Best Good Morning Texts (Send Him These)

I’ve seen a number of funny memes recently about how men are scared of women who text “good morning” messaging so soon in a developing relationship. On one hand, there’s nothing wrong with a sweet good morning text. Obviously, it’s a very kind gesture.

But the truth is, yes, context and wording are important. You want the guy to be comfortable and to associate your good morning texts with happy, funny and enjoyable feelings.

But if that “Good Morning” becomes a formality or feels “forced”, then (to quote another popular meme) you’re going to have a bad time! Men will start ignoring your texts. Or maybe they’ll say something polite. But in the back of their minds they’re thinking, “She really seems to like me…but I don’t feel that way about her (yet).”

In fact, some people will warn you not to send good morning texts at all, since they’re aggravating to women, and presumably, aggravating to men as well. But again, it depends on the motivation behind the text. The worst possible good morning text is the kind where you just “pop in” to say hi, figuring he must be honored to receive a text from his beloved. That’s where the problem starts. If he hasn’t asked for a text, then your sweet text might be seen as invasive.

So maybe it’s best to review the strategy behind sending good morning texts, in addition to some example texts.

Good morning texts should be written with these motivations:

1. Show that you’re thinking about him (just a little bit).
2. You’re showing appreciation for him (not just demanding attention).
3. Be positive in the things you say and share (not manipulative of his emotions).
4. If at all possible, make it funny! Flirt, tease joke and try to make him laugh.

The fourth line is especially important because only good friends are given permission to send regular texts. So you can’t be a casual friend or an acquaintance and send a text every morning! That immediately devalues your attention. Now he’s doing you the favor by reading, when he’s never actually asked for them. So let’s consider some example texts that prove these points. Feel free to use or adapt these to your own needs.

Example Texts

1. A co-worker today said something that reminded me of you. (Share the experience) That just shows how much you’ve been on my mind lately. You have a very interesting but weird mind, heh-heh. I’m starting to see things from your perspective. Scary! Lol Anyway, have a good morning, you deep thinker, you.

2. Good morning, goofy. I am still laughing over that meme you sent. Why is it that I laugh at the darkest things? I never know what I’m going to see in the morning, with your crazy sense of humor.

3. I just saw one of your old messages just now, lol. Sorry, you probably thought I was ignoring you but I just now saw it. So you have a good morning, handsome. Oh and to answer your question…(Mention something from an old message)

4. Good morning, Prince Charming. I want to take a picture with you. Just to prove to my friends that angels are among us.

5. You’re probably still asleep right now. Good, now I can give you a good morning message the right way. I think you’re sleeping right now and you have the most adorable smile on your face. I can’t stop visualizing how peaceful you look when you’re asleep. Soon, you’re going to wake up and think of me. And then you’re going to check your messages, read this text, and be amazed. (Smile) Have a good morning, sweety.

6. Our conversation about the past really got me thinking. We both tend to focus on yesterday. But it’s all just memories. We don’t know the future and we can’t hold onto the past. We have only this moment. And I try to appreciate that. We also have good friends and good conversation. And that’s a comfort to me. You are a good friend and you help make every moment in the present so enjoyable. Have a good morning, I know I will!

7. Life is like a book, you know? We are all the main characters in our own lives. And each day is like reading a new page or a new chapter. So I’m always glad to read your chapters, my friend. I hope you see it the same way. I hope your chapter today is bright, sunny, and exciting just like life should be. Have a great morning.

8. Wake up sleepyhead! It’s a new day and a new morning. I have a good feeling about today, (NAME). Something really cool is going to happen to you. Think positive! When people see your lovely smile and pleasant energy they respond better to you and that’s when opportunity knocks. And hey, I hope the same thing works for me!

9. Good morning, time to wake up. Get up, drink your coffee and have breakfast. And then brush your teeth because you gotta give me a kiss good morning! Hahah just kidding. But hey, seriously, brush your teeth, loverboy.

10. Good morning, handsome. So…I woke up today and I thought about you. Hey now, don’t freak out. I’m just saying it was funny. Then I was thinking to myself how wonderful my life is to have so many good friends. You’ve done a lot for me over the last few months and I really appreciate it. I think having good friends and family is the key to happiness, living one day at a time, and being grateful when we can. And I am a lucky girl to have such a good friend in you.

As you can see, you can make good morning texts a positive experience. Just pay attention to the message behind the message you’re leaving. Don’t assume he will want daily messages unless the relationship has progressed over some time. In fact, the safest thing to do might well be to restrict your good morning texts to a couple of times a week, at least until he starts texting you once a day. Let him start the daily communication. Once you establish a comfortable rapport, you can create a loving ritual – one he will look forward to seeing!

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