Does He Want a Relationship with Me? Quiz.

Does He Want a Relationship with Me? Quiz

You’ve been seeing a guy for a little while now. Things seem to be going great – the chemistry is electric, the laughs come easy, and the connection feels so natural. But there’s just one thing…you’re not entirely sure he’s looking for the same level of commitment that you are.

Maybe you’ve never talked labels, or he seems to avoid the “where is this going” talks. You start to wonder – does he just want to keep things casual or is he really boyfriend material?

It’s confusing trying to gain clarity around a new relationship, especially when signals seem mixed. But there are ways to get insight into whether he sees you as a short-term fling or long-term partner.

This article will break down the hallmark signs that indicate if a man wants to genuinely build something with you or is just along for a fun ride. Take the “Does He Want A Relationship” quiz at the end to get definitive clarity tailored to your unique situation.

The insights you gain will allow you to approach your dating life with more confidence and certainty around screening potential partners. You’ll spend less time decoding mixed messages and avoiding wishful thinking. Let’s dive into the early signs that reveal his true level of investment and interest in commitment.

Signs He Just Wants A Casual Hookup And Not a Relationship

  • He only contacts you late at night or when he’s looking to hookup. Any non-booty call communication is limited.
  • He doesn’t take you out on real dates very often. Your plans are mostly Netflix & chill or grabbing a bite after spending the night together.
  • He doesn’t ask deeper questions about your life, background, family, interests. Conversations lack meaningful depth.
  • You don’t meet each other’s friends or family. He keeps you separate from his social life.
  • He does not engage much with you on social media. There’s little commenting or tagging each other in posts.
  • He avoids any discussions about defining the relationship or making things more serious.
  • Compliments are mostly limited to sexual comments about your body or physical acts. He doesn’t praise other qualities.
  • When you have attempted todefine the relationship, he is vague, jokes it off, or changes the subject.
  • After hooking up, there is minimal intimate bonding. He is quick to leave or put his clothes back on afterwards.
  • Talk of future plans or activities together is virtually non-existent. He is absorbed in the here and now.

Signs He Wants A Serious Relationship:

  • He asks a lot of questions and shows genuine interest in learning all about you on a deeper level.
  • He opens up to you about more personal topics and vulnerabilities. He’s comfortable being real and intimate.
  • He introduces you to his friends in group hangouts and brings up wanting you to meet his family.
  • He communicates frequently outside of making plans to hangout. You text or chat on the phone just to talk.
  • He puts thought into planning creative dates based on things you enjoy, not just hooking up.
  • He is very affectionate non-sexually through hand-holding, thoughtful compliments, stroking your hair, cuddling.
  • He references future plans with you included in them – concerts, trips, parties you’ll attend together later on.
  • He posts about you on social media and makes your relationship known publicly on his platforms.
  • When you ask where this is going, he gives you clear assurances that he sees potential for a committed relationship.
  • He finds opportunities to integrate you into his world by having you meet friends, coworkers, family.
  • He does thoughtful things for you like surprising you with flowers or remembering your important dates.

When a man consistently invests energy into bonding emotionally and physically on a deeper level – it shows relationship material. But if you still have some lingering doubts take the quiz next to unlock total clarity!

Take The “Does He Want A Relationship With Me” Quiz

Respond to the following questions honestly about the current dynamic in your relationship. The customized results will reveal if he truly craves commitment with you or prefers keeping things casual:

  1. How often do you go out on real, planned dates together?
  2. How much does he communicate between dates via text, phone, social media?
  3. Have you met many of his closest friends?
  4. How much does he engage when you open up about deeper topics?
  5. How does he respond when you have attempted to define the relationship status?
  6. Has he introduced you to any family members yet?
  7. Does he reference things you’ll do together in the future fairly often?
  8. What percentage of your hangouts consist strictly of hooking up/physical escalation?
  9. Does he tend to plan thoughtful dates based around things you enjoy?
  10. How much non-sexual affection does he show you through cuddling, compliments, hand-holding, etc?

Get your customized results now to unlock the definitive answer to whether he craves a committed relationship with you!

Analyzing Your “Does He Want a Relationship” Quiz Results

If you answered mostly:

A) We go on real dates often, he communicates frequently in between, he’s introduced me to friends/family, he’s very engaged when I open up, reacts positively when I bring up our status, references the future together often – He most likely wants a committed relationship with you! His actions show consistent investment, intimacy, public ties and thoughts of a joint future. Have a clear talk about officially becoming boyfriend/girlfriend if you feel similarly strongly.

B) We only hangout at each other’s places, communication is moderate between dates, met a couple friends but no family, somewhat engaged when I open up, dodges status talks, occasional future references – He probably enjoys dating you but might not be ready for full commitment. Have an honest chat about what you both want. If he can’t provide it, reconsider investing more time in this situationship.

C) Hookups dominate our hangouts, minimal communication between, haven’t met his people, changes topics when I get real, avoids status talks, no future references – All signs sadly point to him just wanting a casual fling. Don’t waste energy hoping he’ll change his ways. Either accept a hookup dynamic or move on to find the meaningful relationship you deserve.

While it’s impossible to know with 100% certainty early on, paying attention to consistent actions in these areas will give you strong clarity. Trust your gut instincts too in terms of how you actually feel when you’re together. You deserve reciprocal effort and intimacy in a loving relationship.

Key Takeaways:

The early stages of dating someone new can be ambiguous, but there are ways to discern if he views you as a short-term fling or potential girlfriend. Avoid wishful thinking and getting overly attached too soon. Actions speak louder than words.

Pay close attention to his level of consistent communication, vulnerability, public acknowledgment of you, and follow-through on making plans. The effort he puts into emotional intimacy and bonding is a strong sign of relationship intentions.

Don’t ignore red flags just because you have strong physical chemistry. Trust actions over sweet nothings after the heat of the moment passes. Require more than late night texts and hookups to develop a meaningful connection.

You deserve a fulfilling relationship with mutual care, respect and investment. Seek a partner who takes the time to get to know all of you, not just your body. The right man will eagerly commit once he realizes your worth. Believe you are worthy of real love!

There is nothing more agonizing than analyzing every interaction with someone new while deciphering mixed messages trying to uncover their true intentions. But you don’t have to drive yourself crazy searching for hidden meanings. Instead, look for clear consistency between his words and actions.

While the start of dating leaves lots of ambiguity about the future, someone serious about you will find ways to integrate you into their life and show investment in bonding emotionally, not just physically. Pay more attention to how he treats you outside of the bedroom and in between hookups.

A man who craves a real relationship won’t hide you away or avoid meaningful conversations out of fear of scaring you off. He will cherish the opportunity to get to know the real you, inside and out. You deserve nothing less.

Trust your instincts – if something feels off, don’t ignore red flags just because you lust after him. Prioritize partners who help you feel secure, not constantly questioning their intentions. The right connection won’t leave you decoding mixed signals. You’ll just know based on how well he shows up for you.

While modern dating makes it hard not to get ahead of yourself fantasizing about possibilities, stay present. Judge potential partners on the effort and care they consistently give you day to day. The rest will unfold organically from there. You’ve got this!

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