Here’s What Makes a Man Commit

Here’s What Makes a Man Commit

If you want to walk off into the sunset with a man into a committed, happily ever after, you need to understand why a man commits to a woman.

Have you ever felt like you were in “relationship limbo” where you were with a man for months or even years and he never seemed to care that things weren’t going anywhere?

Have you had a man come onto you really strong and push things forward really fast but then things just seemed to fizzled out and fall apart making you wonder what just happen?

Have you ever been with a guy where thing were going great only to have him disappear on you and find out a little while later that he’s engaged or married?

The way that men view commitment is completely different than the way women view it.

And if you don’t understand how commitment works for a man, you’ll end up wasting months or maybe even years in relationships that are going nowhere.

Here’s the truth: most men probably don’t commit because of the reasons you think they do.

Most men don’t commit just because they’re in love… although being in love with you can certainly help.

A man won’t feel a need to push things forward just because he’s been dating you for a certain period of time.

And being exclusive with you doesn’t mean that you’re on your way to getting married… at least it doesn’t mean that for most men.

In order for a man to want to commit to you, he needs one thing…

He needs to feel like he wants to take you off the dating market forever.

A lot of women mistake casual events for milestones in a relationship…

Things like…

Being with him 4 or more times per week doesn’t mean he’s moving things forward with you.

Meeting his friends and family doesn’t mean that he’s moving things forward with you.

Calling you his girlfriend doesn’t mean that he’s moving things forward with you.

Living together doesn’t mean that he’s moving things forward with you.

Now: if you’re like most of my clients, hearing these things might come as a shock to you.

Yet I know men who have been in each one of those situations and ONLY considered themselves casually dating the women they were with.

Like I said, commitment works much differently for men than it does for women.

So if these things don’t mean that a relationship is moving forward, what needs to happen in order for a man to commit fully?

The Truth About Why Men Marry Some Women And Not Others

Have you ever wondered why a man will marry one women yet only want a casual relationship with another?

Have you ever heard a man say that he doesn’t want anything “serious” only to end up in a committed relationship a few weeks later with another woman?

Have you ever felt like you finally found something real with a man… only to have him go cold on you or pull away completely?

The reason this happens maybe be upsetting to you but I promise it’s actually really good news.

Men don’t pull away, disappear, and go cold because they’re bad people…

And they don’t avoid getting into a serious relationship because they’re afraid of commitment.

A man avoids getting into a relationship with a woman because he has doubts that she’s the right woman for him.

He feels like something’s missing…

Like he could probably do better…

If you want a man to feel like you’re the one, there’s one very specific thing that you must do…

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