9 Signs He Thinks You’re a Terrible Kisser

I’ve actually read articles that say you should never tell someone they’re a bad kisser. It’s too hurtful, too embarrassing. You’ll give that poor guy or girl a complex for the rest of their life!

Personally, I think it’s worse to just tolerate a terrible kiss and pretend as if everything’s fine, when you could actually give this person some advice and help improve their love life. Isn’t it a much better scenario to help this person become a better kisser rather than laugh at them behind their back?

Sure, it may be embarrassing or insulting to say to a person…or at least, it would seem to be if you’re too negative or too critical in your feedback. Criticism should be constructive, positive, and focused on how to improve—NOT just what a person is doing wrong.

But hey, it is possible that the guy you’re dating is too shy or polite to admit your kissing technique could be improved. Tell you what, let’s spare him the awkward conversation. Let’s do that shy guy a favor!

Instead, we’re going to list nine signs that indicate he’s not looking forward to locking lips. Then we’re going to discuss a few additional tips on how to improve your kissing style.

1. He’s always backing away from you or making other uncomfortable gestures.

This is the most obvious sign to look for! He may be saying nice things but he’s constantly flinching, backing away or making a squirm face right before you move in for a kiss. Rather than live in the moment, he seems to be “preparing” for your kiss.

One way to further inspect this unusual kissing behavior is to let him direct the kiss more often rather than kissing him first. Maybe he wants to take the lead or wants to kiss in a particular war. If he feels that you’re competing or resisting, it might take away his enthusiasm.

2. He always fast-forwards the kiss, as if he wants to hurry things up.

This suggests he’s not really a fan of the kiss, or perhaps even your breath! I know, movies and TV shows don’t nearly devote proper attention to having good hygiene but I promise you it’s important! Before you kiss, try to brush and or have fresh breath courtesy of a mint. While it’s true that as the relationship progresses, “perfect kisses” are less important, I think the first few weeks of kissing really should be near perfect—or at least fun for him to taste.

3. He seems to want to kiss longer.

If he seems to want to kiss but gets frustrated in just a few moments, it’s possible you’re “pecking” instead of kissing. Pecking is what we do to grandma or how you greet your best friend forever who’s traveling from the Middle East. It’s not really very sexy when you’re kissing a boyfriend. Guys want longer kisses, more lip contact and more of your heads meshing together.

4. You seem to have lots of awkward bumps.

He might giggle with you, but if he seems frustrated it might be because of the awkward bumps—especially teeth collisions! If this seems to happen a lot, you might be accidentally pushing your jaw forward too strongly rather than taking it slow.

5. He takes a lot of breaks in between kissing.

Usually this indicates one of you can’t breathe very well—and if this happens, it’s best to learn how to breathe through your nose. But if he seems to take kissing breaks for no apparent—and you just happen to be salivating or licking him too much—there’s definitely a problem. Widening your mouth too much can bring extra saliva, as well as invading his mouth too deeply with your tongue. It’s actually a good idea to be under-wet than overly wet, so swallow your spit before kissing if you think it might be distracting.

6. He doesn’t seem to like your lips very much.

Could the reason be chapped lips? If your lips frequently become dry, plan ahead and bring along some lip balm, chap stick or even Vaseline. Men do tend to expect pouty and smooth lips even though they aren’t always naturally built that way!

7. He gets frustrated while tilting his head, as if he can’t seem to get comfortable.

This indicates the two of you lack of rhythm. Just like dancing, just like sex, good kissing requires a tempo, a rhythm! It’s a give and take process, or if you will, a leading and following process. Don’t always lead, but don’t insist he always lead. Let him lead, then you lead when he relaxes, then meet in the middle, and then start the cycle over again. Be careful to notice his signals, such as him pulling away if you’re leading. Does he prefer to lead, or did he think it was his turn to lead? Being observant and mindful of the kissing experience is the best way to address this problem.

8. He giggles and pushes you away…almost as if the kiss is too intense.

Actually, intense kissing is a good thing. The problem may be that your mouth moves too much or that there is too much smacking or heavy breathing. The perfect kiss has only minimal mouth movement. Your jaws don’t shove up and down but remain limber. If you practice breathing through your nose, your mouth will stay relaxed. A relaxed kiss is a slow and silent kiss.

9. He seems extra grabby with his hands.

Which is fine…but might he be hinting to you that you should use more of your hands? Rubbing his face or neck, running your fingers through his hair, or even putting your hands on his sides is as much a part as kissing as the liplocking itself. If you never do this, you might come across as cold or not into it.

Wait for the right moment (after a really good kiss or two) and then let your hands do some of the talking. Guys love it and suddenly, you seem like a much better kisser and more passionate lover.

Kissing should never be seen as a quickie prelude to sex. It’s so much more than that. It’s not so much foreplay as it is a lovemaking experience all its own. Practice lip locking with your boyfriend and give him the best kiss ever!

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