6 Signs You’re with Your Soulmate

Let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment and entertain the idea of “real” soul mates. The belief is that your soul mate is predetermined for you, that the name of your true love has already been chosen. That you’re a perfect match and that you complete each other. You can’t even complete your mission in life, your reason for being, until you meet this other person.

It gets weirder…according to the stars, this soul mate may be in disguise and you may not even be attracted to them at all. At least, when you first meet. But eventually, a mysterious force brings you together showing the two of you that you’re meant to be together.

Like Sleepless in Seattle, remember that movie?

It seems like the mythical idea of a soul mate is less romantic and more chaotic than anything else. In reality, what you want is a man who’s attractive, successful, and considerate. A man that’s not just in control of his life and destiny, but one whose life is only enhanced and made even more wonderful than it already is by meeting you.

So what you actually feel when you meet your soul mate, is not that the stars have aligned and brought you the one you need. Rather, you’ve found “the one”—your one true love that matches you, that you feel completely satisfied with, sexually, emotionally, intellectually and even spiritually. It’s not just a partner you like, but the one partner you really connect with and feel a profound sense of peace and trust when you’re with him.

This is why the more realistic “soul mate” is what you want. Someone you meet that you choose, and they choose you. Your love is made stronger because you both want to be there, you never feel obligated. You find comfort in each other and forsake all others because no one else could ever compare to the happiness you have now.

Wouldn’t you love to meet someone that perfectly matched? Or maybe you do have someone like that…who you might be in love with.

If you have a boyfriend right now but are not quite sure if he’s the one true love or if you’re waiting for someone else…then maybe it’s time to analyze the situation objectively. Here are 6 signs you ARE with your soul mate, that is, your true love and will probably never meet anyone better…because you know, deep down, he is the best match for you.

1. The timing is right.

It is often said that soul mates have “crossed paths before”. In another life, maybe? Maybe…or maybe it was this life. It’s actually fairly common for couples that love each other to “know of each other” for years before actually dating. The timing may be off when you first meet. However, maybe years later you finally find yourselves in the same place. Now, all that trust you built over the years is still there and circumstances have changed. Now you feel strong attraction for each other because you’ve combined the world of “friend” and “lover” and have a much more powerful connection. The secret is, you simply were good friends before you got together romantically.

2. You can talk all night or can comfortably share silence.

Soul mates are so closely connected they feel comfortable in each other’s presence, both when they talk for hours in bed, or even when they sit on the couch doing their own thing. If you can enjoy silence in each other’s company while still feeling the love between you, that’s a precious bond indeed.

3. You know what he’s thinking and feeling.

Maybe you’re not a mind reader, but you can anticipate his thoughts, and you can always feel what he feels. You sense his anger before he says it. You can just hear the joke he’s fixing to say even before he says it, because you know his sense of humor so well. You feel his sadness and feel his exuberance when he’s happy. You’re soul mates because you know each other so well and you love the person you’ve learned.

4. You’re not blind to each other’s faults…you accept them. Sometimes you even see the benefit in them.

Everyone has flaws. But when you’re soul mates you understand why a person is flawed (based on his upbringing, his past, his genetics, etc.) and you accept him for what he is. Even more so, you learn that he wouldn’t be the man you love without these flaws. You can see the benefit in them, even though you still see the darkness that threatens his happiness. For example, let’s say he pushes himself too hard. It’s good to have a high work ethic and to love his job. You give him credit for that. But sometimes he just needs that tap on his shoulder to let him know that he needs a break. You can reject his flaws but still love him for who he is.

5. You have the same life goals and it’s not going to change.

Your goals are completely in sync. You can’t imagine living any other life than the one you’re planning and neither can he. That’s true compatibility because partners who fall out of love with each other want very different things in life. They grow apart because their goals differ and their actions to reach those goals transform who they are. When partners are “destined” to stay together they find comfort in pursuing the same goals. This lifestyle is a comfort and the daily routines revolve around this lifestyle. You find comfort in the fact that these values, these goals, do not change. That’s the kind of love that never fades when you are soul mates in purpose.

6. If you could go back in time, you would still fall in love all over again.

It’s odd to think that some couples get together by pure chance, happenstance as they call it. One text message, one conversation in a grocery store, one random meeting. And given that half of all marriages end in divorce, with confused children and tremendous financial loss, you have to wonder how many couples would go back in time and take back that one mistake.

But the true test of a couple’s love is honestly saying that even if they got to go back in time and do it all over again – including the bad times, the great times, the triumphs and setbacks – they would still marry each other all over again. They would take nothing back, except maybe to treat each other even more kindly and not worry so much.

That’s when you know you’ve someone truly special and perhaps even your soul mate that you were destined to fall in love with. When you have no regrets and know 100 percent that you will always choose HIM over an alternate universe life that would be completely different. You don’t choose the mystery door…because you crave excitement. You choose what you know, the man you truly love above all others.

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