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One-sided love – tragic, heartbreaking and confusing. It makes us question the truth of that famous quote, “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.” Yeah…but what if you’re in love and he’s not? Does it even count as love then?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t “count” as a relationship or even relationship experience. And the sad fact is too many people still make assumptions that “he probably likes me!” or “he hates me!” without actually studying the man’s signals and getting an objective view of how he really feels about you. What we’re going to do in this quiz is help you figure out just how much interest he’s SHOWN in you thus far, and then consider at the end, why this is important.

1. Does he have a romantic/sexual interest in you?
A: He’s much too polite to do that.
B: He does touch me on the shoulder and smile at me.
C: Well…he is really sweet and funny.
D: He makes it very clear that he’s attracted to me. But is he serious?

2. Have you tried being friends first?
A: We really don’t talk that much.
B: We argue whenever we talk. It’s pretty funny!
C: We’ve known each other for years…we grew up together.
D: We met recently but we’ve been hanging out and getting to know each other.

3. Who usually leads the conversation when you talk?
A: Someone else. We’re usually just both there listening.
B: He always directs the conversation. He’s so smart and funny.
C: I usually direct the conversation since he seems shy.
D: We an equal amount of time. We find each other interesting.

4. What do you usually talk about?
A: We just chat in general. About what we’ve been doing, what’s new.
B: About news, politics, social issues.
C: Hobbies and fun stuff!
D: About him.

5. How do your friends get along with him, and his friends with you?
A: I’ve never even seen them!
B: They’ve met…but they don’t get along so well.
C: They really don’t care.
D: They all get along great. We’ve even met each other.

6. When was his last relationship?
A: He’s still with somebody…but I think it’s ending soon.
B: I have no idea.
C: He’s never had a serious relationship.
D: A number of months/years ago. He told me about it.

7. Do you arrange the time to speak privately?
A: Usually just in groups.
B: Yes we text very often.
C: We frequently speak on the phone.
D: We make plans to meet in person.

8. How does he look at you when you speak to him?
A: Barely looks at you and seems distracted.
B: Listens but stares, only occasionally smiles.
C: Seems to smile a lot, giggle, really seem happy around you.
D: He seems to gaze into your eyes.

9. Does he tease you?
A: Yeah but he teases everyone the same way.
B: Not really, he’s too nice.
C: Sort of but he mainly insults me.
D: Yes and he makes me laugh.

10. What do you seem to have in common?
A: Mutual friends.
B: Strong attraction!
C: A few hobbies and interests.
D: Similar upbringing and background.

11. What does he “do” for you?
A: He is always nice and polite.
B: He talks to me sometimes.
C: He offers sex!
D: He always goes out of his way to help me with anything.

12. What is his usual pattern when it comes to seeking you out?
A: You approach him and start a conversation.
B: You see him at a place where you both hang out. Eventually you both talk.
C: He always comes and talks to you as soon as he sees you.
D: He always has big news when he comes to talk to you.

Point System

Assign a value of 1 to A, 2 to B, 3 to C, and 4 to D. Total the points. A score of 12 or to approximately 24, suggests he may not be feeling an attraction yet. Maybe you should get to know him and spend some time together one on one. If you’re closer to 48 or slightly less, he definitely seems to be into you. For around 30-36, he may be into you, but beware that he’s not only interested in sex. Guys after one night stands will usually not want to have long dates and deep conversations. They are shallow and so they keep the conversation shallow.

Why Effort Means Everything

As we’ve shown in this quiz, the effort a man puts forth in getting to know you means everything. A man who likes you back will “chase you” either in subtle or overt ways. He will try to act his best, to entertain you as best he can, and boast about his good qualities.

This is why one of the best ways to know if he “likes you back” is to frequently stick to discussing HIM, his favorite subject! In fact, the more you indulge him about his favorite hobbies and his favorite things, the more he will start to trust you and bond with you emotionally. Eventually, he will come to admire the mystery about you and start to ask questions. It’s not much a “challenge” as it is a trading of information. Let him chase your attention, then take an interest in him, then let him chase more information out of you.

While it’s true that being friends first is wise, be careful not to fall into the friend zone. It’s easy to mistake kindness and extroverted behavior for romantic affections. It’s even more confusing when a guy feels sexual attractions towards you but has no serious romantic intentions.

The opinion of your friends (and his friends) is a significant factor as this could bring out some incompatibility issues that you don’t see. Even more important, however, is how much he is willing to sacrifice for you. Some men make it obvious that they like a woman by going out of their way to “Provide” for her various needs. This indicates he is emotionally invested. Lastly, look the man in the eyes and determine if he’s “gazing” at you, or staring for long moments at a time since this is what guys tend to do when they feel attraction. In fact, you will always seem to make him perk up just by entering the room!

Sometimes signals can be confusing, especially if you’ve never been on a real date before. Be sure to get some assurance from the guy that you both like each other before investing too much emotionally in a one-sided romance! Love is always so much more satisfying when it’s in a relationship of two equals!

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