5 Signs He Wants to Sleep with You

Just because he wants to sleep with you doesn’t mean he’s a one-night stand guy. It’s up to you to resist sex with him and get him to open up.

Can you really tell if a man wants to sleep with you by looking into his eyes? Some people say it’s true…that a woman can always sense a man’s romantic interest or feel his “vibes.” Is this true?

Well anecdotally speaking, I met quite a few women who told me that they NEVER knew when a guy liked them even if he was sending subtle hints. Maybe that was the problem…they were way too subtle.

See, I think there’s a misunderstanding when it comes to men and sex. I do think most women are AWARE that men have dirty minds, that’s not a big shock. So yes, maybe the average man will look down someone’s cleavage, or fantasize about someone he knows, or generally say to a friend, “Hey you’re looking hot tonight!”

No big deal, right?

But that general awareness of sexuality does NOT necessarily mean that the guy wants to have a sexual relationship with every woman he meets. Certainly not ALL of his friends and acquaintances! Don’t men have some standards?

Of course they do! Even everyone’s favorite perv Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy has SOME standards…well maybe that’s pushing it. Let’s say, Glenn has what you might call some turn-offs. Every guy has turn-offs, every guy has deal breakers.

It may take a while to find those limits, but at some point every man does has the ability to say, “This isn’t worth it…” and they’ll walk away from sex.

Now, we wouldn’t be entirely truthful if we said that most men are looking to fall in love, have sex with their true love, and rush off to the chapel for a romantic getaway. Of course not, men want sexual experience. They want sexual flings, even with women they don’t love, because sex is fun and it boosts their ego.

Now the question is, how can you tell if your “good friend” is JUST a guy (and occasionally has sexual thoughts about you) or is a Dude who actually wants to have sex with you…but doesn’t know how to tell you?

It’s actually not that hard to tell the difference between friends and suitors and you don’t even need to have a booty call radar! All you need to do is consider these five signs.

1. He’s too eager to please you in other ways.

Since his ultimate goal is to bed you, he wants to please you in every other way that doesn’t involve sex. That means he puts in way too much effort to help you out. He laughs at all your jokes. He invests money in you. He texts you randomly. He looks forward to long conversations with you.

You can always tell the difference between a BFF guy, a surrogate big brother, a gay friend, or a guy that’s not attracted to you, but is still there for you…

Because for them, the friendly interaction is what’s enjoyable. For the thirsty guy, it’s all about waiting for the sex.

2. He doesn’t talk about other women.

The last thing he wants to do is indicate interest in someone else because that’s a signal that you should friend-zone him immediately. To a man who’s not that into you physically, but still likes you as a friend, the opposite is true. He can’t wait to tell you all about his dates, his crushes and his fantasies involving other women. Since he doesn’t really want you, he doesn’t care about shooting down any vibes. But a man who wants sex is only thinking of you.

3. Out of nowhere he mentions how good looking you are or makes another inappropriate comment.

This is peculiar behavior but it happens all the time with shy guys or with guys who are scared to just come out and say what they feel. Why do they spend the whole time avoiding sexual tension only to say something weirdly sexual, thereby creating awkward energy?

Probably because shy guys know they are coming across as sexually ambiguous and

want to make a last minute effort to show you how they feel. Instead of a kiss or an honest statement…they just say something charming. You know, something about how hot you are, how good you’d look in lingerie, or how if you want to ever make out, he’ll be there for you.

Simply put, guys who seem cool and then suddenly act really weird are definitely crushing on you.

4. Dude is checking you out!

Men who sexualize you can’t help but stare in just the ways that you’d think a horny guy would. While sometimes they stare at your face, or gaze into your eyes, he will just as often glance at your boobs or your butt. And not just once by accident, but frequently. As much as he tries to keep his lust inside, he can’t help but let the demon out! He wants you and every moment that he sneaks a peak of your assets, he dies a little inside.

5. He brags a little bit whenever he talks to you.

Lastly, beware of a man who “chases you”, even if it’s just in conversation. A man who wants to bed you will not simply remain idle. He will “woo you” even in subtle ways. Is he bragging about his career, hobby or other aspects of his life?

Men with a strictly platonic interest have no reason to “strut” like this. But a man who wants to bed you will want to tempt you with something. Deep down they know company is not enough. He thinks he has to be “special” to win a night with you and so he’s doing a little dance in hopes of turning you on.

Keep in mind, just because a man wants sex with you doesn’t necessarily mean he just wants you for a one night stand. True, men are easily tempted by sex. But their desire for you COULD be the start of a beautiful relationship. It just depends on how compatible you are and how hard they’re willing to chase you.

Sex appeal is how you get his attention. But if you’re thinking smart and strategizing, you can open his mind and his heart and eventually find your true love!

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