How to Get A Boyfriend Quiz

You’ve determined that it’s time to get serious about making some lucky guy your boyfriend. Great! In your heart, you’ve decided to put yourself out there, reach out to other people, and leave the past behind you. That’s fantastic!

There’s only one thing your big brother wants to know as you walk out the door…

“So…how do you plan on getting a boyfriend?”

“Well, since you asked, bro, did you know that there is now such a thing as Mail Order Irish Husbands?”


Okay, only joking now. But seriously, it is time we have a conversation about HOW and WHERE you go to find your future boyfriend. It’s not always about having the right mindset. Sure, that’s a major part of it. But the rest is really about the location, the strategy, and how you approach the date.

Here is a short quiz on how to get a boyfriend that I think you’re going to like. Let’s first list the questions and then discuss the answers in the next section.

1. Where do you go to meet a potential new boyfriend?
A: A bar or club.
B: Speed dating meetup event.
C: Dating app.
D: It’s not really about the location. It’s about the attitude I project.

2. What kind of man are you looking to meet?
A: Very good looking. Preferably with a nice car!
B: I’ll know when I meet him! He will be romantic, funny and charming.
C: A good conversationalist and fun person is all that matters.
D: A man with the specific qualities I have decided to look for.

3. Why are you attracted to these types of guys?
A: I’ve never really thought about it before. I just wait for the right guy to approach me.
B: I think I just like bad boys. Attraction is important.
C: They’re the guys my friends and family say I should get together with!
D: Because I’ve dated guys I did NOT get along with and I know what I need to be happy.

4. How do you plan on making this great guy your boyfriend?
A: Wait till he makes a move then sleep with him. I want to show him I’m just as wild as he is!
B: Never sleep with him until he’s ready to fall in love and marry me.
C: Have sex with him whenever I feel the desire and then be the best he’s ever had.
D: Bond with him emotionally. Only give him more as he gives more effort into the relationship.

5. When are you looking to get married?
A: As soon as possible! I really need to have a family now!
B: I am lonely. I miss sex, but even more so, the intimate emotional connection with someone else.
C: I’m not in a rush. Love will happen when it happens. I’ll wait for years if I have to.
D: As long as I meet a man who understands me and who’s compatible with me, time is not an issue.

What the Answers Mean

Each of these questions and answers reveals something about the way you think and the way you see yourself in relationships.

As regards the “where”, women who stick to traditional “dating” venues may not fare as well women who realize it’s not so much the place, but the attitudes both she and the man carry that matter. Dating apps are also increasingly popular since they focus on compatibility and not good looks, charm, sexual tension, and so on.

When discussing what kind of man you want to meet, some answers were a bit shallow and very often these kinds of relationships fizzle out early. Sure, good looks do matter and so does an appealing personality. But if that’s all you have in common, that sounds more like a one night stand than a real emotional commitment.

When answering questions about attraction, women who are a little bit more guarded tend to fare better than women who just follow the man’s attention. It’s easy for a man to be attracted and easy to let him direct the whole relationship. But when this happens, you give him all the power…and you forget to actually CONNECT with him as an equal. Not surprisingly, men tend to get bored of a woman if there is no emotional and intellectual compatibility. This is why it’s best NOT to let the man direct the entire relationship – i.e. lavishing you with praise, always flirting and teasing you, and little to no real conversation.

Discussing the kinds of men you seem to be attracted, or your “dating patterns”, can also reveal some interesting tidbits. Women who let the man decide the attraction, or who only chase so-called “Alpha males” with bad attitudes, are often disappointed to find out the relationships are exclusively sexual. Either the man doesn’t want to commit, or perhaps he even treats her abusively. While family and friends should only have limited input, their opinion IS valuable since they can see things that you might be blind to, because of the passion of a new relationship.

When it comes to sex, moving in, and marriage, the most important “milestones” in a relationship, it’s safe to say that moving too fast is the most common problem among younger girls. Young women might feel very self-confident and sex-positive, figuring they have a libido comparable to that of a man. The problem is, however, that some of these women still hope to attract a man emotionally after sex. Unfortunately, for many men, once sex happens (and no emotional connection is made) he’s checked out of the relationship.

Living together and marriage are very personal commitments, which is why it’s difficult to put a timeframe on falling in love and committing yourself to each other. Obviously, women who are looking to marriage as a “solution” to their problems are often disappointed.

You could say that a happy marriage is a post-happily ever after event. That special icing on the cake that you get AFTER discovering the joy and the confidence within yourself as an independent person. Women who have careers, grown children, and who active people in general, tend to have balanced marriages with similarly independent men. This is the recipe for success!

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