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It’s time to talk about the friend-zone! No, not how to get out of the friend-zone and make a good impression on the guy you like. Rather, it’s time to discuss your actual friends – men or women that you don’t want to date, or don’t feel attracted to, and the best way to treat them.

Because after all, friends are there for you, friends are dependable, and we all somehow get through the day with a little help from our friends!

Depending on the kind of friendship you have with this person, your conversation and the “good morning” texts you send them, may vary greatly. For instance, you take a different tone when you send a message to a girlfriend, or a guy friend, or a gay guy friend, or a guy who you suspect is in love with you, or a guy you know will never, ever, EVER, be in love with you (but who’s still a great friend!)

It’s all about defining the relationship first and then crafting a message that gives this friend what they want, what they want to read from you.

So if it’s just some guy and he’s not really a great friend but you can tell he’s hitting on you, then make your intentions clear in the reply you send. For example:

1. “Thanks. Not really interested though. Sorry.” (Meaning not interested in anything he has to offer, a date, a talk, a chat, pictures, anything)
2. “I don’t think so. I hate to be rude, but I have to go now.”

You’ll notice that in cases where there is NO real friendship, the woman has no reason to be apologetic, or to even call him a friend. There’s also no need to be misleading and pretend as if you enjoy the attention, when you don’t. There’s also no reason to be rude, just straightforward and assertive.

In cases where an actual friend reveals his true feelings for you, it can be more difficult to come up with a reply message. You might use the word friend and you might also assure him that the friendship you have is very important. But then again, you have to emphasize words like friend, letting him know that this is not going to progress into a romantic relationship. Don’t send a “friend” any mixed signals, even if you hate the idea of disappointing him. It’s better he realize it early on rather than let him wait.

But there’s no reason to limit your association with a good friend and treat him as if he’s an acquaintance just because there’s no romance in your future. In fact, you can send a “platonic friend” the same kind of good morning text messages you would send a girlfriend, or a gay friend, or a cousin, or a sibling. They are all, after all, your “friends” and there’s no reason to be cold or awkward around someone who has been your friend.

Here are some examples of safe, friendly good morning texts. Notice how they convey friendliness but don’t encourage romantic flirting.

1. Remember…money can’t buy you happiness. Happiness is a state of mind, a choice you make every day. Have a good morning and smile today.
2. Good morning. I’m here with a reminder to “Just breathe” and realize that no matter how hard life gets, everything will pass. You’ll get through this and it will be wonderful.
3. Morning! Remember when we (AN EVENT)? Wow that was so much fun. Those are memories I wouldn’t take back for anything. We sure had a lot of fun.
4. I’m thankful to have a friend like you. I know a lot of people look down on friendships today, especially of the opposite sex. People just can’t fathom that two people can be platonic friends and still enjoy each other’s company. But this is one of the most important friendships I’ve ever had and it’s just as meaningful as a romantic or sibling relationship. Have a good morning!
5. Growing old is something we all have to face..but did you know that growing up is completely avoidable? In fact, I highly recommend you don’t do it. Have a good morning and spend some time laughing at cartoons
6. Why hello and good morning to you! I can always count on you to send me a good message when I’m feeling under the weather. You cheer me up even on the worst of days…that is so awesome of you!
7. Morning. I can’t guarantee you’re going to have a great day. But I can promise you, you’re going to have a friend looking out for you. Always!

In all these examples, notice how messages were positive, fun, and yet absent of any flirty innuendos. Yes, you can be very kind, conversational and fun loving and NOT actually be flirty. What’s the difference?
When someone is being flirty, their primary goal is to create sexual tension, whether through direct conversation or by the implication of sex and romance. Even if it’s very subtle the energy is still there. All it takes is a look.

But when it’s a platonic friendship, there are no sexual thoughts. No tight eye contact with hidden meaning. No gazing or staring. No awkward energy. You’re just happy to be chatting with a friend. You can even say your friend looks beautiful if you want to because there is no sexual tension. Neither of you feel an attraction and so every compliment is innocent.

When creating good morning messages for your friend, you can be as positive as you want and as friendly as you want. The real difference is that because you have no sexual interest in each other, you have the freedom to speak freely, no pressure, no awkwardness. That’s what makes a friendship so beautiful. It’s not possessive, and it’s simply about being there for each other as caring human beings.

Friendship is truly the cement upon which every kind of relationship is built, even family, even romance, even work colleagues. Be kind, be honest and be supportive. Your friends will love you all the more so and will help you through the best times and the worst times. The more friends you have in life the merrier your life will be!

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