9 Sexy Texts That Will Make Him Want You (These Are ALL You Need)

Are you stuck in a platonic circle with your crush? Do you text each other regularly but never seem to discuss the elephant in the room…namely that you find him incredibly sexy!

Yeah it’s kind of hard to confess that, especially since most guys prefer to make the first move and might even be intimidated by a woman who’s too forward. But you don’t have to be too assertive OR too shy. You must strike a balance in between “sexy and interested”, and too overtly sexual—which should NOT be tried until after you’re already seriously dating.

You can ease him into a more flirty conversation by using these nine sexy texts. Make him want you by playing innocent but putting a dirty thought into his head.

1. “Damn you for keeping me up so late thinking about you.”

You haven’t actually said anything sexual but you’re definitely implying it. Leave it up to him to “chase” you a bit and get you to admit WHY you’re having a sleepless night. You’re basically letting him know that he turns you on…but keeping it light-hearted.

2. “It’s kind of cold (or hot) in here. I’m going to put on some (or get out of these) clothes.” OR “I just stepped out of the shower…”

What a mind-warping comment! You’re having a perfectly nice conversation…and then you give him the amazing visual of you either being naked or getting naked. Making it an “oh by the way” comment makes it seem far more subtle than a blatant pickup line. Now you’re testing him to see if he responds in a funny way or if he cowers back from the sexual tension. I’ll bet he calls you on it! And that’s just going to make the conversation fun.

3. “I had a…uh…very interesting dream about you last night.”

This is definitely going to get his imagination going. Was it a naughty dream? A weird dream with some romantic implications? You know he’s going to want details especially if he’s really into you but is too afraid to make the first move. If you really want to excite him use the word “naughty” but avoid giving him too many details.

4. “Hey! Stop thinking about me! I’m a nice girl. ;-)”

This is a clever way to say you’re thinking about him while also letting him feel at ease with teasing you, just like you’re teasing him. This creates a back and forth conflict between the two of you, which is still light-hearted and playful.

5. “I wish you were here right now…”

This works great as an X-rated conversation and as a PG-13 rated conversation. While it’s arousing on one hand, it’s also very effective at making a man feel protective of you. Men are natural providers and so they love the idea of playing the hero. If a man knows his presence makes you happy, that gives him incentive to VOLUNTEER to be your knight in shining armor. It might also entice him to be a little more romantic and make the first move.

6. “What should I wear when I go out?” OR “What do you think of this dress?”

Tease him by painting a very sexy visual, but keeping it “friendly” in nature. You’re actually describing to him what you’re wearing, such as a short skirt, or a plunge dress, but without making it seem sexual. If he gets the hint, he might ask you what else you’re wearing, or at least start admitting he’s VERY attracted to you. (Send a picture too, since men are visual creatures)

You could also be even more flirty and say things like “I’ll bet YOU would like it if I wore a shorter skirt,” OR even “What SHOULD I wear tonight for my interview?” These questions allow him to feel closer to you, even trusted, since he can influence your fashion choices.

7. “I could definitely use a massage if you have the strong hands.”

A massage is very intimate and yet can still pass for an innocent comment. This implies physical intimacy and trust without the danger of a romance. But how can he resist you, being able to touch you and hear those stress-relieving moans? It’s a visual that’s not quite sexual but still very exciting to a man who wants more from you.

8. “The next time I see you, I think you should loosen up. Do something wild.”

One of the best ways to turn a boring friend conversation into something sexy and unpredictable is to directly challenge a man by giving him a task to do. I know this is going to sound strange and you might think his first reaction will be NO! But, like I always say guys are providers. They like challenges. They like rising to the occasion and impressing you. You might be surprised at how willingly guys fall for this. Whether it’s challenging him to pick a restaurant, pick a drink, or even “do something wild”, his subconscious mind is ready to wow you. You can tease him all you want but let him know the challenge is real!

9. “Speaking of ____, what is the best sex you’ve ever had?”

Now we’re getting into the good stuff! One of the absolute best questions for a guy you like is to get him talking about the best sex he’s ever had. The real challenge is the “segue” or “speaking of ___” moment. You can mention a news item or talk about someone else’s inappropriate comment. Then, you turn the attention to HIM and come out with a question like, “What’s the most erotic experience you can remember?” OR “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?” or even “What’s your dirtiest fantasy?” These questions allow you both to break this non-sexual streak and speak frankly about what turns you on in general. But now that you’ve broken the ice about sex, you can easily turn all these hypothetical questions into real world possibilities—like the relationship right in front of you!

These are texts that will have your guy friend sweating and gulping in no time. It’s all about the art of the tease. By the time he’s ready to fall for you and get intimate in person, you’ll have him begging and worshiping at your feet!

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