10 Ways to Make Your Ex Jealous

Jealousy, the green-eyed monster! I really think in terms of dating and winning your ex back, jealousy is a scary, locked and loaded weapon. That means two things:

It can work brilliantly and really scare your ex into taking this relationship seriously again.

Or it can backfire big time, and you’ll end up hurting your ex AND yourself.

Simple question, why is using jealousy as a weapon such a risk?

I don’t have to explain why jealous DOES work. It’s human nature. When we lose something, or almost lose something, we want it back. But when someone else has it, well, that just activates the panic button, doesn’t it? Then it becomes competition. Then guys literally FIGHT other guys just to get back what they didn’t even appreciate at first. Jealousy is a very effective motivator!

The reason jealousy might NOT work is because it can be manipulative behavior. And I’ve said this before and it bears repeating. Once you start MANIPULATING him into loving you, you’re being dishonest and coercive. And he probably will catch up with you and start to hate you. That’s definitely not where you want to be.

So yes I think taking BIG risks with jealousy can backfire. That’s why I usually don’t recommend you sleep with another guy and brag to your ex about it. That feels manipulated…frankly, it still feels desperate. Like you want his attention so bad, you’re going to do anything for it.

But that’s not what you want. You actually just want him to fall back in love with you and win you back, right?

That’s why we’re going to review 10 other ways to make him jealous that aren’t as extreme or manipulative as using a guy as a rebound. I think these are some very effective and only slightly “sneaky” tactics that do get results.

1. Take your time texting him back, calling him back and making dates with him.

This is called payback time! Don’t be so available for him just because he’s paying you some attention now. Make him wait. After all, he used to have you around 24-7 and he didn’t want it. Now it’s time to make him realize how much he misses you. Wait to communicate with him and respond less frequently than he does. Remind him that HE wants you more than you want him.

2. Look hot and not just for him.

Working out, putting more effort into looking beautiful, and going more places is a great way to get back at him…without actually trying so hard. Before, you used to dress up JUST for him. Now, you dress up because you like looking beautiful, you like the attention it gets from other men, and sure, it’s pretty funny when you get the attention from other men while in the company of your ex. Now he definitely wants you back…now he’s jealous…and yet you haven’t really bragged about anything, have you?

3. Have fun…in fact, have the time of your life!

While faking the attitude “I’m having the time of my life!” is a good way to get a reaction, it’s even better if you ARE having fun. Get busy. Go and improve yourself. Go on vacation and do things you were never able to do when you were with him. Now your ex is going to feel miserable when he sees breaking up was right for you, but wrong for him.

4. Don’t brag about new possible boyfriends. Just mention the POSSIBILITY and watch him freak out.

Bragging about your new BF is not very subtle. However, friending cute guys on social media is subtle. Mentioning that you’re going to movies with a “friend” is subtle. It’s actually the little things, and the stuff you’re NOT telling him, that’s making him wonder if you have a new boyfriend.

5. Be available more during the day but less (or never) at night.

Another subtle move that works! If you’re going to date someone new, it’s always at night. The less available at night, and the less you share about stuff that happens at night, the more paranoid he becomes.

6. Spend more time with opposite-sex friends and admit that you’re just hanging out.  

There’s no need to taunt him about sex. Just knowing that you’re hanging out with a friend, or one of his old friends, is sure to make him pay attention. Be extra nice to his friends if you happen to see them. Word travels fast!

7. DON’T give him any drama, don’t give him anything to tell his friends.

Being polite, even complimentary, to him when you do see him is a great way to make him jealous. The best stage is, of course, in the beginning when you completely cut him out of your life. But even later, being cordial (but not flirty with him) will make him wonder why you’re not more upset about the way things ended. All he’ll be able to tell his friends is, “Man she looked great!”

8. Try new things he always wanted you to try when you were together…but with someone else.

Another brilliantly subtle move. In theory, he is still in love with you but just wants you to change in a few ways. So what if you made these changes and loved it…but never actually showed him? It would drive him bonkers and he would just love to rub it in and say, “That was my idea!”

9. Be happy for him and say it freely.

This is so subtle, it actually borders on being nice! What better way to make him jealous than by wishing him happiness in his new relationship? Chances are, he’s not that happy with his new girlfriend or “fling”. So you pretending as if he’s met the love of his life, and that you’re so happy for him, is actually a very “savage” thing to do. It really pokes at his heart and makes him realize, “No…I was much happier with you!”

10. Flirt with him…flirt with him dangerously, madly and lovingly…but then DON’T sleep with him.

The final death blow! What better way to make him jealous, than to finally start flirting with him and acting as if you want to get back together, but then deciding that it’s all just mindless flirting and nothing serious. Now he’s definitely jealous…because he once had you, he thought he had you again, but he still has to chase you!

Another effective strategy: When you do sense that he’s really falling in love again, you may decide to sleep with him. After you do, pretend as if it was a one-night stand. No friends with benefits, no getting back together. Make him wonder what it will take to get you back.

As you can see jealousy is a dish best served LIGHT, with softer flavors. That’s the way to reel him in and seduce him. The dangerous kind of jealousy is when you combine it with ANGST, anger and punishment. That’s the kind of jealousy game that he eventually wins.

Remember, keep him chasing you. Fill his mind with implications without even saying a word. That’s what will work and that’s the kind of chase he wants.

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