Get Any Guy to Approach You with This 1 Simple Trick

Dating should be easy for women…that’s what they all say. But hey, it’s not always easy. Not only is it intimidating to make the first move…but I got news for you. Sometimes even if you do make eye contact with a man and get the attraction started he does NOT come over to see you.

I know it seems like you staring a guy is a pretty bold first move and bound to work, right? But surprisingly, a lot of guys chicken out at the last second.

This is why I recommend the following “first move” that’s sure to get you attention.

Introducing…the Wave! Yes that’s right, it’s exactly what you think.

The best way to get a man’s attention is by waving at him and suggesting that you have something to say. This might be a “Hello” wave or it may be a “Come Here!” wave. But at soon as he sees you waving, he’s going to be thinking about you.

He may wonder, “Do I know her?”

Or “Is she talking to me?”

“Does she like me?”

These are all OK questions because all that matters this early on is that he’s thinking about you. Once you give a man a “wave” he is much more likely to come see you—if for no other reason than to satisfy his curiosity.

From there, you can either wait until HE starts the conversation… (And it’s easy to play along with whatever he’s saying, for example, if he says, “I don’t know you…” you could say, “Ohh you looked like someone I know!”) OR you could start the conversation by throwing out a conversation topic like, “Where did you get that champagne?” or “Don’t you just love this band?”

Even something as simple as, “I just wanted to say hello!” would work just fine because men are impressed with women who have that level of self-confidence.

I know some dating coaches discourage the woman making the first move, but in my opinion this is NOT an aggressive first move. It’s still very subtle and still gives the guy the power to carry the conversation and prove his attraction to you.

Even if the guy mocks you and waves to you, telling you to come see him, that’s perfectly acceptable. After all, he’s giving you the go ahead to come pursue him. It’s all good and no egos are threatened.

But Wait…What Else Are We Missing?

Now it’s true that JUST a wave might not do the trick. Men will only approach you if they feel SAFE and feel like this is going to be a positive interaction.

That’s why you should make sure the following five items are taken care of, in advance of doing the wave trick.

1. Make sure you look happy and like you’re having fun. Your smile should be genuine.

Obviously, a woman with a grumpy face, blank face or psycho face is going to be a turn off. Let him know this isn’t a trap. This is just a fun meeting. Guys like the promise of a fun meeting!

2. Make eye contact for a few seconds before the wave.

This lets him know that it’s him you’re looking at – and he has permission to land. Waving someone over without a few seconds of quiet, deliberate eye contact beforehand may send him the false impression that you’re waving to someone else.

3. Match his energy level. This way you start communicating even before words.

This means to high-energy guys, you give back that high energy. To party guys, you’re the party girl. But to shy guys or mysterious guys, you give off lower energy. You match their somber energy—but still with a calm smile. Overpowering the man’s energy may turn him off.

4. Master the “coy look away”.

This move is important after making eye contact and BEFORE the wave, because you do want to avoid challenging the guy after capturing his interest. The worst way to challenge him is to stare psychotically, or grin madly like a clown, or make weird faces as you ram his ego hard with super confidence.

All sure to scare him away!

Instead, master the eye lock…hold…LOOK AWAY shyly with a smile. You can send your gaze to the side or downward. Then, look back and send the wave. This shows that you’re still going to let him take the lead and you’re not here to tell him what’s what.

5. Don’t dress too provocatively.

While of course I do believe you should dress comfortably, and with deliberate focus on your best physical features, I would advise against dressing too outrageously or out of place. This is especially true of slinky or ultra-sexy outfits that don’t leave much to the imagination. If you come on too strong in fashion choice, he might think you’re propositioning him for pay…and boy would that be an awkward conversation!

The final step is to initiate conversation, or preferably to reply to his conversation and let him take the lead. All that’s required is that you maintain the same energy—controlled, confident, but not too confrontation. Be interested in him but not over-the-top bubbly. Men respond to women who have a fun spirit but controlled emotion.

Remember in the end, they do want to feel as if THEY are wooing you – they are impressing you. NOT that you’re picking them up for the night because that’s a bit too “alpha female”.

Make it easy on guys with this one great gesture. Get the conversation started with ANY man you think is hot and worth a conversation.

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