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How to Tell He Loves You by His Kiss

Like that old song goes, “If you want to know, if he loves you so, It’s in his kiss That’s where it is, oh yeah, It’s in his kiss.” What timeless bit of wisdom that lyric was. Because when it comes to reading men – supposedly such a mysterious and difficult creature to learn –…

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How To Let Him Know He Should Kiss You

Kissing Tips for a Passionate Kiss

It kind of sucks but it’s true…sometimes a man really evaluates your relationship potential on the kiss. Maybe he thinks it has something to do with chemistry or genetic compatibility, or whatever. The point is, he’s wrong. All it really means, when you have a really great kiss, is that (A) the guy knows how…

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3 Naughty Phrases that Drive Men Wild

How to Make Out with a Guy and Blow His Mind

Making out and necking are perhaps the least appreciated parts of sex. Everyone enjoys the first kiss. The foreplay is intense and the sex is awesome… But what about the make out session? It’s unfortunately the most rushed part of any encounter. But like the kiss, and the French kiss, the slower the pacing of…

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6 Signs that He’s Falling in Love with You

How to Kiss Someone and Make Them Beg for More

One of the most intimidating feelings in the world has got to be the “Oh no…we’re kissing! Now what?” This is a moment a lot of us can relate to. You’ve had your eye on someone for a while. A moment finally happens (maybe you even try some of our “Get him to kiss you”…

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The Secret to Understanding What Triggers Attraction in Men

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You

The first date “kiss” always feels so awkward, doesn’t it? It’s always this terrible feeling of “Should I?” (guy) or “Is he…?” (girl). And the sad fact is that it’s actually a VERY easy dilemma to figure out. If there’s an attraction between the two of you, and if the guy has earned your trust…

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What Prostitutes Know About Men (that you don't but should)

6 Signs He Wants to Kiss You But is Scared (And What to Do About It)

In another article we discussed a few signs that confident men give when they want a woman to take the initiative and kiss them first. There are, however, other types of guys you meet in dating who aren’t testing you, but rather just nervous and maybe even a bit scared to kiss you. First of…

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10 Man Melting Phrases That Make Him Yours

4 Signs He Wants You to Kiss Him

I don’t think there’s a dating coach anywhere on earth that would tell you something as brash as, “If you want to kiss a guy, go ahead and do it!” I mean, yeah, sure, do some guys like it when women are more assertive and confident? Of course they do. That’s one of the top…

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Juicy words men are dying to hear

8 Signs He Loves the Way You Kiss Him

Have you been worried lately about your kissing technique? It’s actually a good thing that you care so much about what he thinks. Some women take a man’s interest for granted and they do the absolute minimum when it comes to kissing, hygiene and dress, sex, and conversation. If you really want to hold onto…

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9 Signs He Thinks You’re a Terrible Kisser

I’ve actually read articles that say you should never tell someone they’re a bad kisser. It’s too hurtful, too embarrassing. You’ll give that poor guy or girl a complex for the rest of their life! Personally, I think it’s worse to just tolerate a terrible kiss and pretend as if everything’s fine, when you could…

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6 Signs that He’s Falling in Love with You

How to Kiss Better

Whoever thought up kissing, anyway? Objectively speaking, it seems like a weird thing to do. I put my lips to yours, yours to mine, we close our eyes and then the magic happens. That special quality called chemistry. That great and fantastic kiss that is the climax of every romantic movie and novel. Well, it’s…

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