9 Feminine Hobbies for Women

I was chatting with a friend of mine last weekend and we broached the subject of hobbies.

“Since when did a person’s hobby become a resume item?”

“Like in job hunting?” I said.

“Not just job hunting but even dating!” she replied. “It’s like, guys analyze you and evaluate you based on what hobbies you have. I’ve never thought of listing my personal hobbies as some sort of Miss America project.”

She had a great point. What are hobbies? Do men critically evaluate a woman’s hobbies and is this really fair?

It’s not fair because frankly, hobbies are nobody’s business but your own. If a guy asks about your hobbies then you can give him a glimpse into your life and your way of thinking. If he’s a gentleman and a decent person, he won’t judge you for it or make fun of something that’s close to your heart.

What I will say, however, is that if you don’t have too many hobbies and if you are aiming to become “busier in life” (as I’ve discussed before as a way of naturally becoming more confident) is that finding hobbies you enjoy should be a priority.

But I would also go one step further and say you should choose hobbies that improve your self-confidence. Self-fulfillment, self-empowerment, and self-improvement should be the goals of starting any hobby. That doesn’t mean you must only find hobbies that are of material benefit. It simply means that you choose a hobby that makes you feel in control, calm, at ease, and hopefully, a skill that you can learn and use later in life.

Let’s review 9 of the most common, useful and enjoyable hobbies that feminine and highly successful women enjoy. See if you notice a pattern here…

1. Reading

One of the most enjoyable ways to stay up to date with the goings-on in the world is to read more books and spend less time on social media. Books exercise your comprehension skills, improve your vocabulary, and familiarize you with different cultures, historical facts, and new perspectives. This will be helpful to you as you learn to become worldly wise and able to carry an in-depth conversation with any man you happen to meet.

2. Writing

Writing is not only a great way to improve your vocabulary and poetic spirit, it’s also an interesting way to explore your fantasies, your secret thoughts, your unfulfilled dreams, and any lingering regrets you might have. Writing a journal, or fiction, or op-ed pieces, provides therapeutic relief in addition to creative fulfillment. It also helps you rehearse enlightening and exciting conversations that you might someday have with your future hubby.

3. Playing a musical instrument.

There’s something so emotive and cathartic about pounding away on a piano, strumming a guitar or even bashing on some drums. Music is not merely a creative art but also a mechanical one—a hobby you can release some stress with by putting your dark and happy feelings into the music you play. Play with passion. Feel the music as you learn it, perfect it, and perform for others (looking like a real star!). It really gives you a boost of self-confidence and gives you the same rush of excitement as a physical workout.

4. Swimming

Not only is swimming an excellent physical workout, it’s also one of the most fun and exhilarating exercise routines a person can have. Use your love of swimming as an excuse to travel, to see the oceans, visit resorts and lakes, and all the while giving your guy crush something wonderful to visualize: your swimsuit.

5. Dancing and or Singing!

What a great way to impress people of all ages, not just men, than by showing your flair for dance and song. From ballroom dancing to American Idol type solos with tapping and grooving, to even learning the Waltz, the Tango and the Foxtrot. It’s culturally fascinating, very fun to show off at public events, and a wonderful way to express yourself physically and artistically. Wow people at karaoke. Boogie down at the clubs with your girlfriends. Have fun like you’re a teenager again regardless of your age.

6. Photography

These days everyone’s a writer and everyone’s a photographer thanks to social media. The thing of it is, you can tell when a person actually photographs as a hobby and learns professional tips in order to make their photos that much more astounding. Frame pictures better. Experiment with color and tone. Document your weekly highlights and your exotic travels. Keep these moments with you and make them vivid so that they’ll feel just as real to you 40 years later as the moment you first filmed them.

7. Cooking

While some housewives dismiss cooking as an obligatory responsibility for a family, others actually take the time to enjoy the artistry and science behind gastronomy. If you’re just beginning, make it a point to experiment with new recipes and invite friends and family over to sample your dish. As you gain experience, start cooking by sense…from what you’ve learned about spices, textures, and aromas. Take chances, boldly go where few cooks have gone before. Don’t just cook for your man…cook for yourself and take pleasure in the meals you create.

8. Pole Dancing

All right, at the risk of sounding less feminist now…let me just say that while this is a hobby primarily for the benefit of men, it works phenomenally at keeping a man satisfied. Learning how to pole dance is a fantastic way to please the man you love and show him that not only do you feel sexy, and look sexy, but that you can titillate him better than 90 percent of the women out there. Most women just “give themselves” to men. A really powerful and confident woman knows how to seduce a man…and fulfill his fantasy. That’s what makes him become your love slave: knowing how to go beyond what’s expected and surprise him in sexy ways.

9. Something Silly!

All right let’s step out of the “skill” portion of this list and instead list something that needs to be repeated as often as possible. Don’t just choose useful skills. Choose something that makes you feel calm, relaxed, in control and perfectly content with the moment.

This doesn’t have to be an important hobby. Self-empowering can sometimes mean doing something fun, something meaningless, but something that gives you joy. Make time for what makes your heart happy, regardless of whether other people understand it or not. You owe it to yourself to spend a little time with YOU every day, doing what you think is fun, exciting and interesting.

So if you want to play video games, do it. If you like stamp collecting, pinning magazine cutouts on an inspiration board, playing cards with friends, or laughing at funny animal YouTube videos, spend a little more time doing that. Not only do you project success…you project how happy you are to others. Spend at least a half hour every day with a guilty pleasure and make no apologies. Sometimes you just have to enjoy something just for the hell of it!

These are some feminine hobbies worth trying. And once again, it’s not only to impress a guy but to make you feel better about yourself and get a much-deserved boost of confidence. This is about you, not them.

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