20 Romantic Good Morning Texts to Send Him

Romantic Good Morning Texts to Send Him

Romance! Not just unreciprocated love or infatuation but REAL love! You’ve graduated to real love. You have finally built the perfect relationship. It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief.

Love – it’s such a powerful, beautiful thing that we instinctively FEAR it in the beginning, don’t we? After all, expressing our heart’s desire could be mistaken for weakness, “clingy” behavior or desperation.

Men worry about saying something too romantic and being auto-rejected for being a player. Women worry about saying something romantic and being judged by men as too possessive or controlling.

But here’s the thing: we ALL love romance. Seriously. We all love it. And all the words you feel like saying are perfect!

But here’s the thing. It just needs to be better timed.

Some people rush too fast into romance because they are feeling desperate, or clingy, or just plain awkward. But in truth, romance is more like a recipe you have to SLOW COOK in order to fully bring out the flavor. You have to take your time, get to know the other person and fall in love without pretenses, without games, and without manipulation.

And once you finally arrive in that moment, where you both see the beauty in each other’s soul, it’s so refreshing.

But wait! What do you do if you’re not skilled in writing love poetry? What if he’s throwing all these great lines at you and you’re stumped to come up with something better?

Don’t panic. Romantic texts are not about poetry or fancy writing. What matters is sincerity, detail and personalization. Let’s review 20 romantic “good morning” texts that will remind your guy of how much you love him, while also starting his day with a good attitude and some pep. As you’ll find out, it’s all about the heart, not the head.

1. “You ARE my morning coffee, baby! You fill me up with energy, joy, love and concentration. You’re also very hot and you taste so sweet!”
2. “I wish I could wake up every morning, firmly in your arms, with hours to kill just resting with you. Oh and some sex breaks! And then back to snuggling all day long.”
3. “Morning. Sometimes I dream about you. Then I wake up and I’m not sure if I’m still asleep or not…because you sir are a dream come true.”
4. “Oh God…I can’t help it…I can’t stop saying or thinking it. Here it comes…I love you!!! Have a good morning.”
5. “Grrrr it’s morning and I can’t wait twelve more hours to see you again! I just want to snap my fingers like a genie and appear right in front of you for a long, lingering hug.”
6. “Tomorrow morning, twenty-four hours from now, I want to wake up naked with you. Then I want to make you breakfast. Then talk for hours, then watch a movie, then maybe go out for a stroll. Then we’ll have the most romantic dinner. Then I’ll fall asleep in your arms. And this is what heaven must be like.”
7. “I know I’m head over heels in love with you because every time I get a morning text from you, my heart beats fast and I have a huge obnoxious smile on my face! Even my coworkers tease me about my Hot Boyfriend. You make me glow.”
8. “I woke up early this morning and just watched the sunrise. It was beautiful. And every moment, I kept thinking of you. You’re like the sun. So bright, so magnificent. And every morning just like I know the sun will rise, you will wake up and light up my life.”
9. “Morning my love. Sometimes I feel really dark and gloomy when you’re away. But then I think of all the great memories we’ve had together. And they keep me warm at night, keep me blushing and keep me hopelessly in love with you. I shall wait so impatiently for your return. And when you come home, I won’t let go!”
10. “Good morning! Ohh how I want to whisk you away to a romantic getaway vacation. Just us. I need to get away from the world and just focus on loving you, my love.”
11. “The sound of your voice is always in my thoughts. Your smile is always in my mind. I can still feel the way you touch me. Saying your name makes me blush, makes me tremble…fills my heart with peace. Have a wonderful morning, lover.”
12. “Good morning! You know, you are my perfect match. I never really believed in soulmates until I met you. Sometimes it feels like we were meant to meet each other and fall in love, like destiny. I don’t know about that…but what I do know for sure is, I’m never been happier in my life.”
13. “I hope you had a good sleep. You know, one of the reasons I love you so much is because you bring out the best in me. You challenge me in good ways, support me in all ways. You treat me like a queen. I don’t know if I deserve you…but I know I’m never going to let you go!”
14. “Morning my love. I love you so much that I don’t even think the ‘love’ I felt for others was real. You really showed me how deeply and completely I could love another person.”
15. “Last night you asked me ‘Do I believe in miracles?’ Somewhat…you’re my living and breathing miracle. You’re just too good to be true. I think you’re an angel!”
16. “How did you sleep, honey? Good…I was just thinking that knowing you has changed my life. You’re not just a great man, you’re my guru, my muse, and my champion.”
17. “I feel things on a deeper level after meeting you. You’ve changed the way I feel about life, the way I view things, the way my mind works. You’ve helped me grow into a better person. For that, I will always be grateful. I will always love you. Have a beautiful day, beautiful.”
18. “I love your flaws. I love the fact that your so-called weaknesses still make you a better person than most people I’ve met in my life. Smile today, darling. You’ve earned it.”
19. “You are the only person I would ever even think about starting a family with. Because I know I could trust you and love you for the rest of my life. Go to work today, knowing you are loved dearly.”
20. “Good morning! Let me count my blessings. You’re in love with me and I’m in love with you. Life is good.”

Don’t hold back! Once you both confirm your feelings for each other, let your heart sing with joy! Tell him, show him, and write to him how he makes you feel! It takes a while to find true love…but when you find it, it is truly heartwarming!

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