10 Sex Questions to Ask That Drive Men Wild

He thinks you’re nice. Smart. Funny. Very classy and mature.

Uh oh is that a bad thing? Is there a “but” after all those positives?

Actually, it’s fairly common for a guy to “respect” a woman and yet not feel strongly attracted to her. What gives? Do all men just like edgy, bratty girls? Or do they just chase after emotionally abusive or neglectful relationships—the old, “I want what I can’t have” routine?

Well some guys definitely do chase the wrong type of woman. But usually, they do that because they want to feel sexual attraction, and not necessarily jump into a mature, serious relationship right away.

One of the best ways to jumpstart your “respectful” courtship with a nice guy is to show him that you’re not afraid of sexual tension. In fact, you love talking about it. He just has to work a little bit harder to create that emotional connection, and then discover your Pandora’s Box of sexual desire. (And hey, what a lucky guy!)

So if you really want to give a guy a glimpse into your wild side, don’t be afraid to indulge him and talk about some “freaky things”. Here are 10 sexy and outrageous questions to ask that will surprise him and show him a sexy new side of you.

Notice they are in three different categories.

Category 1: General Sex Questions

1. Are you a fan of dirty talking on the phone or through texting?

Great way to make him blush and admit he has a very naughty side. The great thing about this question is that you’re basically telling him you approve of it, as evidenced by your coy smile. Now he knows you’re definitely wild and red-hot for the right guy.

2. What’s your favorite part of a woman’s body?

This question puts strong visuals into his mind. Get him to confess what kind of lover he is! And yet it’s still third-person and hypothetical, so it’s not an overly aggressive thing to ask. Be sure to keep eye contact with him while you ask and smile, showing him that you’re definitely alluding to things, but still not making the first move.

3. Do you think a guy should make the first move or do you think the girl should do it?

What better way to get his honest answer then asking him directly what he likes? Don’t be surprised if he says he likes when the girl does it, because a lot of men surveyed said they wish women would take more initiative in flirting and in sex.

Category 2: Questions About Him

4. What’s the most you’ve ever been turned on? (Yes, I mean sexually)

This is a loaded question for sure. Since you’re talking about his past experiences, it’s not too forward. But it will still make him think about sex and make him feel self-conscious that he’s talking about his sex life with you! Most guys will be honest at this point, thinking that you’re just a friend. But you’re definitely creating a bond that’s well beyond a platonic friendship.

5. Is there a scene from a movie or a novel that you would love to try in real life?

Another great way to get him excited, as he talks about his teenage fantasies. The best thing is, when you do get intimate with him, you’ll remember all these little details about what makes a “scene” feel sexy, which you can recreate for him.

6. What’s the farthest you’ve ever gone with a woman on the first date?

Brilliant line, as he possibly has gone all the way before, at least on a one night stand. So here you put the idea into his mind that you have no problem with easy sex…you’re a naughty girl, the kind he likes. But just because you enjoy sex doesn’t mean you give it away so easily. He will soon learn that you have to be chased more and he needs to invest more time and emotion into the relationship. That’s what will keep his attention and make the sex twice as good!

7. What’s the longest you’ve gone without sex (including touching yourself)? OR What’s your personal best record for doing it in one night?

Both of these questions are edgy and yet not too pushy. The first question, you get him to admit his level of horniness. He figures, it’s good that you know how horny he is and that he wants you. (As if you didn’t!) The second question gets him all excited about foreplay and implies you would like him to “work extra hard” to please you all night long. He’ll love it!

8. What do you wear when you go to bed?

Nice way to break the ice and talk about his naked or half naked body, since most men either sleep in boxers or maybe even naked. It also helps to keep this conversation going, quizzing him about his underwear, or why he enjoys sleeping that way. Let him feel more intimate with you by asking about his personal lifestyle.

Category 3: Questions About You and Him

9. I know you’ve fantasized about me. I just have one question: What was I wearing?

Another bold and hot line! If he likes you, then it’s safe to assume he’s fantasized a little. You don’t even ask…you just assume he does fantasize about you, thereby showing your high confidence. But what really interests you is what he pictures you wearing. A skirt? Tight jeans? A thong or lingerie? What is the scenario in this fantasy? He might be caught off guard…but this freaky line will definitely prove to him you’re wild!

10. What’s one sexual wish you’ve never done before? (Followed by, “I’ve done that…it’s awesome!”)

This is a particularly devious line, but hey it works! First, get him all riled up by having him admit what he’s always wanted to try, but never quite got around to it. Then “humbly” brag that you’ve done it before, and it was great. He’ll be a little jealous…and definitely thinking to himself, “I wish you’d teach me how it’s done!”

Alternate Strategy: If you haven’t actually done that fantasy, then don’t lie. Just admit you haven’t done it either but that you’ve fantasized about it or even talked about it to others. Just telling him you might be up for it—if you meet the right guy—will be enough to light his fire.

As you can see progressing from A: Questions about sex, to B: Questions about him, to C: Questions about he and you together. It allows him to safely think about sex, then gradually imagine the idea of sex with you. It’s a wild but still nonthreatening way to break out of that friend zone before he can put you there.

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