7 Signs You Have Love That Will Last Forever

A well-known singer once said, “Tonight the light of love is in your eyes, but will you love me tomorrow?”

It’s something we all worry about from time to time. Whether this moment, as wonderful as it is, is really going to last forever. How could it? Isn’t the point of life that everything is temporary? Isn’t it true that 50 percent of all marriages end?

Well just because everything “ends” doesn’t mean that love isn’t real. Love is not only long-lasting but in some cases, it really is forever. Just think of the timeless love stories we still remember of famous historical figures and their spouses. Just think of your family members as they recall some of their past romances. These are love affairs that not only last for the rest of one’s life but last even forever. Civilization remembers them. Empires crumble and fall but individual love stories are still remembered.

If you’re fretting that your love story may have an expiration date, take the time to analyze the facts objectively. Are you worrying simply because the relationship is going so well and you have a subconscious need to fear the worst possible outcome? Or are there signs that suggest you may be unhappy in the relationship?

Here are seven signs that suggest you ARE headed for a long-lasting love, even the kind of epic love story that outlives the both of you.

1. You accept his past. You accept his future.

Accepting your partner’s past (and he accepting yours) is the foundation on which you build a successful marriage. If you always have issues with your partner’s past, you can’t expect to establish trust. If your partner hurts you, and you forgive him, you leave that in the past. You don’t live in the past and hold it against him. Furthermore, accepting his past also means accepting his future, including his need to change, reinvent himself and discover something new. Acceptance of your mate determines your long-term compatibility.

2. You believe in him and he believes in you.

You know you’ve met a wonderful guy when he truly believes in you. He’s not just supportive of your dreams and ambitions, but also reminds you of who you are. He knows you well enough to give you the nurturing you need, while also encouraging you to follow your heart. You also believe in him. This sense of loyalty prevents the both of you from backbiting each other, complaining in public, or focusing on the negative.

3. You both trust each other. You have no secrets.

Trust is the fuel that powers a long-term relationship. It’s not simply a blind trust in each other’s motives, but also a faithful record of staying true to your word. When you both give each other reason for trust, it develops much easier. It’s based on a lifetime of considering each other’s feelings, sharing everything, and being honest. However, when you start breaking promises or lying to save face, trust deteriorates. This is why it’s best to always be forthright and come forward with something (even if it’s embarrassing or makes you feel guilty) than to keep secrets.

4. Your values are an almost perfect match.

Couples who have shared values, and even extreme opinions, last longer. Hateful arguments tend to happen far less because you both understand where the other is coming from. On the other hand, couples who have different value systems have one primary motivation: to change the other! To either change an opinion or change a lifestyle. It’s very difficult to change a person, especially if their core values are being threatened. Couples who are taking the same path in life don’t argue as much about directions on how to get there. So think about the most important issues in your life like lifestyle, religion, politics, views on family, career, money, and so on.

5. You are in love with him right now, his character, not just his potential.

Love isn’t based on status, success or even money. Love is based on an admiration of his character. So sure, a rich and successful man is attractive, right? But it’s because he’s a hard worker. A creative thinker, a self-starter. These are excellent qualities, it’s not the things that define him.

And no man will ever be constantly successful and a winner in everything he does. We all have ebbs and tides in life. We win some and we lose some. Sometimes we even lose everything. But are you still in love with him even when he falls short of achieving his goal? He needs you even more when he’s down. Being in love with him in the present is all that matters.

6. You know him so well you can anticipate his thoughts and feelings.

Partners who are deeply in love and in it for a lifetime will gradually learn to anticipate each other’s thoughts. A long-term relationship (without resentment or dysfunction!) allows you to study your partner and observe his behavioral patterns. You listen more. You pay attention to the way his mind works. You love him all the more so because of these little quirks and nuances.

7. Your partner always works hard to fulfill all your needs.

Your life together won’t be perfect, but as long as both of you keep trying to make things better, you have a special relationship that will last. Emotional needs, sexual needs, intellectual needs—all of these needs help to determine your overall happiness. If one of you feels unsatisfied, it’s not your obligation to make them happy. It should be your choice. You WANT to make your partner happy and if he’s unsatisfied, or if you’re unsatisfied, then the both of you will work towards more achieving a more fulfilling life. The willingness to compromise, to work at self-improvement, and to negotiate will always ensure that your marriage survives temptation.

Chances are if you notice any of these seven positive signs, you do have the right man. And your love will last a lifetime, long into forever in the hearts and minds of your future children and descendants.

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