6 Signs He Wants Something Serious

It’s easy to determine when a man is interested in you, isn’t it? Men definitely like to show, tell, impress, and astound the women they like. Sometimes it’s very cute and subtle behavior but sometimes it’s very dramatic and confident!

What are some examples of a man liking you anyway? It’s a fair question because some women I’ve talked to have said, they never get any signals from men. Men are too mysterious, too vague in the way they communicate.

Well some obvious signals might include:

• Smiling, doting behavior
• Good eye contact
• Staring
• Compliments
• Buying you gifts or giving you sentimental things
• Doing you favors
• Spends money on you
• Showing you off to others
• Pairing up with you in public
• Putting you on their social media page

And so on. Sometimes women confuse an interested man for a nice man. This happens quite often, especially if you don’t see him as any kind of romantic match for you.

But let’s be honest. There’s a big difference between a man who’s interested and a man who’s SERIOUS. Serious as in a commitment, emotional connection, a long-term relationship, love, marriage, children, a real future. Not just sex and not just a friends with benefits situation.

Therefore, let’s talk about the difference between the signs of attraction (and showing interest in getting to know you) vs. signs of serious affection (the desire to be your partner and to forsake all others for a commitment).

1. He actually sees a future with you.

Men who only want sex aren’t all that concerned with the future. In fact, they usually won’t hide this fact. They will talk a lot about the “now”, being in the moment, or YOLO, you get the point. When a man actually wants to talk about the future and makes room for you in his life, that’s strong evidence that he’s either falling hard for you…or is a chronic liar. So just to be sure, keep reading and look for a few more signs…

2. He opens up to you about personal issues.

Men who want some N.S.A. fun will actually avoid serious conversations. They DON’T want you to feel attached to them. They don’t want to be there for you when you need them. In contrast, a man who loves you or at least is considering you for a serious commitment, wants to explore a deeper emotional connection. He will open up to you about personal things, his past, his dreams, his memories, and his passions in life. Just to make sure this isn’t a “rehearsed story”, ask him something unusual, something he couldn’t have prepared ahead of time. Catch him off guard and see how honest he’s willing to get!

3. He makes a serious time investment in you. He actually tries!

Men who love you, or are willing to love you, prove it with a considerable investment in time. He will make a serious effort to make you happy, by providing you with everything you could possibly want: company, a listening ear, favors, texting, calling, money, and attention. In contrast, men who aren’t into you are NOT interested in doing you any favors. They’re not available. They’re hardly willing to lift a finger. Not only does a man in love try to please you…he gets joy from the experience.

4. He chases you more than all the others.

Going along with the last item, not only is your future boyfriend willing to invest time in you, but he also chases you longer and “harder” than all the other guys who like you. This one special guy goes above and beyond, because he knows what the competition offers you and he’s willing to top that. He’s willing to go far beyond what everyone else has offered you – and all because he loves you that much more. He will still love you even after a heated argument, after he’s seen you at your “worst”, after a bad day at the office and even after he knows other guys are fighting for your attention. Simply put, his love is more intense and unconditional than everyone else. He won’t give up because you are his ideal match.

5. He wants to be exclusive and he wants you to know he doesn’t date anyone else.

It’s not so much that you’re “forcing him” to stop dating other people. Rather, he’s just not interested in other women because you’re more interesting, more attractive and more of a better match than anyone else he meets. That makes him lose interest in other women. He also has no problem telling you that he wants to be exclusive and he wants you all to himself. He’s falling for you hard and doesn’t want you dividing your time with another guy. That’s a big deal, since a man who doesn’t feel committed to you, has no interest in exclusivity.

6. He’s not all talk…he’s all about action!

It’s easy for a man to promise you the world, but it’s far more impressive when he keeps his promises and takes action! A man who loves you will not just talk up a storm about loving you…he shows you evidence of his love in the things he does. The promises he keeps, the amazing way he makes you feel, and the happiness he gives to you at no cost. Words are cheap but that chivalrous, knight-in-shining-armor gestures speak volumes about the way he feels about you.

It’s easy to lose patience with men, thinking that all the confident and successful men don’t want a commitment. But it’s not true. Men are hard-wired to want emotional connection and trust with a woman. If they sense they are wasting their time in getting those needs met, they lose interest fast. (And yes, after sex, obviously)

The challenge is in learning dating communication. Make sure that you understand what he’s looking for, how to make him happy, and how to have the right mindset for the best relationship. You must come across a serious, committed and marriageable partner. If you can do that, you will maintain his interest in the long-term.

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