10 Cute Paragraphs for Him

Are you already in a relationship (either intimate or just about there) and worried you can’t keep up with your man’s romantic personality? It’s easy! Writing romantic texts is not difficult and once you get the hang of it it’s a lot of fun!

As soon as the relationship becomes intimate or “imminent”, then you’ll quickly discover that snappy one liners just don’t seem to do the trick anymore. But that’s okay. One liners are funny but impersonal. The best strategy in this case is to write longer, sweeter and cuter paragraphs for him. The intent is to show him that you care about him, that you feel the same passion, and most importantly, to encourage him to keep being romantic and chasing you.

So right away, we learn two things. One, that you DON’T want to over-write your long romantic paragraphs. The objective is not to outshine him or persuade him of your undying love. All you need to do is keep him going, give him some reward for all his hard efforts, and most importantly speak your mind. Let him know how you’re feeling and how happy you are in the progressing relationship.

If you’re having difficulty coming up with romantic or cute paragraphs for your lover, then consider several free paragraphs that you can steal or adapt to your own personal voice.

1. “My heart will always belong to you. Whenever our lips touch I feel our souls connecting. I give everything to you, my body, my mind and my heart. Every time I look at you, I giggle, I blush, I still feel butterflies in my stomach, just like the first day we met.”

2. “I just want to wish you joy and peace today. Life is challenging…but the little joys in life are what keep us going. And you bring me great joy! Whenever I’m having a stressful day I think of you. Your wacky sense of humor. Your smile. Your kindness. You are so amazing and talented. And I will always be your biggest fan.”

3. “You want to know why I started flirting with you? Because you were a beautiful person inside and out. You were good looking, handsome, almost too good to be true. But then I discovered that you had an even more amazing heart and soul. You were twice as good looking inside as you were on the outside. Once I found that out, the rest of the time I was telling myself that “Yes, I deserve you.”

4. “Whenever times are hard, you are the light at the end of the tunnel. You’re my inspiration. The thought of you gives me the energy, the courage, to stand up to the world. I just want to give you the same happiness you’ve given me. That’s what I’ll spend the rest of my life doing…loving you!”

5. “Every time you look at me I feel alive! I love seeing your face pop up on my phone whenever you call. Whenever you come to see me, you warm my heart. You are the man I always searched for…the one I held out for, thinking that the right guy will be worth the wait. And now I’m so relieved that we found each other.”

6. “Before I couldn’t imagine committing to anyone. But when you came to me and swept me off my feet, I remembered a part of my heart that I had forgotten. You reminded me of what I really wanted in life. I am addicted to you, in love with you, and completely with you in this moment. I want it to last forever.

7. “I think about you every night and every morning. I’m wondering, dreaming, of what it would be like to wake up in bed next to you. Every time we go to our separate homes, I only want to see you more. I want to be closer, even more familiar. The thought of being connected to you turns me on, makes me crazy with desire. Come over…I just want you.”

8. “When I’m with you I become an even better version of my already awesome self. I smile more. I laugh all the time. I’m happier. And I never have to fake any emotion or pretend because I know you understand me. You’re always so fun to talk to and such a good listener. I’m happier when you’re around because your good nature is contagious!”

9. “I already loved my life before I met you. But in you I see the perfect mate to enjoy, to share with, to celebrate, to give my life to. I always look forward to another day when I’m with you. You remind me of how much fun life can be. I want to spend the rest of my life on an adventure with you.”

10. “I wish I could freeze the world and just spend an eternity with you. I want you to show me the world. I want us to be together forever, just living in one perfect moment. I want to live my whole life with you and then travel back in time to do it all over again, second by second. Because one lifetime with you isn’t enough.”

The key to writing cute paragraphs for your boyfriend is to leave him wanting more, which is the goal, and yet to reward him for the passion he’s shown thus far. Don’t worry about promises or poetry. Don’t force him to feel something but simply tell him how YOU feel and how his efforts affect you in a pleasant way. Focusing on the emotion, rather than the commitment and the logistics of a relationship, is the best way to whet his appetite for more.

Now isn’t the time to discuss worries or expectations. Now is the time to enjoy these dialogs and explore his romantic side. Show him how you feel through your words. Focus on how good he makes you feel and how you love the FEELINGS this romance is inspiring. Eventually he’ll come to the conclusion that he loves you and he’ll want to pursue a commitment first. That’s how you keep a man and accentuate the romance!

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