it probably means he’s crafted the perfect play over a lifetime of practice. If you really want to see who he is, bring him out of his element. Force him to be real and don’t let him feel so comfortable that he just memorizes cheesy lines. Test him and make him want you more than just another play.

7. He’s too hot and cold.

Players thrive off the insecurity of women, so their intent is to be hot one minute and cold the next. It keeps you guessing and makes you curious as to what’s behind their moody behavior. (Or else maybe they’re just really moody and miserable to be around!) In either case, don’t tolerate it. He should always be “hot” and avoid being cold, distant or mean-spirited in his replies to you. If he’s disinterested that’s that. Don’t let him be interested one minute and disinterested the next. He needs to make up his mind.

8. He’s always flirting with other girls.

Maybe it’s in a man’s nature to always be looking at other women. But if he’s constantly flirting with other women, throwing out compliments, neg-hitting, getting phone numbers, and acting single (even when he supposedly is really interested in you) it’s easy to see he doesn’t value your time. To him, you’re just one of many options. If you want to be taken seriously, let him know you that you’re too busy to be just another girlfriend.

9. He lies and always has excuses for disappointing you.

Seriously, this is bad news. Some men may be players just for a little while, early on, right in the getting to know you stage. But men who lies and constantly come up with excuses, defenses and rationalizations as to why they’re hurting you are dangerous. These are the same types of guys who end up abusing you, cheating on you, and generally making life miserable. Let it be known immediately that lying and making excuses is not, and never will be, tolerated with you.

10. Lastly, always be receptive to friends and family when it comes to hearing about your crush’s reputation.

Women tend to gossip and share their “player-hating” experiences. Family members may also recognize player techniques and can warn you about what you’re getting into.

Remember, value your time and always be proud of who you are. This makes you “player proof”!

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