7 Biggest Turn Offs for Guys

“There’s nothing you could say to make me stop loving you.”

“There’s nothing you could do to make me stop thinking you’re so beautiful.”

What great lines! And while it is what we all want to hear sometimes, it’s really far from the truth.

There is always something you could say to make a man stop loving you. Relationships are built on trust and mutually agreed upon terms and limits. You violate that trust, love deteriorates.

There are definitely things you COULD do that would turn a man OFF and make him stop chasing you. First impressions matter a lot. Even on into the second or third date, the guy is still evaluating you, making sure you’re stable and sane. If he sees peculiar behavior or hears offensive comments he will lose attraction to you. The person you are will not match with the person he thought you were.

That’s why a guy loses attraction, falls out of love, and changes behavior without warning. Now what will help you in your future relationships is to be aware of some of the most off-putting behaviors that women have and why they usually repel men. Knowing what “red flags” men look for will help you to not only avoid these negative habits, but also to become a better person overall. In other words, focus on self-improvement and these negative behaviors will go away naturally.

Here are seven of the biggest turn offs that do, unfortunately, chase men away.

1. Poor Hygiene

Men are not always about looks, but a lack of good hygiene suggests something more is going on than just a difference in chemistry. Body odor, bad breath, unbrushed teeth, facial hair, uncombed hair, and unkempt nails are all major turn offs for guys. Not taking care of yourself physically not only suggests something is “off”, but also that you don’t take the guy seriously, you don’t care about making a good impression, or worst of all, that something may be off with you mentally.

Now it’s true that sometimes in marriage a couples might “let themselves go” so to speak, but in dating most men will dress up nice and do their best to be bathed, groomed and looking good. A woman is expected to do the same.

2. Over Masculinity

Men try to be masculine in hopes of attracting a feminine woman. Now it’s true that to some extent, the culture is changing and more gender fluid singles are experimenting with masculinity and femininity and everything in between. Statistically speaking though, I’ve still got to say, most men are still turned off by overly masculine women.

It’s not just that masculine women tend to be curt, bossy and ambitious. They also tend to be disinterested in men. It’s almost like having a guy friend. And well, a guy usually has his list of bros already picked out. In contrast, a feminine woman is friendly, kind, and sensual in the way she communicates. She ENCOURAGES his masculine behavior by being more feminine in his presence.

3. Aged Skin

Men do pay attention to skin quality and this is not a factor all about age. Mature women can still maintain a healthy skin glow by staying healthy (exercise, sleep and diet) and taking care of their skin with moisturizer. Besides that, overdrinking, stress, lack of sleep and too much partying can start to show on your face over time. Your skin looks duller, wrinkle lines appear when you’re younger, and it just shows in your tired eyes.

Is it any wonder we stress self improvement here? Self-improvement is not just a distraction. It makes you feel better and look better!

4. Crude Conversation

Another “just one of the guys” clichés that girls buy into, but that most guys can’t stand. No, most guys don’t want a woman who swears excessively, says crude things, or has a generally aggressive attitude in life. This is masculine behavior, which is unattractive to a man all by itself. But when this bad attitude is amplified with too much alcohol, this crude attitude can be unbearable to live with.

Always check with him to make sure that you’re not offending him with “crude” humor or observations, including but not limited to giving away his embarrassing secrets, hating the hobbies he loves, and making insulting jokes at his expense.

5. Mothering

What better way to push a guy away than to start acting like his mother? Mothers are not sexy to a man…or at least not when it’s the dude’s own mother. Even if a guy crushes on an older woman, or a single mom, it’s BECAUSE she’s independent, feminine and encourages his freedom. She’s older but thinks like a girlfriend.

The opposite of that is a wife or wife wannabe who nags her man, mothers him, constantly criticizes him and gives him ultimatums about what he SHOULD do. This goes beyond masculine behavior and becomes misplaced parental nurturing.

Just remember: you don’t want to control him. You don’t need to help him or save him, unless he asks for your help. Let him live independently and come to appreciate how you’re always there for him just when he needs you. (And not a moment too soon!)

6. Unnecessary Drama

The opposite of mothering may well be Little Girl Drama. Boys tend to fall for this but men quickly learn not to tolerate it—especially during dating! Throwing a fit, going into rage episodes or crying at the drop of a hat will tell him you’re emotionally immature.

If you’re upset for a legitimate reason, take a walk. Go outside and try to avoid an emotional confrontation. Later, when you feel calm use logic to defuse the situation. There’s no advantage that comes from adding drama to disagreement. It’s just chaos and it’s not what successful men are looking for. Come on, these guys want a comfortable and joyful life, not a project.

7. Giving Away Too Much Too Soon

This not only refers to having sex too soon but also to unloading all of your baggage on him BEFORE he’s asking for it. Men do expect honesty, but in early dating, they want some mystery. Not leaving hardly anything to the imagination takes the fun out of the learning process. Remember you can be “too easy” sexually AND emotionally. Let him try harder to get more honesty out of you. He must earn your attention then earn your honesty.

These seven turn offs are not simply pet peeves of men, but could be indicative of major problems. A successful, good looking guy is not looking for just anyone. He wants someone who is winning at life, someone who has their head on straight and appreciates the joy of a serious relationship.

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