3 Signs a Twin Flame Reunion is Near

You might say that the “Twin Flame” is the evil twin of the “Soul Mate.” You know what your soul mate is – that relationship that awakens and challenges you, one that helps you become the person you were meant to be, and eventually become the truest version of yourself.

The Soul Mate is a very positive experience, right? Which explains why everyone is always looking for a soul mate, even if we don’t literally believe in destiny. The idea that there’s a perfect match for us out there, a Prince Charming so to speak, is comforting. It’s a more romantic scenario than randomly encountering people and choosing a compatible personality type. We all want to fall in love, we all want to live happily ever after. A Soul Mate is your perfect match.

So what does the Twin Flame do and why is it the polar opposite of the soul mate? The Twin Flame is a perfect reflection of you.

And let me guess…you don’t always like your reflection in the mirror, do you? Before we take selfies of ourselves we want to do a few adjustments. We want to look perfect. Your mirror reflection strips away all artifice and it can sometimes make a person feel uneasy.

That’s a good description for the Twin Flame. Twin Flame relationships are not your perfect Soul Mate match, but the relationship that is just as intensely pleasurable as it is bitterly painful. The love and sex is passionate but working things out for a long-term relationship feels impossible most of the time. The relationship is usually on again and off again rather than Happily Ever After.

In short, the Twin Flame is the relationship that teaches us a painful lesson. The mirror image of ourselves, the person we’ll never forget, and the person who ultimately helps us to grow up.

But many have asked me recently, “Is it possible that Twin Flames can work it out?” Can a guy go from being your Twin Flame to being your Soul Mate?

By definition no.

However, if the question is: Am I going to get back together with my soul mate? Then the answer is always “Yes…if you want to.”

The real question is, will things be different this time? Will this relationship last and go the distance and will you avoid the same mistakes of the past?

Let’s consider three signs that a Twin Flame relationship may be reignited in the future…along with three important lessons to take with you, as you cover familiar territory.

1. You are both thinking about each other more often and more vividly.

Right before a Twin Flame reunion, you are both preoccupied with each other – beyond the usual. You may be obsessing over him as of late, and possibly because he recently did something to get your attention.

Maybe he did something small, like sending you a text or liking a photo on your social media page. Maybe you saw him around town. But you both feel each other’s presence.

Some who have experienced the Twin Flame phenomenon even say that they feel strong emotions that are directly related to the Twin Flame – but that they themselves don’t understand where the emotions are coming from.

Why? Maybe because your Twin Flame is communicating what he feels for you in very subtle ways and you’re picking up on that emotion.

This illustrates the principle that IF and WHEN you should get back together with a Twin Flame, that you must react to the interest he shows you. If you’re forcing an encounter to happen or demanding his attention, then it won’t be a real connection or a real sign. It’s all you, not actually him.

Don’t force the relationship to start again. Make sure he comes to you and then give him back the attention he gives you first.

2. You dream about him and daydream about him.

Some people say that when a reunion is drawing near that your Twin Flame lover appears in your dreams – not just a few times, but often. The theory is that you first reunite on the astral plane before you try a reunion in the physical world.

Not only that but your intuition guides you to your old “Flame”, drawing you to mysterious places and ideas that you’ve never considered before. Could this be because your spirits are drawing closer together? Maybe you will see things that remind you of your ex, as if he or someone is sending you hidden messages.

Maybe, maybe not. But going new places and trying new things is always a channel to a new life and new relationship. This time, maybe your Twin Flame relationship will grow – if and when you do try to change the dynamic between you to a more positive state of mind.

Pay attention and become more observant of things around you. An introspective attitude will bring you many surprises.

3. You see signs of “new beginnings.”

Interestingly, the Twin Flame spiritual theory suggests that the numbers 1111 have special significance and indicate a sure “return” of your Twin Flame into your life.

Now I’m not one to speculate on the spirit world. But what’s noteworthy about the number 1111 is that it represents “new beginnings.”

And that’s important because the only way a Twin Flame relationship could possibly improve and last longer than a temporary, hot/cold fling, is if both partners tried to REINVENT the relationship with different rules, different circumstances, and most importantly different attitudes than before.

If you go into this Twin Flame relationship blindly, without learning anything from your mistakes, you are doomed to repeat the past. That’s why you must approach him differently and project a different energy altogether.

Work on becoming your “better self”, your evolved “Twin Flame” identity. That means you will abandon the naïve girl you used to be, and instead learn from your past mistakes so that you can grow. Improve your life, your career, your own personal happiness.

This gives you confidence, independence and wisdom. This new “you” will be the one your Twin Flame partner will respond to. A new attitude requires a new way of dealing with you, so he will have to learn the “new you” with your new rules in the relationship. Approach him in a spirit of empowerment and confidence, not afraid, not too eager to please him. Be stronger and earn his respect. That’s how you may be able to save a volatile relationship.

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