50 Nicknames for Husband

50 Nicknames for Husband

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she said, “I can’t imagine what it would be like to be married for 50 years. Or even twenty-five years!”

Maybe you’re in the same boat. You love the idea of having companionship and finding love but you’re a little nervous too. Especially at the idea of waking up to the same person every morning for the rest of your life!

It’s understandable. If you’re an independent person you fear change. You’re a little worried about surrendering your freedom.

Of course the funny thing is, your independent spirit is what attracts a man to you in the first place. He likes the challenge, the chase, the flirting. “Desperate to get married” isn’t sexy. Independence is irresistible! Self-confidence is breathtaking.

I think that you’ll discover once you DO find someone compatible, that you learn to CRAVE that intimacy, that routine, that unique chemistry. It calms you and centers you.

When I say the word “routine” I don’t mean a boring marriage with the same old routines day in and day out. People do need change and variety in life. But some routines ARE comforting. Some routines that you and your partner create are going to be the best memories of your life.

Take for example, the cute nickname. Over time, you’re going to find that your chosen nicknames for each other will be endearing. They can be romantic, sexy, funny, cute or just plain silly. And you’re both going to love some of these names, so much in fact, that they’re going to stick. You might even use them well into your retirement years!

Let’s consider then how to choose a good name for your hubby. The rules are simple:

• Nothing too offensive or derogatory (in general or about his flaws)
• Nothing too complicated or wordy (keep it simple)
• Nothing too obvious (think original!)

Here are 50 hubby nicknames to use or adapt as you see fit.

1. My Addiction (after all these years, he is still your vice, your addiction, your best source for love drugs)
2. My Secret Lover (not just your reliable hubby but also your secret lover who gives you a wild sex life no one would expect)
3. Old Man (especially if he’s a young guy who acts like an old soul)
4. My Guy (no handsome face could ever take the place of your guy!)
5. Robin Hood (the hottest Robin Hood, of course, the Disney Fox!)
6. Austin Powers (or maybe he’s a more naughty secret agent man)
7. Shmoopie (sure to please a Seinfeld fan who gets the reference)
8. Soldier (is he a veteran or just a hard-worker devoted to making you happy?)
9. WereBear (he’s not only adorable like a teddy bear, he also turns into a hot guy at night!)
10. Oscar the Grouch (when he’s cranky does he look a little green?)
11. Cranky Boo (it goes well together, especially when he’s feeling cranky)
12. Ultimate Warrior (loosely based on the late wrestler, a strong warrior and charismatic guy)
13. Butters (or maybe the cute and harmless South Park character)
14. Dracula or Frankenstein (is he a monster in the sack?)
15. Animal (or maybe he’s just plain wild in all the right ways)
16. Freud or Jung (is he a smart guy, always the analytical mind?)
17. Your Majesty (if he’s a domineering guy, calling him his royal title will give him a chuckle)
18. Obi-Wan Kenobi (is he a Star Wars fan who would appreciate the comparison?)
19. Anakin (nah, maybe he’s more of a bad boy, show off and lady’s man!)
20. Spanky (especially if he enjoys giving or receiving a good whack on the bum)
21. Candy Bean (for Arrested Development fans)
22. Butt Double (if he has a great butt, then he’ll appreciate being your own personal butt double!)
23. Dark Wing Duck (is he dark and scary on the outside but cute and funny on the inside?)
24. The Brady Bunch (if you must nickname his genitals, this one’s kind of catchy)
25. Mr. Darcy (an honorable title based on Jane Austen’s beloved acerbic but kind-hearted leading man)
26. Slobber Monster (does he love to kiss, smooch and drool over you?)
27. Heathcliff (not the bad guy from the book, but of course, the tough gangster cat!)
28. Mister Sunshine (is he a morning person and always the optimist)
29. Pizza Boy (nah, maybe he’s just the willing performer whenever you feel amorous)
30. Sexy Muppet (hey, it’s hard to be sexy AND adorable but your man seems to pull it off!)
31. Coco Loco (great name for a party animal)
32. The Libertine (does he have a naughty imagination?)
33. Ron Jeremy or the Hedgehog (if he’s stocky and balding but still the horniest dude you ever met, he might appreciate the comparison)
34. Cucumber (if he’s well endowed, I’m sure he’ll appreciate this comparison)
35. Enter the Dragon (does he have a Bruce Lee-like masculinity? What an honor to be compared to the great one)
36. Grizzly Man (maybe he’s unshaven but still very handsome)
37. El Guapo (a nod to the ladies’ man of The Three Amigos)
38. Vincent Vega (the cool guy in the suit in Pulp Fiction)
39. Butch (or the rough, tough boxer from the same movie)
40. Midnight Express (does he do his best work after dark? Is he a night owl?)
41. Stardust (is he an out of this world character or astronomer?)
42. Sexy Devil (is he a tempter and a seductive mind?)
43. The Scientist (is he a smart man always reading and learning?)
44. The Wife Whisperer (no one understands you like he does)
45. Chipmunk (what a cute name, based on a cute animal)
46. Motherf***er (well if you have kids, this is a title he’s earned! Samuel L. Jackson also approves)
47. Honey-Bee (named after the hard-working sweet bee…but don’t cross him!)
48. Jorah Mormont (why of course, the character from Game of Thrones who was loyal to his queen until the very end)
49. Blue Eyes (are his eyes so mysterious and seductive? This also works with any other color…except maybe red!)
50. Ace Ventura (is he a funny guy who insists on being the class clown? Allllrighty then!)

As you can see, choosing a nickname for your husband is an act of love. You tease him in love and you make him laugh in a spirit of love. The whole idea behind the cute nickname is to make your husband feel good, feel attractive and love you all the more so. Friendly nicknames are a way of bonding and staying intimately connected. So think up some good ones and experiment until the best ones stick!

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