10 Cute Long Paragraphs for Him

Are you like me? Do you sometimes worry that your long, romantic texts to your partner just aren’t measuring up? How much longer before he notices that your romantic texts are lacking and don’t have the Shakespearean quality they used to have?

Yeah right! Nobody actually writes like Shakespeare and the vast majority of lovers out there just aren’t writing brilliant poetry or even Jane Austen style romantic letters. It just doesn’t happen!

Sure we worry sometimes…but the truth is anyone can write long cute paragraphs for their significant other. All it takes is sincerity, patience, honesty and a lot of love in your heart. If you can manage to feel something strong for your partner inside then you’re more than capable of writing some long paragraphs of romance, sex, poetry and love letters.

Let’s consider 10 examples of some cute paragraphs. You’ll notice that these samples are not about using big words or describing epic scenery or a great monolog. No, they’re just paragraphs that focus on a romantic thought and describe feelings in more detail. Anyone can do it. For that matter, you might want to copy the paragraphs and rewrite them according to your own personality.

1. I don’t regret anything. I think I’ve always been madly attracted to you. But the more I got to know you, the more I realized that I was falling in love with you. Your intelligence, your compassion, your passion for life. I want to be a part of your life. I want to know you even more intimately than I already do. You’re my protector, my best friend, my soul mate.
2. I can’t always explain why I love you so much. Why I can’t stop looking at you, and wondering what you’re thinking. Every time you speak I just fall in love with your voice. I love when you talk to me or when you whisper to me. When you say my name is makes me tremble. I can feel you when you look at me across the room. I love the connection we have
3. You’re amazing! I can just listen to you talk for hours. You’re so handsome, so funny, so confident…I’m like putty in your hands. I want to wake up with you, go to sleep with you, spend all day in bed with you. Even when I’m with you it feels like I can’t get close enough. And most of all I love to show you how much I desire you.
4. I feel addicted to you. I feel so free and so alive when I’m with you. I resisted you so many years…now that I’ve let myself have you, I can’t get enough. I love that I can just be selfish with you because you love to please me. You do satisfy me in every way. I love the way you worship me and just draw me out no matter how shy or how down I feel. I love who I am when I’m with you.
5. You are my weakness because I can’t resist you. But you’re my strength because you make me feel like I can do anything. When I’m with you feel like the most important person in the world. You treat me like a queen. You make living day by day so fun, so unpredictable. I can’t imagine my life without you.
6. I love how you make me laugh. How you make me smile sometimes by just looking at me with those adorable eyes. You always bring out the sunshine. Even if it’s a rainy day. I love that about you that you’re so fun, so happy to be alive. I’m happiest when I’m living my life right along with you.
7. You’re so handsome. I love the way you look at me too, with those dimples and that sexy smile. Believe me, every day I am grateful for having you in my life. You could have had any woman you want. I could have had any man I want. But somehow we met each other and we fell so deeply in love. It’s a miracle that we met…and every day I’m thankful for that miracle.
8. I never really knew passion until I met you. Not only was I attracted to you, but the way we interacted was so natural, so intense. Our connection was so strong. Even now I sometimes feel butterflies in my stomach when you give me that look. I want you. I need you. We were always meant to be together.
9. Every day is a good day, because I know I’m going to wake up with you, and then come home to see you and then go to bed with you. How can this be a bad day? You’re all that I want in my life. You’re my magical wish that was granted. The perfect guy!
10. Don’t ever forget you are loved. You are so very handsome. You are successful. You have a magnetic, amazing personality. You’ve done more in life than most people ever dream of doing. And you have a wife/girlfriend that loves you dearly and would do anything to get you to smile.

As you can see, these sentences are not poetic or flowery. They’re just simple thoughts that you can expand into paragraphs. Words should come freely if you focus on what you feel for him, HOW you feel (how intensely), and then provide some extra details on why (or you can use simple similes and metaphors if you prefer). When in doubt, just type out your own paragraphs, save them, and then write, rewrite and edit until you’re happy with it.

But paragraphs like these work very well because they’re emotionally impacting. A man loves it when his partner can be expressive and open about how she feels…especially if she’s giving her man a compliment!

As long as you keep things positive, he will appreciate the message. Men usually don’t receive a lot of compliments or “romance” – men are typically the ones that chase. Just a little bit of encouragement for him will go a long way.

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