5 Signs He Secretly Likes You (Body Language)

Men are hard to read, right? They’re emotional poker players. They’re tough, strong and debonair. Maybe you’ve always heard about men being difficult to read, because of our tendency to stay quiet or take a logical approach to everything. But I’ve never quite understood why people think men are difficult to read.

It can be difficult to communicate with a man, sure. It can also be difficult to translate “guy language” into regular conversation, since men will often say one thing but mean something else. Sometimes men will even pout and hope you’ll sense something’s wrong without them saying it.

That’s where it gets complicated.

But I’ve always thought men are very transparent in what attracts them and in showing a girl he likes them. You just have to read the physical body language and pay attention to what he’s actually doing.

Maybe the problem is that women get too sidetracked on what a man SAYS but not on what he DOES. Learning to read the physical signs that a man likes you is the first step to better communicating with men.

We’re going to review five signs that a guy likes you that might not be obvious, but are actually very telling if you consider the context of the conversation.

1. You catch him staring.

This is one of the most telling signs, mostly because if a guy is so enamored at you he will want to look and he won’t be able to help himself. He may even WANT to be caught looking at you since that will give you the opportunity to start a conversation. Even if he’s the shyer type, looking into your eyes will make him feel excited and like he’s having a moment with you. He won’t be able to stop staring at you– unless of course you break eye contact.

That’s why I suggest when you catch a guy staring at you keep looking. Ask him what he’s thinking. Smile at him. Let him know there’s nothing wrong with him feeling attracted to you and encourage him to take a chance.

There is also a chance that the guy will suddenly look away if you catch him staring. This is another tell that he’s looking at you, but is afraid of revealing his true feelings.

Speaking of eyes, don’t forget to pay attention to his pupils. You might not even see it unless you remind yourself to look…but men who are crushing on women almost always have enlarged pupils. When we see something or somebody we like, we focus attention on them.

2. You catch him smiling or giggling.

Men literally get “high” off love pheromones, even if they’re one-sided. That’s why if he’s attracted to you, he will usually be in great spirits and show his attraction by smiling at you (especially when you first make eye contact) or giggling during the conversation.

A man also likes to be “on” when talking to a woman he likes. He jokes more, he talks nonstop to entertain her or even impress her.

Simply put, he’s very happy and you’re the cream in his hot chocolate! A lot of women think that some men are just naturally happy and animated, but usually, it’s not because they’re in good spirits. When men are around pretty women, THAT’S what puts them in good spirits.

3. He shows some “nervous ticks.”

If a man is nervous talking to you, or working up the courage to ask you out, he may display some self-conscious gestures or “nervous ticks”. The most common nervous behaviors are grooming (like fixing his hair, collar or tie, or adjusting his clothes in a random way. He’s worried that something looks out of place and is grooming himself to make a better impression.

Another nervous habit is when he shakes his legs or hands. Even if he’s standing or sitting still, watch for him to play with his glass, silverware or another nearby object. This is involuntary behavior and are very subtle signs of him losing control over his perfect posture.

Men who aren’t all that into you, just don’t tend to get nervous and self-conscious in your company.

4. You notice a change in his voice.

It’s fairly easy to tell when a guy is nervous and when his voice cracks or gets unusually high or fast-paced in your presence. But did you know a guy will actually alter his voice in a few different ways – all in an effort to make you feel attraction for him.

Some of this is involuntary behavior, such as a man’s voice becoming higher. He does this BECAUSE women are known to involuntarily respond to higher tones of voice. He also tends to talk louder so that his words will be understood and that you’ll notice him rising above the crowd, so to speak.

In terms of voluntary effort, some men will do the opposite. They will manipulate their voices to sound deeper, slower and lower. Your crush might do this to avoid sounding nervous and to come across as sexier and more masculine.

Sometimes a man will speak with a certain “sexual timbre”, which means a very relaxed and somewhat seductive voice. This is usually an intentional effort to get you aroused and to think of him in a romantic way.

Simply put, any variation from his usual voice is a good sign!

5. He LOVES touching you…even in a platonic way.

Physical contact is great news to a guy who is crushing on you. While some men make it very obvious, perhaps by touching your elbow or shoulder, other men might be more subtle. Your crush might offer to hug you, shake your hand or find another excuse to touch you, even if it’s just for a moment.

Men who are attracted to you have the desire to touch you and pursue a relationship but also have resistance out of fear of rejection, and of course, whether or not he has your permission to touch. But as soon as you let him know that friendly touching is allowed, he will keep it up…and in doing so show how he really feels about you.

When in doubt about how a guy really feels about you, pay attention to his behavior and his physical gestures in particular. They may be even MORE telling than what he’s saying. Words are cheap, but a man’s actions tell the whole story!

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