How to Be Cute (7 Ways to Be Irresistibly Cute)

Here’s a little secret to pass on. Cute doesn’t actually mean cute, as in reruns of Full House or baby sloths. In terms of dating, cute means “innocently sexy.” And believe it or not, this is what most guys want. The character of the exotic femme fatale, or the “ball-busting bitch”, is a fantasy but not really as approachable in the real world.

A man wants to feel comfortable in your presence. He wants to know that you’re attractive but are still a human being, just as funny, sensitive and sane as he is. “Cute” women will always have the advantage over more aggressive-looking women who intimidate men from even approaching.

Cute also tends to lead to more serious relationships rather than flings. Flings are based on physical attraction. Long-term relationships are based on the joy that comes from living with a partner for years on end. Who can possibly resist a smart, attractive and successful woman who’s also cute?

While some women are born with this feminine quality, it’s also easy to learn. Take these pointers on how to sex it DOWN and CUTE it up for a change. You may notice that these slight changes will invite more attention from better quality guys.

1. Smile!

Men are easily intimidated by a woman who looks angry, bored or resentful in general. On the other hand, smiling makes you look warm and down to earth. Don’t just smile when you first meet him. Smile frequently and keep eye contact. Don’t fake smile, but rather focus on having fun and staying positive, funny and cheerful.

2. Don’t try to be sexy—be more feminine.

Dressing sexy or looking moody attracts the wrong kind of attention. Instead of dressing to kill, dress to be noticed. Avoid bolder colors and go for a more subtle look. Choose a dress that makes you feel comfortable and in your element. Avoid heavy makeup and go for more subtle hues and nude shades. This all helps you to look innocent. And as you talk to a guy and he realizes you’re just as wild as he is, his interest will only peak.

3. Learn the art of feminine conversation.

A “cute” woman speaks softly and avoids being loud or overly aggressive in her tone of voice. It helps to focus more on listening to him and less on trying to prove something. He doesn’t need to know everything right now. He just wants a good first impression. Saying less but listening more will make more mysterious and yet cute. This will allow him to dominate the conversation and work harder to impress you. Play along with him and follow his lead. Don’t dominate the conversation. Let him ask questions and make statements. You can ask questions if he seems to be stalling and losing his train of thought. You’re showing yourself a “cute” conversationalist, someone who wants to help him shine.

4. Give him subtle but very cute reactions.

Half of the conversation is talking but the other half is body language. He wants your reaction to his conversation. Now at first, you might think a smile and a nod would be enough. But a cute woman wants more! Think about more feminine gestures and reactions like playing with your hair, blushing when he compliments you. Give him a coy look and then shyly look down at your feet, encouraging him to keep chasing you. Focus on making more fluid movements and move your whole body along with your facial movements. Touch him lightly on the shoulder or knee as a reward for paying you lots of attention. Try to “sound cute” by making cute noises when you bump into something or trip. These little sound effects may seem silly but they go a long way in making you seem more personable to him.

5. Never dumb yourself down.

Don’t think that the antiquated advice of playing stupid still works. It never really worked except on men who wanted really stupid wives! The vast majority of men want women of equal intelligence. Usually, the more successful the guy is, the higher standards he has for meeting a woman of “equal mate value” so to speak. Simply put, he wants to know you’re smart. So your goal is to appear confident and intelligent but without the need to prove something. You can still be funny and quirky without resorting to an airhead cliché.

6. Be a little mischievous and teasing.

Men really do love a woman who isn’t afraid to be mischievous or even a little “difficult” in a funny and good-natured kind of way. It helps the guy to feel more at ease and encourages him to be flirty and jokey right back at you, which helps the relationship progress.

7. Stay positive and laugh more.

Negativity breaks down all layers of cuteness. Pessimism, moodiness or shyness can turn a person off. On the contrary, a cute person’s positivity is contagious. She’s warm, she likes to laugh, and she enjoys being outgoing with other people. A positive attitude, along with the desire to meet new people and have a good conversation, endears others to you. This makes you approachable by shy guys and confident guys alike. When you’re talking to a new friend, be interested in what he has to say. More to the point, be interested in him—what he does, what he thinks and how he feels. Give a compliment about something unique you notice about him. Engaging others in conversation and keeping the tone positive will earn you a lot of attention.

Bear in mind that laughing too much can be a turn off as this might indicate shyness or insecurity. The best way to handle it, and stay “cute” rather than annoying, is to reward a man with laughter only after he says something funny.

The fact that you’re “cute” in addition to being smart and funny will make you seem more real, more family oriented, and more fun than the average woman. Cute is in so quirk it up and you may notice a positive difference in the way men treat you.

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