How to Be Irresistible to Guys

Have you ever looked across the bar to find out an absolute knockout of a woman and thought to yourself, “Wow…I can’t compete with her.”

Sure, you can always grab the attention of a man if you’re in a good, comfortable setting. But maybe you find it difficult to catch the attention of a guy you like, especially if he’s “distracted” by other women.

Well take heart. You CAN be irresistible to guys. Looks matter a little bit, but in the end a lot of women have great looks. Few have class, and even fewer understand what men really want.

So relax…even if you’re a Peggy you CAN still grab the attention away from all the Joan’s and Betty’s of the world. (Sorry, couldn’t resist a Mad Men reference) Because you will find, the more you actually talk to and bond with men, that they ARE actually analyzing you and examining your inner qualities with every new conversation you have.

Remember to follow these pointers in attracting a man’s attention and then his attraction.

1. Always stay beautiful.

Don’t even venture out and risk seeing him in a state where you don’t consider yourself beautiful and “his type”. It’s not just that beauty attracts a man…it’s also that when you dress and feel sexy, you project this quality. You are more naturally self-confident and that grabs attention.

2. Toy with his curiosity—be mysterious.

With apologies to all the down to earth, farmer’s daughters out there…you know that men always go after the mysterious beauty. It’s not necessarily in the way you dress or even in the way you talk. It is quite simply, in the way you carry yourself and the way you communicate.

A mysterious woman does not tell a man everything he wants to know. She doesn’t let him “define her.” She doesn’t let him figure her out. She tells him “need to know” information, while whetting his appetite to learn more. She understands that half of the game, half of the fun, is learning each other.

3. Don’t be ashamed of sex…just be hard to impress.

Men love it when they meet a smoldering siren, and if she’s a little dangerous that’s usually a plus. However, what really drives men crazy is when they are aware of how amazing a woman is. Men will work pretty hard to impress a pretty woman. But for a woman who has her pick of any man, and who knows how in-demand and beautiful she is, these guys will move mountains for her attention! It increases their thirst for competition. They want to work harder to get an even bigger reaction out of you. It’s not just that they enjoy working hard…they also enjoy showing off!

4. Be fiercely independent and avoid drama.

Men always admire women who have a strong independent streak. Part of that is because a career woman (or at least a woman who has a real passion in life) is very attractive to a man who doesn’t want to be “needed’ just for his resources; he wants to be loved for who he is as a man. However, the other side of that coin is that independent women don’t like drama.

And that is a huge advantage to a man who wants to avoid hurting feelings, avoid fighting, and avoid being entangled with a woman who makes him feel miserable. An independent woman has no tolerance for mind games or for drama. She will not rise to the bait, nor will she undervalue herself or take any emotional abuse.

Simply put, she is a mature and intelligent woman…wife material. That is precisely what men want. But the list isn’t over yet…

5. Embody the finer qualities of femininity.

Feminine power is not “girl power”, meaning it’s not just strength and the ability to fight or outperform a man. Femininity means you use your feminine instincts and qualities to command respect and awe from men. Men are typically provoked by beauty, so work on projecting a relaxing, attractive, positive and FUN personality that invites men to talk to you.

Too many women today are negative or downright rude. Go the opposite route. Be kind, friendly and easy to talk to. But then again, don’t be so easy to impress. After all, you’ve heard it all before. You really bring out the BEST in men, wherever you go.

6. Always show respect to a man…but only in the areas he is most proud of.

Don’t think of this as a “macho” thing. I don’t think men deserve respect just for being men. But if you can tell that a man prides himself on a specific accomplishment (his job, his charity work, his art or his intellect) then let him know you appreciate this unique quality about him.

Men always love it when a woman is genuinely impressed at what he does. He realizes that this is a real connection, a real friendship, and not just a relationship based on sexual attraction.

7. Be a little too busy with work that matters.

We talked about before how men admire career women and hard-working women. But let’s go one step further. Men are irresistibly attracted to busy women who don’t have much time to waste. Men feel naturally more competitive once they find out a woman is busy with other things, and oftentimes TOO BUSY to keep talking to them.

A man will sense that he is not the most important thing going on in your life and he will try harder to get your attention. Rather than play mind games, practice being busy—take up a hobby, a charity project, or some other passion that you really admire. Not only will he admire your commitment, but he will also crave your attention when you’re away.

Lastly, remember to talk about this passion of yours so he will sense that you truly are something special among so many other women who only have looks going for them.

This is how you come across as irresistible. Looks is not even half the battle. It’s about 20% of the big picture. The real challenge comes in captivating his mind. Learning him so well…and yet he knows nothing about you. This “chase” is what will power up your love for a lifetime.

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