8 Texts That Make Him Want You

Let’s say your crush is aware of you…he maybe even be thinking you like him. But he still doesn’t feel a strong attraction yet. Or if he does, he sure is keeping it a well guarded secret!

Sometimes a guy will wait before making an aggressive move on a woman, at least until he’s sure she’s thinking the same thing he is. He wants a signal from you…but then again, he doesn’t want you to take the lead. He wants to be the charming romantic hero!

What are you supposed to do to activate that sexual tension and make him feel irresistibly attracted to you?

Don’t worry…you can attract his romantic antics by sending him a text message. The key to success is in suggesting something kinky but coming across as innocent. Here are eight sample texts and why they work each and every time.

1. We should Netflix and chill and watch _____.

Great line because it gives the impression that you like him and like a certain show on Netflix. The implication of course, is that you can skip a movie out and go back to your place or his place—where there’s a definite chance of something happening. Even if he’s just a friend and not attracted to you, there’s not much to lose by stopping by and watching a good show. But if he is attracted to you, this may be just what he needs to hear to make a move!

2. I had the weirdest dream about you last night.

Awesome play! Most guys typically love a riddle. But if this guy is sexually attracted to you he’s going to want to know every single detail to see what you’re really thinking about him. Best of all, you don’t have to lie and actually invent a dream. It’s actually better if you’re very vague on details and just use the line as a way to start an in-depth conversation. You can even be coy about it and say something like, “What do you think it was about?”—which strongly implies sex and gives him a chance to say something shocking and romantic.

3. “I had so much fun with you the other night…I don’t think I’ve had a night like that in ages!”

Stroke his ego by comparing him to other men…and letting him know he wins! Men love it when they “win” when compared to other guys, even in something as non-threatening as a fun night out. Saying something like is a great way to break the ice. Right away he’s thinking, “Well if she had that much fun on just a fun night out, just imagine how much fun she’d have on a date!” Now you’ve put the idea is in his head…

4. “Sorry, just got out of the shower…” OR “Whoops, was just getting dressed.”

Another good line since this immediately puts sexual imagery in his head. If he’s very interested he may even say something like, “Wow, sorry I missed that!” and in that case, you know he’s just waiting for a chance to make a move. Or, even if he doesn’t say it aloud, he’s thinking it. He’s imagining you naked or undressed and is feeling a new level of intimacy with you. This move is great because you really can play innocent and not look dirty…even though you’re putting dirty thoughts into his head!

5. “You’re a handsome guy, so you shouldn’t have a problem.”

By-the-way compliments are effective at captivating his mind and making him wonder what that meant and what you really think of him. You can really throw any compliment his way, physical or mental, and let him soak in the rush of emotion. Usually guys who are interested, and then receive a compliment, will return the compliment to you or will joke about it and test you to see how far you’d go. The main point is, now he’s going to work harder to get those compliments from you!

6. I’m just sitting here bored and in bed. Want to play Truth or Dare?

A bit bold, but still mostly harmless because you’re just putting ideas in his head—not directly challenging him to follow your lead. In this scenario, you continue sending him involuntary sexual imagery…he can’t not picture it now that you’ve said it. Meanwhile you put the naughty idea in his head that you’re BORED and that the two of you ought to entertain each other. Excellent…it won’t be long before his mind goes to dark and kinky places, all thanks to you.

7. Stop it! [What?] Stop thinking about me!

This is a wonderful text pick up for a woman, since it’s showcases your sense of humor while also hinting at sexual tension. At the same time, it’s not overt—not so in-your-face that it makes him embarrassed. All he has to do is laugh and he can play along with your game. Making your guy laugh creates attraction, encourages him to flirt back and make you laugh this time. Positive interactions like this instantly activate a man’s charm…when in doubt be funny.

8. Wow she is really hot! Don’t you think? I’d totally do a three-way with her.

There’s nothing like a little shock talk to leave your guy speechless…and thinking about you nonstop! Almost every guy has the fantasy of the wild woman he can barely keep up with. When you sexualize other women he is immediately provoked. He thinks you’re kinky and like talking about fantasies. He feels he can be honest, even blunt, with his feelings and secret thoughts. He feels he can talk to you about ANYTHING and you won’t be offended. And at the same time, once again, you haven’t really gone out in left field and embarrassed yourself. You’re still just tempting to him to chase you…and right about now he’s losing all self control.

The key to getting him to want you is to whet his appetite for more interaction. Make him wonder, “What is she really thinking?” and relentlessly toy with his curiosity. In no time, he’ll be busting at the seams and will let you know he’s ready to move forward.

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