How to Know if He’s Interested Through Text (5 Signs He Is)

How to Know if He’s Interested Through Text (5 Signs He Is)

Texting can be deceptively communicative. What does that mean? It means that texting FEELS like you’re talking. It feels like you’re bonding. It may even feel like you have a real connection going.

Then of course, you find out that your intuition was way off and the guy you were interested in wasn’t really that into you…or maybe if he was, he found someone else to “be way into.” I know, it sucks. And yeah, sometimes you kind of just feel cheated because of texting. Texting makes people feel as if they’re talking, they’re dating…they’re being honest with each other…

When in actuality, it really is just sending characters on a phone. And some of these texts can be misleading. Especially when it comes to reading a guy’s behavior and trying to scope out his real feelings for you.

You may wonder, based on his texts, is he interested in you? Or is he just looking for an easy score? Or maybe, he is purely a platonic friend and has no interest whatsoever.

It’s time to decipher this mysterious gentleman and figure out what his texting behavior really means. Here are five ways to know if he’s really into you, based on his texting patterns.

1. He’s fast to reply. He’s dedicated to making his posts fun to read.

When a guy is in love or in lust with you, he will definitely reply fast. Even if he forces himself to wait five or ten minutes, he WILL reply quickly. He also puts thought into his posts, whether writing a long paragraph of text, or sending something funny, or even using lots of funny little emojis.

I got news for you—men who aren’t that into you will not give much thought to their text replies, nor will they be in a hurry to reply. They may go a day or two without replying or may never reply, if they think the conversation is over. Just witness the way a guy texts his guy friends. Lots of one word answers!

2. He’s all about the questions.

When a man really has his eye on you he will ask questions. You’ve got his attention and now he wants to pique your mind to see how you feel about his favorite subjects, who you are as a person, and maybe even some really deep stuff.

This doesn’t mean he’ll flood you with personal questions every hour, but if he mostly responds to you with questions – and better yet, if he asks you a new question when you stop replying to him – this is a very good sign. Men only interested in sex may say a lot, but their questions will always be limited to “What are you doing?” or “Want to hang out?” (or even something a little risqué) rather than actual conversation. If you have a man asking questions, you’ve got a winner.

3. He is trying to create inside jokes, cute nicknames and routines between the both of you.

A man who’s interested in you will start “boyfriending” (or pretending to be your boyfriend) by ingratiating himself into your life. Whether he’s really clever and is doing this intentionally or if he does it instinctively without thinking, the result is the same.

He starts calling you a nickname. Or, maybe he creates an inside joke between the two of you – about someone else, or about a place you both like, or an activity you both find funny. He will mention this inside joke frequently, making sure you associate him with something positive.

Another habit of men who are trying to be “remembered” is to create a schedule of texts – like texting before bed and first thing in the morning. They think that by consistently talking to you they can build intimacy over time.

Does a man just chasing after your body do this? He may call you a nickname or try to create an inside joke or “story” between the two of you…but the difference is, he won’t keep it up. He’ll give up eventually. A man who really likes you will keep up the routine.

4. He makes you long for his physical presence… “If I were there…”

This is a strong signal that a man is really thinking about you, whether for love or lust. If he desires your physical presence he will mention frequently how he “wishes he was there”, or longs to help you with a problem by doing something in person. He is telling you he wants this relationship to escalate.

Now will a man just interested in sex do this? Yes, but one way to filter those guys out is to notice the timing of these “physical” tests. Men who really like you will message you at all hours of the day or at regular times during the morning or afternoon. Men who just want a booty call will usually only text at night, or until they find another date.

5. He not only confides in you about himself…he actually talks about his problems!

You may figure out soon enough that a man who talks about himself is trying to impress you. And a man who asks you questions about your life is definitely curious about who you are. But a man who actually describes to you a problem, or wants your advice on something is definitely sending a strong signal.

He wants you involved in his life. He wants you to know what’s going on and feel as if you can give him advice, or share your opinion, and you can become a part of his life.

In contrast, a man who isn’t that into you, or is only interested in a casual relationship, will usually keep a respectful distance. They don’t talk about their problems. A friend confides…a friendly acquaintance does NOT. (And yes, a one night stand is basically a friendly acquaintance, not a friend)

In conclusion, how do you know if a man is interested in you through text? When in doubt, ask yourself: How much effort is he putting into texting? Men who are falling for you put forth the effort. They love to work hard, to impress you, and to be rewarded for chasing you. Remember that and keep him chasing…until it escalates into that very important First Date!

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  1. You are a great guy Matt!Your advice really open my eyes!Thank you for sharing your knowledges,experiences and kindness.Best luck for you!

  2. Unfortunately I am not getting what I need, from this man that I thought was into me/ us . Anyway you do make a lot of sense to me as to why? what? when? Where?
    So that been said I had to let him go.
    I love to read your logic about all the ins / outs .
    Thank you .

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