Cute Paragraphs to Say to Your Boyfriend

Have you ever felt so tired or so tongue-tied that you couldn’t think of anything romantic to say?

It’s not because your passion is lacking. You might love your boyfriend more than anything…but sometimes words escape you!

Why is that? Do you really have to learn how to write and read all of Shakespeare’s plays just to understand how to be romantic?

Of course not. Being romantic or “cute” when you talk to your boyfriend doesn’t require a lot of deep thinking. In fact, deep thinking is probably going in the wrong direction if you want to be cute, sexy, and sentimental.

Expressing what you feel is the opposite of deep. You’re merely expressing the EMOTION that you have, as well as the love you feel for him, in that very moment.

You’re not thinking about tomorrow or the past, nor are you voicing everything you’re pondering inside. What you feel is simple and in the present.

You love him. You need him. You want him. You want to spend time with him. You miss him. You crave more time with him.

These are the basic emotions that you’re expressing when you write cute and romantic things for your boyfriend. So instead of writing poetry, instead, focus on how to express a basic feeling for him, using more detail and less heavy thinking.

You can also talk about something you remember about the past, or when you first met. This really captures his attention and makes him focus on what you’re saying.

Here are eight paragraphs that you can use with your boyfriend. Feel free to rewrite them to fit your own life and personality.

1. Attraction

I have always had a strong attraction to you, even before we were together. Maybe you didn’t know because I always played it cool. But now that we’re together, my desire for you is out of control. I wake up in the morning thinking of being with you, in your arms. I go to sleep wanting to dream about you. I daydream about kissing you. You are always on my mind, my love.

2. That Knowing Look

I think you know by now how we really feel about each other. You have such a beautiful way of expressing yourself and sometimes I feel like I can’t match you. But let me try. I love the way you look at me. I love when you talk to me, whether you’re talking about your exciting life or asking me about mine. I just love to hear you and see you talk…to see your mouth moving…because I secretly think of you kissing me. That’s how much you turn me on.

3. Hey Cutie

Come over here and sit by me! I promise not to take advantage of you. (Smile) Oh you know me, I just want you for your body. Can’t blame me though…you’re so handsome and so smart. The first day I met you, I kept thinking to myself you’re so good looking. I wonder if he knows how hot he is? But you’re the sweetest and most humble guy…and when I realized that, that’s when I knew you were the one for me.

4. Butterflies

I used to laugh at those girls who got butterflies in their stomach when they were around their crush. But now I understand…because when I’m with you, I’m always a little nervous. I wonder what you think of me. I wonder what I can say to get your attention and focus all your attention, all your love, on me. And when you kiss me, my heart flutters and I have to catch my breath. You amaze me, darling, like no other man ever has.

5. We Understand

We understand each other, don’t we? Our minds are the same. Our thoughts are the same. You understand me in a way that no one else does. When I’m around you I feel like my true self, like I can do anything and say anything, and you’ll understand. I love that feeling, knowing that I have a soul mate. Just knowing we would both do anything for each other is such a turn on. To have a long that strong is a privilege not many have. I will always treasure what we have together.

6. Remember

I still remember the first day we met. I remember checking you out and thinking you were really handsome. Then you started talking to me and I realized wow, this guy is really hot! You were smart and good looking AND a gentleman. Imagine that! When I finally got you it was a dream come true. Sometimes I wonder if I’m still dreaming…quick pinch me and let me know if your love is real!

7. Experience

I can’t just say I’m in love with you or that I love you. I want to show you. I want to cuddle in your arms all night. I want to make love to you on the empty beach under moonlight. I want to take a bubble bath with you and listen to you worship me. I want you to sing for me, then I’ll sing for you. I want to feel the love I have for you. Because when I’m with you, talking isn’t enough. I want the full experience.

8. New Beginning

It’s hard for me to love anyone. I used to think I had torn that part out of me, the part that can still trust and love someone. But then I met you and you helped me see how much fun life could be. You helped me smile again and to see the beauty in everything. Now when I see a sunset, or when I hear a gentle breeze, I think to myself, “How amazing to be alive…and in love with a wonderful man.”

As you can see, writing cute and romantic paragraphs is not about making great quotes. It’s just about identifying what you feel and then describing that feeling in a little more detail so that your boyfriend experiences it. Be vivid and be honest. No need to be flowery…direct and passionate works best!

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