7 Signs a Capricorn Man Is Falling In Love

I realized something a while back about horoscopes. They are surprisingly accurate, if sometimes vague, and especially when it comes to communication with men. So I figure it never hurts to read up on a “Capricorn Man” and see what kind of man he is and then adapt your dating strategy to his temperament. Chances are, even if the stars are not aligned perfectly, you’re still going to see some effective results.

The Capricorn sign encompasses December 22 to January 20th and with all due respect to Mister Capricorn, this man is known as the Goat! Does that mean he’s stubborn like a goat? Not necessarily.

Capricorn men are, by nature, forward moving and they enjoy new challenges. He is a responsible man and usually a man who enjoys working. He’s calm, very concentrated in his work ethic and a persistent thinker when it comes to ensuring top performance and quality. Perhaps his greatest flaw is that some perceive him to be cold.

At least he’s a confident guy and despite all his hard approach, he really is a kind man underneath his toughness. Capricorn guys are considered deep thinkers, stable thinkers and maybe even mature for his age. Some claim that the relationship to the ruler Saturn is what gives them their personalities of focused and slow but steady.

If you’re concerned about dating a Capricorn man, then the first thing to understand is the way he views love and relationships. Capricorns tend to fall in love a bit neurotically. Look for these seven signs to be sure if your “winter man” is into you and thinking about making a move.

1. He acts…strangely.

Capricorn Guy will act a little “off” when he’s starting to feel something for you because he’s not actually experienced in dealing with high emotion. He may be intimidated by the thought of love and even in early dating, it may take a while to get him involved in deep conversation and to bond with you. The good news is that once he does fall for you he tends to be very loyal.

2. He wants to show you his sensitive side.

Capricorn Guy may not always handle emotion well, but he does understand that sensitivity is a good thing. That’s why, once he figures things out, he will be very expressive in how he feels about you. This means you do have to be there for him when he reaches this milestone. He’s not much of a game player but he is a deep lover.

3. He wants you to lead the affection in the relationship.

Don’t take Capricorn’s willingness to step back as a sign of weakness. He merely wants your consent in everything. He wants his partner to have the power to move faster or slower, always with her comfort in mind. He typically looks for a woman with a strong personality. In fact, because Capricorn is a strong person at work, in hobbies and in life…it’s a bit of a quaint gesture that he usually lets the woman lead things in matters of romance.

4. He will smother you in affection, if that’s what you want.

Don’t think that his desire to let you lead things means he’ll be cold…far from it! Capricorn Guy may actually over-text you because he’s so expressive and excitable once things get heavy. He’s shy at first but eventually he becomes very flirty. He’s also very dependable at keeping a schedule of dates, calls, texts and other sweet gestures. His dependability is one of his more handsome qualities.

5. He wants you to come join him in his most trusted secret hiding place.

Maybe that’s metaphorical or maybe it’s his literal house. The point is, Capricorn sees it as a romantic gesture to invite you into his private “place”. He wants you to feel like a part of his life and prove to you his trustworthiness and dependability. Don’t be surprised if he invites you to his house and cooks you dinner. He considers it an honor to provide for you and let you in where no one has been before…his heart.

6. He usually will get jealous of other men.

He’s a hard worker and so he is very alert to other men trying to “steal you away”. This may be insecurity but it just shows you how seriously he takes the relationship. He wants his dependability and work ethic (investment in the relationship) to be counted. If you still date other people or talk to guy friends, don’t be surprised if Capricorn Guy becomes colder or more distant. He thinks he is losing in the relationship and so backs away, once again, letting you take the lead.

7. He wants a long-term relationship, one built slowly over time.

Capricorn may actually have difficulty asking for sex, especially in a casual relationship. He’s much more into the long-term future. He’s stubborn by nature, a little shy and not always verbal about his commitment. He finds it hard to open up at first but when he finally does, he will not be afraid to discuss the future. His emotional attachment to you is real and you will sense it after several dates—just how attentive he is!

Remember though, feelings and spontaneous romantic gestures are not his strong suit. You do have to pay close attention and get the subtle nature of Capricorn Guy if you want to truly communicate with him.

One of the reasons he is attracted to you is because of your strength and maturity. He sees qualities like his own in you and so he will find comfort in your live-in relationship. He loves to be pampered and cared for and will return this to you in kind, once he learns your unique communication style.

You can always teach him how to be more romantic but you will never have to teach this interesting fellow how to love. He loves deeply, loyally, and is almost always committed to you after an emotional connection is reached.

Capricorn Guy is single and looking so why not strike up a conversation with him?

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