9 Things That Turn Men OFF

You have to respect a man whose strong will and firm convictions overpower his evolutionary instinct to mate. There’s no doubt that men are attracted to women. Men want sex and yes, men DO forgive women for a lot. A lot of men are in that place, that lonely place, where they’d much rather have a less-than-perfect woman keeping them company rather than continue to live alone.

Now that said…don’t think for a minute that these lonely guys will tolerate anything. Every man has a breaking point. You might call it a threshold for punishment and disrespect. Men are surprisingly sensitive at times, yes, even the macho guys and the alpha males that come across so strong in the beginning have limits.

After all, a man can only fully embrace his confidence and masculinity IF he’s getting the right signals from a woman. If he’s not getting that encouragement and that welcoming presence that keeps him chasing, then he will walk away. Guaranteed, no matter how desperate he is or how lonely, no matter how much likes you.

Guys do have dating rules, believe it or not, even if they don’t know it at first. Every guy has standards, every guy gets his feelings hurt. And every guy has a “NOPE!” moment when he’s ready to call it a night and walk back to a drama-free life.

So let’s consider nine specific ways to turn a guy off and kill his interest for good. Make sure you or someone you know isn’t inadvertently making these date-killing mistakes!

1. Playing cold-to-get

One of those most misunderstood motifs in dating is “playing hard to get”. The keyword is playing—when a woman likes a guy she plays with him…she resists with a wink, with a smile, encouraging him to try harder and continue this game. A woman who’s cold, however, moody and rude to men misses the point entirely. There’s no play, no flirting…just hostility. Guys will only tolerate cold behavior for so long before they give up.

2. Being overly critical and seldom ever rewarding him

Men love compliments! So while you can make a case for how men love to work hard and chase a woman for attention, he will also get tired very quickly if his partner never compliments him and only offers criticism. Even if that criticism is “friendly”, it’s beside the point. Men thrive on encouragement and positive reinforcement. Criticism is also a sex-killer in the bedroom for sure.

3. Being helpless and staying that way

Ironically, the same impulse a man has to “rescue you” and be a big daddy for the damsel in distress type…is the same impulse that will backfire and turn him off completely. Men do love helping women and saving women…but this doesn’t mean he WANTS a woman who’s helpless. He’s turned on by ambition, success and a woman who achieves things. It makes him feel extra special if he can help a woman who usually doesn’t need help. On the other hand, a woman who feels like a project and has no real independence in her own life will never truly have his respect.

4. Lying and dishonesty

Men are fiercely loyal to a woman who earns their respect and trust. So it’s not all that surprising that when a man’s confidence is betrayed—through lying, sneaking around, hiding information and so on—he loses all the intimacy built thus far in the relationship. Even little moments of dishonesty that feel too much like manipulation can seem threatening to him. For example, pouting about something he doesn’t do rather than just telling him what you want him to do can create friction.

5. Close-minded attitudes, especially about the people and pursuits they care about

Men are highly protective about family, friends, hobbies and career/passion. He wants you to be generally supportive about the things that matter most to him. That’s why judgmental attitudes about your friends or narrow-mindedness in other aspects can be very upsetting to a guy. He wants you to be open-minded and willing to discuss subjects without exploding into anger or lecturing. And the closer you get to his heart, the more dangerous it is to clash philosophically.

6. A lack of ambition

The more successful the man, the more he admires ambition, smarts and work ethic from women. He simply won’t find a woman very attractive if has no goals, no dreams, and a complaining spirit. He wants to meet someone more attuned to his own life, someone

who matches his lifestyle. Uneven power relationships, where a man is very successful and his wife stays at home, are usually not that common in today’s competitive world.

7. A condescending attitude

Beware the subtleties of a condescending attitude because men pick up on it fast. It’s not merely the quality of arrogance that turns him off. It can also be a woman’s boredom on a date…the attitude that says “You entertain me while I contribute nothing.” A man can likewise find mundane conversation uninteresting and unworthy of his time. True, this is not “every man” but among the wealthy and successful, you will definitely find this pet peeve.

8. Nagging or being too motherly

Sure, guys have mother issues and may even want to date a hot mom, right? But guess what, none of those moms actually ACT like the dude’s own mother. That is, nagging, overly critical and too controlling. That’s a mom thing, not a date thing.

9. Not caring about one’s appearance

Men are not always about looks and many guys do actually avoid the “trophy wife” look. That said, they DO pay attention to hygiene, grooming and a basic sense of fashion. They can sense when you “don’t care” and they’re not impressed. On the other hand, a woman who dresses up and “looks the part” always captures a man’s attention.

Men are horny and in search of women, that’s a given! But it’s not all about looks and it’s certainly not all about “attitude”. It’s about giving a great first impression and showing each other proper respect. Avoid these nine date killers and you’ll definitely feel more chemistry as the night goes on.

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