10 Cute Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

“Aawww I love you too…uh…uh…” (Oops forgot to think of a name!)

Talk about personal! What are you supposed to call a guy when it’s time to create a term of endearment? Don’t be intimidated. Most guys do want you to invent for them a cute nickname but they want it to sound natural. Nothing too forced and nothing too obvious, so think a little bit beyond “honey.”

Sometimes cute nicknames come to you in regular conversation but they don’t always stick. Usually the names that stick are short, catchy, true and affectionate. If you’re all out of ideas on what to call this amazing man that you love, don’t fret it. Here are ten examples of a cute nickname to use as well as the logic behind why guys like it. You can use these nicknames or adapt them to your own unique way of speaking.

1. Hot Fuzz!

This is a variation on hot stuff, or you can use something similarly vague like Mister Hotty, or Hot Jeans or anything that paints him as a sexy man. A man loves to know he turns you on and that he’s still attractive to other women. Reminding him that he’s “hot”, sexy or even a “sex god” is always a safe bet.

2. Superman! or Wolverine!

Superheroes are insanely popular and thanks to the late great Stan Lee it’s an honor for a man to wear the title of your own personal superhero. You can go with something Marvel-ous like “Hey Mister Iron Man!” or something a bit more (D)eli(C)ate as in, “Hey Superman!” or “Hey Mister J.” Most men will find this amusing especially if they love comic books.

3. Cherry Pie or Big Mac

Hey what’s wrong with some “yummy associations” when it comes to your guy? Whether you like calling him your cherry baby, cherry pie or even something beefier like a Big Mac or Sexual Chocolate (for your black beau), it’s obvious why he likes it: you’re associating his “taste” with something positive and popular. Guys love foodie names and usually the more unique the better. Just keep it short and don’t call him the full dish name, because no guy wants to hear “Awww how’s my little Panang Curry with Tofu?”

4. Boo-Boo

Boo is a commonly used nickname for guys and calls attention to his adorable nature. I, however, suggest personalizing it using an extra syllable or even a creative syllable like Boo-Boo (Yogi Bear), Bam Bam (The Flintstones), Boo-Radley (Umm To Kill a Mockingbird?) or even Boo-saurus for the dinosaur lover. The key here is to just have fun with it and do something a little weird but still cute.

5. Champ or Captain

This is a great nickname because it honors him with a title and will suit the man who works hard for your approval. He may want to be a champ or a captain of something and so reminding him that he IS the man in charge and the consummate “fighter” will give him a nice ego stroke.

6. Prince Charming, Valiant Knight or Perfect Gentleman

Some men really love the idea of being called the “perfect guy”, whether that’s Prince Charming, Gentleman or even King Arthur! If he’s a romantic at heart or the “nice guy” to the very end type, he will like this one. Not only does it have an association with royalty but he’ll also like it because he wants your fairy love story to end happily ever after!

7. Beast…or Lion, Tiger and Bear!

Nicknaming him after a vicious animal is usually a compliment to a guy since you’re calling attention to his power, strength and perhaps even his animalistic sexual appetite!
Beast gets extra credit for Disney associations, but Tiger (Rocky anyone?), Monkey (popularized by Dwight Schrute) and Teddy Bear (thank you Elvis Pressley) still work like a charm.

8. Casanova, Don Juan, Rock Star, Mister Grey, Porn Star,

If your guy fancies himself smooth with the ladies and is a big flirt, give him some credit with a nickname labeling him as a natural womanizer. Depending on his level of flirtiness, from cutesy and innocent to wild and crazy, you can give him an appropriate level of kink.

9. Bugs, Goofy or Roger

Who’s more lovable than your guy? Or perhaps an animated cartoon guy who’s so funny, cuddly and huggable? Guys that love cartoons will dig being compared to a great slapstick comedian like Goofy or Roger, because it implies good humor, a classic movie star face, and of course the kind of legendary virility that left Jessica Rabbit exhausted!

10. Mr. Big, Sugar Lips or Tight Abs

Lastly, he’s sure to blush and swoon if you nickname him after your favorite part of his anatomy, whether we’re talking his abs, butt, lips or ummm, his “big” member (thanks Sex and the City!). The association is always positive because you’re reminding him that you LOVE his body and that you can never get enough of him.

As you can see the way to create a memorable nickname is to ALWAYS stick to positive associations (never an insulting word or based on an embarrassing memory). It might also help to create an alternate name for you similar to his so that you can have a pair of matching nicknames, celebrating your romance. If you know another language or are learning to speak another language you can also incorporate some Spanish, Russian, French or German expressions of endearment into your vocabulary. Truly exotic!

Personalizing the name is important because he really wants to get a sense of intimacy. I think it’s a great idea to base your cute nickname on an event that happened, or maybe a memory of something that brought you together. Every time you use that nickname you instantly recall all the good feelings and love you shared.

Whatever your choice, always take the time to remind him how real the relationship is to you and how close you feel to him. What’s in a nickname? Everything!

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